Customer Reviews for WooCommerce


Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you get more sales with social proof. Encourage your customers leave product reviews and increase conversion of your store. This WooCommerce review plugin enables you to set up automatic review reminders for customers who recently purchased a product from your store. Reminder emails are sent to your customers inviting them to review the recent product(s) they purchased.

The plugin works as an interface to an external service for verification of customer reviews. The service called CR (Customer Reviews) facilitates collection of reviews from customers (including people who never bother to write reviews) and increases impact of reviews on purchasing decisions by verifying their authenticity. Information about terms, privacy, and data protection policies of CR is provided on CR website.


Major features of the plugin include:

  • Review reminder
  • Aggregated review form
  • Enhanced customer reviews
  • Review for discount
  • Trust badges
  • Integration with Google Shopping
  • Import reviews

Review Reminder

Receive more authentic reviews from your real customers by sending automated invitations to submit a review. You will receive feedback from customers who never bother to answer surveys or submit reviews.

  • Increase sales with social proof
  • Receive reviews for several products at once by asking customers to answer a one-page review form
  • Get great unique SEO content for your shop written by your customers
  • Accept user-generated content (UGC) such as photos and videos uploaded by your customers along with reviews
  • Send automated email invitations asking customers who recently purchased for a review
  • Send email invitations manually for selected orders
  • Personalize emails for each customer with built-in variables
  • Restrict emails to particular categories of products
  • Restrict emails to customers with particular user roles
  • Works out of the box by using a responsive email template with custom colors
  • Unsubscribe option
  • Built-in testing tool to make sure that emails look beautifully before sending them
  • Reminders in different languages via an integration with “qTranslate X” and “WPML” plugins
  • Supports custom WooCommerce order statuses

Aggregated Review Form

Let your customers review all the products from their orders on a single page.

  • Automatically generate review forms for each WooCommerce order
  • A single review form includes questions about all products in the order, so a customer will review several products at once
  • After submission of the review form, the plugin will transfer reviews to pages of individual products and save them in the standard WooCommerce format
  • Review forms are stored as static HTML files to ensure the fastest page load speed
  • Review forms are optimized for different screen sizes (including mobile)
  • Review forms include pictures of products
  • Review forms support upload of photos and videos
  • Review forms support general shop reviews (not specific to a particular product)
  • Manual approval of reviews submitted via aggregated review forms
  • Reply to reviews left by your customers

Enhanced Customer Reviews

Enhance the standard WooCommerce reviews with additional features.

  • Enable customers to attach pictures to reviews
  • Enhance rich snippets and structured data for reviews with pictures (requires WooCommerce 3.0 or newer)
  • Prevent SPAM by enabling reCAPTCHA for reviews
  • Show reviews summary bar on product pages
  • Filter reviews by rating
  • Enable visitors to vote on reviews left by your customers
  • Built-in [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode to display a list of reviews on any page or post of a website. Additional information about this shortcode is on the settings page of the plugin.
  • Built-in [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcode to display a grid of reviews on any page or post of a website. Additional information about this shortcode is on the settings page of the plugin.

Review for Discount

Stimulate your customers to leave reviews and increase their lifetime value by offering discount codes. Send coupons to customers who reviewed their purchases to keep them engaged with your shop. It will help to increase repeat purchases and up-sells.

  • Automatically generate new coupons for customers who review their purchases
  • Automatically send emails with newly generated coupon or an existing coupon upon submission of a review
  • Personalize emails with coupons for each customer using built-in variables
  • Fine-tune properties of coupons according to your sales strategy
  • Works out of the box by using a responsive email template with custom colors
  • Built-in testing tool to make sure that emails look beautifully before sending them
  • Emails with coupons in different languages via an integration with “qTranslate X” and “WPML” plugins

Trust Badges (Beta)

Increase your store’s conversion rate by placing a “trust badge” on the home, checkout or any other page(s). Let customers feel more confident about shopping on your site by featuring a trust badge that shows a summary of verified customer reviews.

Integration with Google Shopping

Generate an XML feed with product reviews for Google Shopping and show star ratings in Google Shopping search results.

Import Reviews

Add product reviews from external websites to your shop using WooCommerce import reviews feature. This feature will automatically create reviews in WooCommerce based on a CSV file.

How does it work?

