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Cue by AudioTheme.com

Delightful and reliable audio playlists.

2.2.1 - October 2, 2016

  • Fixed a bug causing player assignments to be reset when saving a playlist.

2.2.0 - September 29, 2016

  • Added a view to the Media Manager modal for inserting [cue] shortcodes into any editor.
  • Update jquery.cue.js to 1.1.9.
  • Prevented a debug notice when adding a new Playlist widget in the Customizer.
  • Renamed the AJAX action for retrieving a playlist's tracks from wp_ajax_get_cue_playlist to wp_ajax_cue_get_playlist_tracks.

We're in the planning stages for 3.0 which will include major internal changes and potentially a few style updates to take advantage of new features in WordPress and modern browsers. If you have customized Cue in any way or would like to request new features, please follow along on GitHub.

2.1.1 - August 12, 2016

  • Left align text in track lists.

2.1.0 - August 10, 2016

  • Added a feature for plugins to register custom themes for playlists.
  • Added a Customizer control to let plugins register custom themes for native audio players.
  • Introduced cue_playlist_top and cue_playlist_bottom actions.
  • Introduced the cue_parse_shortcode_head filter for embedding styles in the TinyMCE view.
  • Introduced the cue_playlist_thumbnail_size filter for changing the size of a playlist's featured image (used for the background image).
  • Moved the MediaElement.js features array to $.fn.cuePlaylist.features to allow public access.
  • Added a no-touch or touch class to the playlist container to indicate touch support.
  • Added cuePermalink to the JavaScript player options.
  • Added cueEmbedLink to the JavaScript player options.
  • Fixed the blur effect on the background image in Webkit browsers.
  • Made minor CSS tweaks for better theme compatibility.
  • Set the playlist CPT public argument to true.
  • Added RTL language support.
  • Added missing text domains.

2.0.1 - June 20, 2016

  • Fixed a bug where every other track would be skipped in Safari.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to version 1.1.7. Disables playlist looping.
  • Updated the Gamajo Template Loader library to 1.2.0.

2.0.0 - May 23, 2016

  • Refactored the code to make it easier to maintain.
  • Introduced a public initialize() JavaScript method.
  • Disabled automatic looping when a playlist is finished playing.
  • Removed bundled language files in favor of WordPress.org language packs. Translate here.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to version 1.1.6.

1.3.1 - February 17, 2016

  • Added a container argument to the cue_playlist() template tag to disable the container.
  • Added a pring_data argument to the cue_playlist() template tag to disable the JSON data.

1.3.0 - December 30, 2015

  • Added a volume bar to the default player.
  • Display a "(no title)" placeholder in the admin panel if a track doesn't have a title.
  • Added some missing text domains to translation functions.
  • Added actions in the playlist template to make it easier to output additional details.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.1.4.
  • Updated the AudioTheme icon.

1.2.9 - April 8, 2015

  • Update the TinyMCE preview for WordPress 4.2.

1.2.8 - March 27, 2015

  • Added French translation.

1.2.7 - March 2, 2015

  • Fixed a broken link in the Customizer when there aren't any published playlists.

1.2.6 - December 17, 2014

  • Added previews for the shortcode in the visual editor.
  • Fixed an error in the Customizer when there weren't any published playlists.
  • Fixed the allowed file types when uploading.
  • Fixed the SVG blur filter when previewing in the Customizer.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.1.3

1.2.5 - November 19, 2014

  • Fixed bug that caused playlists in widgets to disappear.
  • Hide the previous and next track buttons when a playlist only has one track.

1.2.4 - November 14, 2014

  • Added a 'show_playlist' shortcode attribute to toggle the playlist visibility.
  • Absolutely positioned the SVG filter to remove it from the document flow and prevent it from creating empty space in some browsers.
  • Added a message in the Customizer for registered players if a playlist hasn't been published yet.
  • Updated jquery.cue.js to 1.1.1

1.2.3 - September 19, 2014

  • Fixed the blur effect in Firefox.
  • Created a solution that should provide a blur alternative in IE.
  • Removed the blur script dependency in favor of an SVG filter.
  • Switched to inline styles to size audio elements instead of invalid attributes.

1.2.2 - August 18, 2014

  • Fixed the feature that allowed the background image to be used as the default track artwork.

1.2.1 - August 16, 2014

  • Fixed the background image based on the post thumbnail feature.

1.2.0 - August 14, 2014

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Abstracted the core MediaElement.js functionality into a new jQuery plugin.
  • Improved responsiveness of the administration screen.
  • Added the third argument to the [cue] shortcode handler so it can be filtered.
  • Fixed the syntax for jQuery event triggers with multiple parameters.
  • Namespaced the window resize event.
  • Renamed /scripts and /styles assets directories to /js and /css.
  • Sanitized tracks in the AJAX save callback.
  • Allow an empty option to be selected for a player in the Customizer so it can be disabled.
  • Pass player ids and arguments through various hooks for context.
  • Prevent the playlist from displaying if it doesn't have any tracks.

1.1.2 - July 30, 2014

  • Fixed a sorting issue that caused the order of tracks to not be saved correctly.

1.1.1 - May 8, 2014

  • Added a customizer section to allow playlists to be selected for players registered by themes.
  • Added a new property to tracks returned by get_cue_playlist_tracks() for easier use with jPlayer.
  • Added CSS to try to remove padding and margin on track lists in widgets.
  • Mimic the track JSON format used by core.

1.1.0 - February 20, 2014

  • Featured images are now used for the player background image if set.
  • Featured images will also be used as the default track artwork if it's missing.
  • Added a feature to allow themes to register players that can be assigned playlists.
  • Added a default container div around playlists.
  • Updated the default template to remove the JSON settings script. It's now inserted using a hook.
  • Refactored the structure of the codebase.
  • Removed extraneous filters for loading translation files.
  • Fixed a bug in the template loader to prevent general templates from overriding more specific ones.

1.0.1 - February 11, 2014

  • Fix a bug where multiple playlists on a page would all include the same tracks.

1.0.0 - February 4, 2014

  • Initial release.

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


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