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CPT Bootstrap Carousel

A custom post type for choosing images and content which outputs Bootstrap Image Carousel (slider) from the [image-carousel] shortcode.


  • Titles and captions now show if present, independently of each other (previously both needed to be filled in)
    • You can hide them by leaving blank, or setting Show Slide Titles / Captions? to False in the settings
  • New German translation courtesy of @stefan-meier
  • Undefined index warning fixed by @pfernandez
  • Carousel items now have proper CSS IDs (by @chickahoona)
  • Fixed bug where interval of 0 was replaced with the default interval time
  • Nicer icon in the WordPress admin (thanks @stefan-meier)
  • Localization file path issue fixed (thanks @stefan-meier)


  • Prevented the help tab from displaying on pages other than Carousel Items
  • Made the output buffer cleaning only happen if we have images (thanks @ChrisLomax)
  • Tidied up some warnings generated when WP_DEBUG was true
  • New settings option to rely on data-attributes only, without any Javascript chunks
  • Split the plugin into multiple files to make code easier to maintain
  • Re-wrote the settings page to make things clearer
  • Added new feature to have a link button instead of clickable slider image
  • Bugfix: Carousel items with links using background images now work.


  • Bugfix. Apologies to anyone who ran into it and thanks to kylewhenderson for the spot.


  • Bumped "tested with" up to WP 4.0
  • Added new plugin icon and updated the banner + screenshots
  • Carousel controls now hidden if there is only one image - thanks to @rchq
  • Option to use a different WordPress image size, suggested by oheijo
  • Added option to specify HTML tags for caption and title. Suggested by smtk
  • New option to use background images instead of <img> tags. Good for resizing. Suggested by @cla63 and @cookierebes
  • New Serbo-Croatian translation! Thanks to borisa from http://www.webhostinghub.com


  • Added custom classes for next/prev buttons - written by @reddo
  • Added admin column for categories
  • Made the category dropdown in the settings work (bugfix)
  • Addeed contextual help on post and page editing screens


  • Made the title and caption linked if we have a URL
  • Stopped the caption div from displaying if there is not caption
  • Added a unique CSS id attribute to each item, based on the wordpress post ID
  • Fixed a bug where the plugin was throwing and error when WP_DEBUG was on
  • Updated the FAQ a little
  • Changed the default version of bootstrap to v3 for new installs. This can be customised in the settings.


  • Added new Settings page. Means less shortcode attributes, more user friendly
  • Added i18n functions so that the plugin can be translated
  • Fix: Bug where featured images were shown on all post types. Noticed by @grahamharper


  • Fix: Bug limited carousel to only 10 images. Now displays all images.
  • Fix: Specifying interval didn't always worked. Re-written javascript to make it more reliable
  • Added id shortcode attribute to specify a single image for the carousel
  • Restructured the readme file to make usage clearer


  • Added support for carousel categories, using filtering with the category shortcode
  • Added orderby shortcode attribute to specify ordering of images
    • This means that images can now be in a random order
  • Added twbs shortcode attribute to allow the output of Twitter Bootstrap v3 markup
  • Added WordPress directory screenshots
  • Admin thumbnail images now link to the edit page


  • Featured images are now shown in the admin list view
  • Added new admin metabox for image url (written by @tallphil, based on code contributed by @atnon)


  • Added shortcode attributes (code contributed by @joshgerdes)


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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