The recommended way of using the plugin is as follows:

  1. A customer makes a purchase from your online store.
  2. You process their order and set status of the order as “Completed” (or other paid order status configured in the settings).
  3. After a certain delay (configured in the settings), the customer will receive an email with an invitation to leave a review.
  4. The customer writes reviews about products using a simple form hosted on an independent third-party domain (to remove suspicion that you could have created positive reviews yourself).
  5. The reviews are transferred from the form to WooCommerce, saved to the database in the standard WooCommerce format, and published.
  6. The customer (optionally) receives an email containing a discount coupon for future purchases in your store.

Supported Languages

  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Macedonian
  • Norwegian
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • You can contribute a translation to your language from the settings page of this plugin


To use this plugin, you should first do the following:

  1. Install and configure WooCommerce
  2. Enable customer reviews for product pages (they are enabled by default for new installations)


Getting Started with Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Pro Version

CR service has two plans: Free and Pro. The professional plan offers additional features and dedicated support by email. You can purchase a license for the Pro plan here: official Customer Reviews (CR) website.


  • A sample email with an invitation to review products.
  • A sample review form generated by the plugin.
  • A sample email with a discount code.
  • The reviews summary bar.
  • Voting buttons for reviews.
  • A button to attach pictures to reviews.
  • reCAPTCHA field to prevent fake reviews.
  • A customer review with a picture.
  • [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode to display reviews for all products on any page or post of a website
  • [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcode to display a grid of product reviews on any page or post of a website
  • The first settings page.
  • The second settings page.
  • The third settings page.
  • The fourth settings page.
  • The fifth settings page.
  • The sixth settings page.
  • WooCommerce Orders page with manual reminders option enabled.
  • The diagnostic page.
  • Import reviews page.


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

Reviews Grid
Trust Badge


  1. Make sure that WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated. If it is not installed, install WooCommerce first because it is necessary for this plugin.
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Use the Reviews->Settings screen to configure the plugin


I found a bug in the plugin. How to get it fixed?

Please create a new topic at the support forum and provide detailed information with a screenshot.

How to get Site Key and Secret Key for reCAPTCHA?

Please visit reCAPTCHA website and sign up for an account. Then, you will be able to get API key pair (Site Key and Secret Key) for your website. Copy these keys and paste into the settings of the plugin.

Will collected reviews be shown as stars in Google?

The standard WooCommerce functionality already includes structured data mark up to display your product reviews effectively within organic search results. This plugin extends the standard functionality and adds some extra mark up to help search engines properly crawl your shop. It is important to understand that having a valid structured data mark up in place makes your website eligible for organic stars in Google but it doesn’t guarantee that they will be shown. You can test the rich snippets using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

How to customize template of the reviews on a single product page?

The plugin uses the standard reviews template provided by WooCommerce and enhances it with the reviews summary bar. If your theme requires a customized reviews template or you would like to use a customized reviews template for some other reason, it is possible to do so. Here is how to do it:
1) Create a folder ‘customer-reviews-woocommerce’ in your current theme’s folder.
2) Copy file ‘ivole-single-product-reviews.php’ from ‘templates’ subfolder in the plugin’s folder to the folder created at step 1.
3) Customize the file ‘ivole-single-product-reviews.php’ in the current theme’s folder according to your requirements.

How to Change Sorting of Reviews?

If you would like to change how reviews are sorted on product pages, it is possible to do so using the standard WordPress functionality. Go to Settings -> Discussion menu and find options “Break comments into pages with X top level comments per page and the last/first page displayed by default” and “Comments should be displayed with the older/newer comments at the top of each page”. You can control how reviews are sorted and displayed on product pages by modifying these options.


February 23, 2020
This plugin is great for getting reviews. We struggled to get reviews from customers but this makes it super easy. Simply set your reminder time period, customize your email, and let it fly. It works well enough that I decided to purchase the pro version but I would say if you don't need a logo stick with the free license. For the creators of this plugin, I would strongly recommend the following improvements to the Pro version: 1. Tie into the Facebook API so when someone posts a review it goes live to the Facebook page feed. 2. Create a global setting toggle that allows you to set a default link to the product or review.
February 19, 2020
This plugin is very well structured and makes totally sense to collect reviews. What I like most is that you can create one time coupons which are then automatically added to the email. In the past we did this all manual or would have had to ask for custom development. Important for us is the Google Shopping Feed. Till now we did not test how this works. We need 50 reviews before we can send the feed to Google.
Read all 446 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“Customer Reviews for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Customer Reviews for WooCommerce” has been translated into 3 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Customer Reviews for WooCommerce” into your language.

Interested in development?

