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Cryptex | E-Mail Address Protection

Cryptex transforms plain-text E-Mail-Addresses into Images - automatically - No scrapers. No harvesters. No spambots. That's our goal!


  • Added: WordPress Multisite support
  • Added: New Environment Check to ensure Cryptex is working in a well configured environment
  • Added: Support for telephone numbers including uri scheme tel:
  • Added: Shortcode telephone
  • Added: href Shortcode attribute to override the default behaviour
  • Added: PLugin Upgrade Notification
  • Changed: WP-Skeleton is used as Plugin Backend Framework
  • Changed: All settings are stored in serialized form in cryptex-options instead of single options
  • Changed: Settings Page URL to wp-admin/options-general.php?page=Cryptex
  • Changed: Base64 Filename hashes are used instead of hexadecimal ones
  • Replaced: PHP-Version-Errorpage by global admin_notice - ensure that PHP 5.3 or greater is used to avoid weird errors
  • Bugfix: The cache accessibility check did not work on WIN platform
  • Bugfix: Fixed some CSS rules used in Settings-Page
  • Cleaned up the internal Plugin Structure


  • Changed: the default font-file to LiberationSans-Regular.ttf
  • Replaced: the low-level PHP based ObjectCache by the WordPress Transient API
  • Bugfix: Fatal Errors thrown in environments with missing imageantialias() GD function are suppressed by additional check


  • Added: Plugin Upgrade notifications fo major releases to the admins plugin page
  • Added: Some unit testcases (development only)
  • Bugfix: Email Address autodetection failed in some cases - thanks to topotato on GitHub


  • Added: New Javascript decryption engine (size optimized - 827bytes)
  • Added: Support for Enlighter Syntax Highlighter to display E-Mail Addresses within highlighted content (requires Enlighter v2.7)
  • Added: Invisible placeholders around the html output (required for Enlighter)
  • Added: Global Javascript Object Cryptex
  • Added: Liberation(tm) Fonts package
  • Added: Additional HDPI Image renderer based on the HTML5 srcset attribute
  • Added: Settings page link to the plugin page (metadata row)
  • Added: Link to author's Twitter Channel (latest Enlighter updates/news)
  • Added: Option to set the CSS Font-Family (in case you want to use another font for Email addresses on your page)
  • Changed HTML output attribute ordering
  • Removed: MooTools + jQuery code - replaced by native version
  • Removed js-type option - Cryptex javascript is now always injected into the page (wp_footer action)
  • Removed external CSS option - the required CSS is now always injected into the page (wp_head action)
  • Bugfix: HDPI CSS container is now only added when cryptex images are found on the page
  • Bugfix: The contextual help link was not "full" selectable (covered by the tab nav)
  • Bugfix: Error handling of the FontManager failed (should never happen under normal conditions)
  • Bugfix: ObjectCache file existent check failed
  • The readme.txt (WordPress plugin repository) is generated from the markdown file README.md and CHANGES.md (GitHub style)


  • Added: Retina/High-DPI image support
  • Added: Option to set the line-height (image-height) manually
  • Added FreeType2 support, including .otc and .otf fonts - enabled by default
  • Added: Font-size can be set in px or pt - px value will be forced as default
  • Added: Autodetect filter to text-widget content (optional)
  • Added: Custom cache path/url settings like WordPress' media options (advancved settings)
  • Added: Option to disable Antialiasing (advancved settings)
  • Added: New html+image rendering engines
  • Added: Width+Height attributes to generated image-tags (including server side caching)
  • Added: Additional user-role check (administrator + manage_options required)
  • Added: Tab-Panels to the settings page (Appearance, Options, Advanced)
  • Added: Contextual Help based help/informations
  • Added: Shortcode options to override the global cryptex-settings - feature requested on WordPress.org Forums
  • Added: Option to load stylesheet as inline content (style tag displayed in wp_footer)
  • Added: Option to include javascript, required for hyperlink-decoding, as inline content (script tag displayed in wp_head or wp_footer)
  • Added: Cleanup of generated stylesheets
  • Added: New Screenshots
  • Added: License Informations to settings-page footer
  • Added: Error supression for system-font scanning
  • Updated: MooTools Javascript code now uses document.getElements() instaed of leagcy $$() selector
  • Modified: Cryptex javascript file uses UglifyJS for minification
  • New settings page - now matches WordPress corporate UI style
  • Removed WordPress <= 3.7 compatibility mode/legacy UI style
  • Bugfix: Added some missing I18n namespaces
  • Many internal changes/improvements


  • Added: Option to enable processing of "Nested-Shortcodes" within cryptex/email tags - this might be useful if your using inner shortcode which fetches some content from your database, etc. (disabled by default)
  • Bugfix: E-Mail-Address-Autodetection doesn't recognize subdomains (e.g. test.name@sub1.example.com)


