Woocommerce one page checkout and layouts


With the help of Woocommerce One Page Checkout and Layouts, you can improve complicated multi step checkout process with one click checkout.  As a result it helps to merge the cart page and checkout page and gives users a faster checkout experience, with less interruption and more happy customers for your online business.
Woocommerce One Page Checkout and Layouts will allow users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a separate page for payment.  Above all it compliments all the features of cart page into checkout page like user can change quantity and remove products at same page using ajax.
It has six sections at checkout.For instance

  • Login Section
  • Billing Details
  • Shipping Section
  • Payments Section
  • Order review and change quantity section
  • Coupon apply & Place order

In short it reduces cart abandonment .Customers can view products and their description ,and can apply coupon without leaving the page and waiting for a new page to load.Also there is a section to login for previous customers.All notices appear at the top of the page.

To sum up woocommerce One Page Checkout and Layouts has  below features:

Single Page Checkout

This plugin helps you to sum up all the features of cart and checkout at one page.So No users need to refresh the page for searching ,quantity change or payment.Everthing is done on same page using ajax. A MultiStep or section layout on this page make every section visible in single page checkout to let the customers engaged.

Skip Cart Page And Quick Checkout

The whole idea working upon decreasing the lengthy checkout process .For this one page checkout skips the cart page and redirect users for direct checkout page.

Change Quantity and Remove Products

This feature let the users to review their order right before payment.So they can change quantity or remove products as per their requirements.


  • frontend checkout page 3-column-layout
  • 2-column-layout
  • admin settings panel
  • removing products and changing qty Using ajax


Open WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins >> Add New and Search “Woocommerce One Page Checkout and Layouts” at here, You will find our plugin “by coolcoders”. Click on Install button in front of this and then activate the plugin.

To go to setting panel in backend follow Dashboard->WooCommerce->Checkout layouts.


December 27, 2019
Woocommerce and Avada Theme ... the plugin works very fine! And also support helped me about my request about adding a field ... Thank you!!
December 18, 2019
A simple, smooth option for a combined cart / checkout page. Easy to config. On my Galaxy 7, screen isn't too narrow to work with. There are some options to edit the text and colors. Only suggestions I could make for the next version would be ability to . edit / format text. For example edit, "Confirm the last time to your order, You can change it here", and font type & size . change colors. For example, button background AND on-hover options, and column backgrounds . adjust width of the columns Although all the above can be done in the CSS, it would be nice to have them in the Config page. Good for now. Works well. Looking forward to the next version. btw...the "HAVE AN ACCOUNT ? LOGIN HERE" section is always open...it should be closed by default. 🙂
November 26, 2019
Bad, especially when the mobile version, 2 columns too narrow. There is no style setting for columns. The login form for registered is always open, very inconvenient, it confuses people.
October 17, 2019
English: I get an error with my css and the shipping area does not work, does not load, everything stays stuck, I liked the design but the functionality does not work, there is an error, can you improve it? spanish: me da error con mis css y la zona de envios no funciona, no carga, se queda todo pegado, me gusto el diseño pero la funcionalidad no sirve, hay error, lo pueden mejorar?
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Contributors & Developers

“Woocommerce one page checkout and layouts” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Version 1.6| 20 January 2020

 Improvement: Qty + And - Buttons added.
 Improvement: Css tweaks .
 Improvement: Order notes section added.
 Improvement: Hooks improvements.
 Improvement: Ratings Pattern added.
 Improvement: Compatible with loco traslate.

Version 1.5| 1 November 2019

 Improvement: Shipping issue resolved.
 Improvement: Skip cart optional .
 Improvement: Config errors  removed.
 Improvement: Stripe img issue resolved.

Version 1.4| 25 August 2019

 Improvement: Tabbed Setting Panel.
 Improvement: 2 Section layout for checkout .
 Improvement: css tweaks.
 Improvement: Adjustment billing section.
 Improvement: Search section removed.

Version 1.3| 30 july 2019

 Improvement: New Setting Panel.
 Improvement: New Customization options.

Version 1.2| 12 july 2019

 Improvement: Search section.
 Improvement: Css tweaks.

Version 1.1| 06 may 2019

 Improvement: added change quantity option.
 Improvement: added remove button to remove produts.
 Improvement: deactivation hook added.
 Improvement: Skip cart page.

First Release