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  • New translation: Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • A new filter ‘cr_custom_questions’ to customize output for custom questions
  • New translation: Persian
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Enhancement: reCaptcha is rendered using the site’s language
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • A new filter ‘cr_consent_checkbox’ to customize consent checkbox on the checkout page
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: a static brand attribute for Google Shopping product review XML feed
  • New feature: support of Mac OS line breaks in CSV files for importing reviews
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: localized links for verified copies of reviews (French, German and Spanish, more languages are coming soon)
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: filters on the review summary bars shown by [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: translation of trust badges
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: scheduling of review invitations with CR Cron (useful for websites experiencing issues with WP Cron)


  • New feature: customer consent checkbox for the checkout page
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: show replies to reviews with [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: compatibility with advanced review forms configured at
  • New feature: ‘cr_reminder_delay’ filter
  • New translation: Croatian
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New translation: Slovak
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: an option to publish copies of replies to shop reviews on
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: import utility supports shop reviews
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: a new option for [cusrev_all_reviews] and [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcodes to display reviews corresponding to inactive products


  • WPML integration with Google Shopping


  • An additional option to customize colors on review forms
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: option to enable or disable encoding of special characters in Google Shopping XML feed


  • New translation: Latvian


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Support for general shop reviews in the list of reviews and shortcodes
  • An option to exclude product IDs for parents of variable products from the XML Google reviews feed
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New translations: Greek and Macedonian
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: information about reviews received via CR is displayed next to the button for sending manual review reminders
  • New feature: an additional parameter for a grid with reviews to remove product links
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: support of custom templates for reviews grid
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: optionally synchronize replies to reviews with your shop’s page on CR portal (
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: an option to exclude free products from review invitations
  • Improved compatibility with third party plugins


  • CSS bug fix


  • New feature: a new shortcode to display a grid with reviews
  • New feature: blocks for the new WordPress Gutenberg page editor (requires WordPress 5.0 or newer)
  • Support for product variations in Google Shopping XML feed
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes related to sending emails


  • Bug fixes related to WPML


  • New feature: search review reminders by order number, customer name, and customer email
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: schedule automatic review reminders based on custom WooCommerce order statuses
  • Bug fixes


  • Shop managers can view “Reviews” menu in admin backend
  • Support of Windows-1251 and Windows-1252 encodings for import of reviews
  • Bug fixes


  • Minor performance improvement
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns & Tracking plugin
  • Support for import of multiline reviews (requires WordPress 4.7 or newer)


  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: reply to reviews from WP admin area (an option to publish copies of replies to will be added in future versions)
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: admin page with a list of scheduled review reminders
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New translation: Vietnamese
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: integration with Google Shopping
  • Bug fixes and CSS improvements
  • Modifications requested by WordPress moderators


  • New translation: Lithuanian
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: shop rating (an option to include a separate question for a general shop review in addition to questions for product reviews)
  • New feature: trust badges (visual badges to showcase a summary of your reviews)
  • New feature: detailed error log for import of reviews
  • New translation: Arabic
  • New translation: Hebrew


  • New translation: Korean
  • Bug fixes related to WPML


  • New translation: Turkish


  • New translation: Japanese


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix: not possible to select product category on Review Discount tab


  • New feature: detect staging sites and disable sending of automatic review reminders
  • New feature: an option to restrict sending of review reminders for customers with specific user roles
  • New feature: an option to disable display of lightboxes for pictures attached to reviews
  • Bug fix: compatibility with PHP 5.4


  • Bug fix: compatibility with PHP 5.4


  • Bug fix: cannot use decimals in edit product


  • New feature: plugin’s settings are moved to a separate node in WordPress menu
  • New feature: an admin page which shows all customer reviews
  • New feature: additional arguments for ‘cusrev_all_reviews’ shortcode (products and categories of products)
  • New feature: a new variable for review reminder templates to show a list of products in a customer order


  • JS improvements for reCAPTCHA


  • CSS improvements


  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: import reviews from CSV files


  • Added a translation file for pt_BR


  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: add shop logo to email templates and review forms (requires the premium version)
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: if customers have accounts on your website, send review reminders to emails associated with their accounts instead of their billing emails (optionally)
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: WPML integration
  • New feature: update of terms and conditions for GDPR
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: always show ‘Actions’ column on WooCommerce Orders page when manual reminders are enabled
  • New feature: show product names and icons when using [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode


  • New translation: Thai


  • New feature: customers can upload pictures and videos on aggregated review forms (if this feature is enabled in the settings)


