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Custom Sidebars

Display custom widget configurations for every page or post on your site.

  • Fixed export problem, when two or more widget has the same name.
  • Fixed problem with import widgets created before Custom Sidebars plugin was installed.
  • Fixed problem with sidebars on Front Page.

  • Added support and widgets links on the plugins page.
  • Fixed export problem, when two or more widget has the same name.
  • Fixed few "Undefined index" warnings.
  • Improved import preview screen.
  • Improved RTL languages on widgets screen.

  • Rollback last change with front page.

  • Fixed a bug when we try to use to get property of non-object in "maybe_display_widget()".
  • If front page is a page, then we have now the same rules like we have on on page.

  • Added new filter "cs_replace_post_type" to filter post type inside function "determine_replacement()".

  • Fixed problem with sorting and filtering.

  • Added check if there the function "mb_strtolower".

  • Sidebars are now sorted by name.

  • Fixed a problem with unclickable items on widgets admin screen.

  • Fixed undefined index in Sidebars Editor.

  • Fixed issue with broken link icon for cloned widgets.

  • Small improvements in the admin UI: Better scrolling, fix JavaScript errors and PHP notices.
  • Update third party libraries.
  • Small improvements in code.

  • Fix missing text-domain in translation

  • Fix incompatibility with PopUp plugin

  • Close possible security hole (XSS vulnerability)

  • Fix incompatibility with PopUp plugin

  • Fixed: Sidebars could not be created on certain webserver setups.

  • Fixed: Minified CSS files included now.

  • Better: Add context-guide how to changes settings for static front-page.

  • New: Assign a Sidebar to 404 pages via the Sidebar Location dialog.

  • Fix: In some browsers the "Add sidebar" popup was partially hidden.
  • Fix: Sometimes the dropdown list of a multiselect list stayed open.
  • Fix: Plugin now correctly loads the .po files to translate to other languages.
  • Some other small improvements.

  • Fix: For some users the plugin was not loading anymore after updating to

  • Fix: Z-index issue in Dashboard where wide widgets where covered by the main-menu.
  • Fix: Added compatibility for static front-page sidebars with version 2.0.9

  • Fix: Sidebar Locations "Front Page" and "Post Index" now work correctly.

  • Fix: Sidebars now support unicode-text in name/description.
  • Minor: New debugging output that explains why a sidebar/widget is displayed.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with WP sidebar chooser right after creating a new sidebar.
  • Fix: Fixed various issues when flagging a sidebar s replaceable.
  • Fix: Plugin will not load in accessibility mode but display a notice instead.
  • Minor fix: Make code compatible with PHP 5.2.4
  • Minor fix: Slight improvement of AJAX stability
  • Minor fix: Plugin now requires capability "edit_theme_options"


  • Fix: Fixed issue with settings not being saved correctly.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with some people losing some sidebar settings after update.

  • Minor fix: Use WordPress core functions to get URL to JavaScript files.
  • Minor fix: Refactor function name to avoid misunderstandings.


  • Fixed: Meta box in post editor did show missing sidebars (e.g. after switching the theme)
  • Fixed: PHP warning about strict standards.


  • Fixed: JavaScript errors on Windows servers are fixed.


  • Fixed: Dashboard notification is now removed when clicking "dismiss"


  • PHP 5.2 compatibility layer.


  • Complete UI redesign!
  • Many small bugfixes.


  • Added: WordPress filter "cs_sidebar_params" is called before a custom sidebar is registered.
  • Added: Add setting "CUSTOM_SIDEBAR_DISABLE_METABOXES" in wp-config.php to remove custom-sidebar meta boxes.


  • Added: Custom sidebars now works with BuddyPress pages.


  • Fixed: Individual post sidebar selection when default sidebars for single posts are defined
  • Fixed: Category sidebars sorting
  • Added: WP 3.8 new admin design (MP6) support


  • Fixed: Absolute paths that leaded to the outdated browser error
  • Fixed: Stripped slashes for the pre/post widget/title fields


  • Fixed: A lot of warnings with the PHP debug mode on
  • Improved: Styles to make them compatible with WP 3.6
  • Fixed: Creation of sidebars from the custom sidebars option
  • Fixed: Missing loading icons in the admin area
  • Removed: Donate banner. Thanks to the ones that have be supporting Custom Sidebar so far.


  • Fixed: Searches with no results shows default sidebar.
  • Added: RTL support (thanks to Dvir http://foxy.co.il/blog/)
  • Improved: Minor enhancements in the interface to adapt it to wp3.
  • Added: French and Hebrew translations
  • Fixed: Slashes are added to the attributes of before and after title/widget


  • Fixed: Where lightbox not showing for everybody (Thanks to Robert Utnehmer)
  • Added: Default sidebar for search results pages
  • Added: Default sidebar for date archives
  • Added: Default sidebar for Uncategorized posts


  • Fixed: Special characters make sidebars undeletable
  • Added: Child/parent pages support
  • Improved interface to handle hundreds of sidebars easily
  • Added: Ajax support for creating an editing sidebars from the widget page
  • Added: Italian translation


  • Fixed: Problems with Spanish translation
  • Added: Dutch and German language files
  • Fixed: Some CSS issues with WP3.3


  • Fixed: You can assign sidebars to your pages again.


  • Fixed: Category hierarchy is now handled properly by the custom sidebars plugin.
  • Added: Sidebars can be set for every custom post type post individually.
  • Improved the way it replace the sidebars.
  • Improved some text and messages in the back-end.


  • Fixed: Now the plugin works with themes like Thesis that don't use the the_header hook. Changed the hook where execute the replacement code to wp_head.
  • Fixed: When a second sidebar is replaced with the originally first sidebar, it is replaced by the first sidebar replacement instead.


  • Fixed: Bulk and Quick editing posts and pages reset their custom sidebars.
  • Changed capability needed to switch_themes, and improved capability management.


  • New interface, more user friendly
  • Added the possibility of customize the main blog page sidebars
  • Added the sidebars by category, so now you can personalize all the post that belongs to a category easily in a hierarchical way
  • Added the possibility of customize the authors page sidebars
  • Added the possibility of customize the tags page sidebars
  • Added, now it is possible to edit the sidebars names, as well as the pre-widget, post-widget, pre-title, post-title for a sidebar.
  • Added the possibility of customize the sidebars of posts list by category or post-type.


  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow to create new bars when every previous bars were deleted.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v0.4 that did not allow to assign bars per post-types properly
  • Added an option to remove all the Custom Sidebars data from the database easily.


  • Empty sidebars will now be shown as empty, instead of displaying the theme's default sidebar.


  • PHP 4 Compatible (Thanks to Kay Larmer)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in v0.2 that did not allow to save the replaceable bars options


  • Improved security by adding wp_nonces to the forms.
  • Added the pt-widget post type to the ignored post types.
  • Improved i18n files.
  • Fixed screenshots for documentation.


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 200,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


34 of 42 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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