  • Bugfix: CSS files doesn't get generated on upgrading the plugin - you have to click "save settings" to force the creation on previuos versions


  • Added: Autodetection filters for get_the_excerpt, get_comment_text and get_comment_excerpt
  • Added: New Security-Mode "Advanced Multipart Image" - each part of the email-address (seperated by dot's and @ sign) is displayed as an image, the dividers as plain text
  • Added: New Security-Mode "Text" - not recommended but usefull if you don't want to use images (e.g. screenreaders required) - this setting will only modify the @sign of the text and adds mailto
  • Added: Option to enable/disable the_excerpt, the_content, get_comment_text and get_comment_excerpt autodetect filters
  • Added: Text-Replacement for the dot (.) within E-Mail-Addresses
  • Improved: Increased the robustness of the Font-Manager (font detection)
  • Improved: Font-List is now alphabetically sorted
  • Bugfix: Limited the total number of directories to be recursively scanned by the Font-Manager to 100. This will prevent plugin-crashes by e.g. scanning the whole filesystem. A minimum Font-Path length of 4 characters is also required (using root path / is now permitted)
  • Bugfix: Misspelled variable within Cryptex Main class (no influence)


  • Added: E-Mail-Address autodetection - transforms E-Mail-Addresses from post/pages directly into images without the need of shortcodes (optionally - you can turn it off on the settings page)
  • Added: I18n generation tools, including ANT build script
  • Added: German translation (de_DE)
  • Added: I18n can be disbaled
  • Added: Environment Pre-Check (PHP 5.3 requirement!)
  • Improved UI
  • Bugfix: Added missing I18n domains
  • Bugfix: Misspelled variable within image-hash generation (caused php error)


  • New plugin backend structure
  • PHP Namespaces used to isolate plugin (PHP >= 5.3 required!)
  • Improved settings page, new design
  • Improved E-Mail-Address detection
  • Many performance optimizations
  • Removed support for GD library version 1.x (>= v2.0.38 required)
  • Added: Support for new WordPress backend UI style
  • Added: Automated Font Search/Detection
  • Added: Shortcode-Alias [email] to be compatible with other plugins
  • Added: User defined dimension offsets for generated images
  • Added: FULL I18n support (internationalization)
  • Bugfix: Cache not cleared on activating plugin (required for updates)
  • Bugfix: Closed possible attack vector on image filenames by decoding the used sha1 hashes - now a unique salt is used to prevent it
  • Bugfix: Invalid px/pt transformation used for GD1/2 interoperability
  • Bugfix: Wrong css cursor was used for divider (@ sign) using hybrid mode


  • Complete rewritten version of the plugin. Completly cleaned, strict OOP coding style
  • Bugfix: removed cryptex js+css from wordpress admin pages
  • Bugfix: pointer cursor is only visible on active hyperlinks
  • Improved: you can add css prefixes to fix problems with some themes without editing your theme css
  • Improved: only 1 css file is added instead of 2 files like before
  • Improved: new plugin directory structure
  • Added: I18n (internationalization) is supported
  • Added: you can select the method cryptex uses to display email addresses (single image, hybrid image)
  • Added: if you wanna use cryptex directly in your wordpress template, you can simply use Cryptex::crypt('yourtext'); to display 'yourtext' as crypted version


  • Bugfix: (websites without JQuery or MooTools) using Cryptex on more than one e-mail address per page failed: when any of the e-mail addresses getting clicked, the address from the last address gets applied to all of the links. (Thanks to Kory S.)


  • Bugfix: by some misunderstanding of the WordPress API the update/upgrade/installation of any plugins triggered the restore/backup events of cryptex - this may be cause a "permission denied" error message during the installation of any plugin. I apologize for this inconvenience
  • Improved: dynamic CSS file is automatically generated on activating the plugin
  • Improved: suppress error messages if there is no GD-library


  • Bugfix: restore of font folder cryptex/fonts failed on upgrade (windows servers..)


  • Bugfix: restore of css files failed on upgrade
  • Bugfix: CSS file only updated after second press on "save changes"
  • Bugfix: color parsing error - colors like 0x0000ff not parsed correctly
  • Bugfix: CSS font family failure on dynamic generated files
  • Added: button to restore default font path \wp-content\plugins\cryptex\fonts\
  • Added: jQuery ColorPicker to settings page
  • Added: support for custom text in cryptex shortcode (like telephone numbers, postal addresses)
  • Improved: new plugin directory structure - moved js+css files


  • Bugfix: restore of font folder cryptex/fonts failed on upgrade


  • First public release.

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 4 hours ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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