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Custom Field Bulk Editor

This plugin lets you edit the custom fields for many posts at once. Designed to work with pages, posts, and all custom post types.

I have a lot of posts, how can I edit them all?

This plugin will run into memory problems and not submit properly if there are too many posts on a page. Currently the page limit is set at 200. To show more or less on a page, just add "posts_per_page=10" to the querystring to display only 10 posts. Use the querystring page_number=X to display a certain page.

How can I remove (delete) custom fields from a record?

Just enter the name and leave the value blank.

Can I disable this plugin from showing up on some post types?

Yup, just go to the settings page and you can turn post types on and off.

Can I enter multiple values per custom field name?

Yes. Just check the "Add New Custom Fields Instead of Updating" checkbox when saving.

Can I search by date?

Yes. Search for a date range by entering a search query with ".." between the dates. So if you wanted to search for all dates between 2014-01-01 and 2014-02-01 you would search for "2014-01-01..2014-02-01". Or search for "2014-01-01.." to search for all orders between 2014-01-01 and the current date. Or search from the beginning of time until 2010-01-01 by searching "..2010-01-01".

How do the plugin hooks/customizations work?

You can add your own metabox to enter special data or you can just add some rows before the built-in custom field rows. Then add a special "saving" function which is run automatically on each post being changed.

Sample Code For Adding Your Own Extra Save Lines (see screenshots for how this looks)

To see a complete integration example, download the FoxyShop plugin and look in the bulkeditor.php file.

What is the difference between single value and multi value mode?

Single Value Mode lets you set a single value for all checked postes. Multi Value Mode lets you set a different custom field and value for each post at once. Action hooks are not run in Multi Value mode.

Can I change the name of some custom fields?

Yes. Click the link "Want to change a custom field name?" at the bottom of the Single Value Mode form and you'll be able to enter the original field name and the new field name.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.5
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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