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custom tables

Create Tables and show on a page/article. Usable for all kind of diffrent databases. Freely definable fields for any purpose.

Multilanguage Support qtranslate-x

This plugin is supporting multilanguage with the qtranslate-x plugin. You need to create complete Table View Setup (aso.) and not per field:



Multilanguage Support WPML

This plugin is supporting multilanguage with the WPML plugin. You need to create complete a field for each language (except fallback language):

Example: You have a name and text. Name is in all 3 languages identical, but text should be language sensitive in 3 languages: english, german, french. Englich should be used as fallback language if the text is not translated.

Following fields need to be created:

name <- nothing special, fallback as no language sensitive fields are available text <- nothing special, fallback for non existing language (as english) text_de <- will be used for the language Code DE text_fr <- will be used for the language Code FR

Language need to be added to the fields which should translate, everytime as _ with lowercase isometric language code.

Titles and Overlay can be translated using:

<!--:de-->english title<!--:--><!--:de-->german title<!--:--><!--:fr-->french title<!--:-->

Can I grant some people edit rights which don't have an WordPress Account

Yes, there is a Smarttag [wctpageedit table="*" filter=""] which you can add on a normal page or article. Protect ths page / article with a password and send the user the link. Afterwards, the user can edit the table content and delete also entries, as he is logged in. Please use a secure passwort against bruteforce.

There is also the possibility to add special Forms to the page or article where you can grant users to add/delete/modify a set of data and only of specific fields. You can enable the approval loop, where you get an email when a modification within the table will be done.

Versioning System

User can create or modify the content of your tables if you enable this. There is no versioning system implemented.

Manual Deinstallation

  1. Delete the content of the /wp-content/plugins/custom-tables directory
  2. Connect to the database
  3. Delete the standard tables wp_wctlist and wp_wctform
  4. Delete all Custom Tables wp_wct* (Attention, all data will be lost of your Tables)
  5. Run the following SQL Script to remove settings: DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name='wuk_custom_tables' LIMIT 1

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 10+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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