  • New feature: show pictures uploaded with reviews when using [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: a new screen to show a report about problems affecting the plugin


  • New translation: Chinese
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: pictures of products on aggregated review forms
  • New feature: verified badges for reviews
  • New feature: shortcode to display reviews on any page
  • New translation: Norwegian
  • Support for WordPress Multisite


  • New translation: Bulgarian
  • Modification: reCAPTCHA is shown below name and email fields for guests
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: adjust size and optionally delete pictures uploaded by customers with their reviews. You can manipulate pictures in WordPress Media Library.
  • New feature: the plugin will show replies to reviews when reviews are filtered by number of stars
  • New feature: optionally limit number of review reminders sent per order to one
  • New translation: Polish
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: customize the maximum number of images uploaded per review
  • New feature: customize the maximum size of an image uploaded with a review
  • New feature: include tax in product prices on the aggregated review form according to the option “Display prices during cart and checkout” on “Tax” tab in WooCommerce settings


  • Bug fixes: division by zero


  • New translation: Estonian
  • Extended translation of frontend user interface elements for existing languages
  • Improvements in CSS
  • New feature: support of custom templates (placed in the current theme’s folder) for reviews section on single product pages


  • New feature: voting for reviews, let visitors vote for reviews left by your customers
  • Bug fixes


  • New translation: Russian


  • New feature: let customers control their privacy by choosing how their names are shown next to reviews


  • New feature: added structured data mark up for reviews with images (associatedMedia, contentUrl)


  • New feature: option to remove plugin’s branding from the reviews summary bar on product pages (requires premium version)
  • Important bug fixes


  • Updated text domain


  • New feature: customize shop name (previously, it was defaulted from WordPress Site Title)
  • New translation: Indonesian
  • New translation: Italian
  • New translation: Romanian


  • New feature: reviews summary bars for product pages


  • New feature: if there are several variations of the same product in the order, the plugin will ask to review only the parent product


  • New translation: Danish
  • New translation: Serbian


  • Bug fix: reCAPTCHA was required on admin pages when answering to reviews
  • WordPress 4.9 compatibility


  • New translation: Dutch
  • New translation: Finnish
  • New translation: Hungarian
  • New translation: Slovenian
  • Compatibility with W3 Total Cache plugin (DB caching)
  • Additional check that Site Title is not empty when sending test emails
  • New feature: modify “From” email address (requires premium version)
  • New feature: modify “From” name (requires premium version)
  • New feature: modify text in footer of emails (requires premium version)
  • New feature: a dedicated tab for manually created coupons on the standard WooCommerce coupons page


  • New translation: Czech
  • New translation: French
  • New translation: German
  • New translation: Portuguese
  • New translation: Spanish


  • New feature: translate all parts of emails and review forms to your language
  • New feature: option to make comments required when leaving a review
  • Bug fix: number of stars wasn’t properly updated after receiving a comment


  • Resolves the problem with submission of reviews on sites without pretty permalinks
  • New feature: integration with “qTranslate X” plugin for multilingual shops


  • New feature: manual sending of review reminders


  • More detailed reporting of errors when sending test emails


  • New feature: customize colors of emails
  • Bug fixes


  • New feature: upload multiple images with a review
  • New feature: images attached to reviews are opened in a lightbox


  • Major update – you must check settings and test sending of emails immediately after updating the plugin
  • New feature: responsive template for emails with review reminders and discount coupons
  • New feature: sending of emails with review reminders and discount coupons is performed by Amazon SES to increase deliverability
  • New feature: a customer will be able to review all products from their order on a single page using a stylish and lightweight form that loads blazingly fast
  • New feature: specify reply-to address for emails with review reminders and discount coupons
  • New feature: enable moderation of reviews submitted by customers in response to reminders
  • New feature: a custom shortcode to display reviews inside post, page or widget
  • Several email variables were discontinued
  • Bug fixes


  • Added support for ALTERNATE_WP_CRON


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Improvements in sending emails for old WooCommerce versions


  • Additional improvements in compatibility with old WooCommerce versions


  • Improved compatibility with old WooCommerce versions


  • Bug fixes


  • Added review for discount feature – automatically generate and send coupons to customers who left a review


  • Added possibility to attach pictures to reviews
  • Added support of reCAPTCHA to prevent fake reviews
  • Updated settings page


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fix for a missing file


  • Bug fix for the error when WooCommerce is not installed


  • Initial release.