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Calendar Event Multi View

Event calendar for WordPress websites that features multiple visualization modes.

Q: What means each field in the event calendar settings area?

A: The product's page contains detailed information about each event calendar field and customization:


Q: How events are added into the event calendar?

A: In the dashboard area go to "WordPress administration menu >> CP Multiview Event Calendar" and click the button "Admin Calendar Data" that leads to a page where you can add/edit/delete events on the events calendar.

The events edition on the public event calendar can be also (optionally) enabled, that way the website visitors can edit events directly in the event calendar without having to access through the dashboard.

Q: How show the entire title on month,week and day view?

A: Open the file "wp-content/plugins/cp-multi-view-calendar/DC_MultiViewCal/css/main.css" and add this CSS rule at end of the file:

#multicalendar .rb-i{white-space:normal}

Q: How to show differents colors in the event calendar nMonth view?

A: Use the following configuration parameter:


The parameters should be added into the "Other Parameters" box. These parameters must be comma separated and will overwrite the initialconfiguration selected for the event calendar.

The "Other Parameters" box can be found in the following location (link to image):


Q: How to allow edition on the public event calendar only for some registered users?

A: If you want to setup the event calendar editable only by some users in the public website then publish a view of the event calendar in a private page (restrict the access to the page with the event calendar with "Edition" enabled).

You can have multiple views of the same event calendar, one for read-only public access and another view with edition enabled on a private page accessible only by registered users.

Note that there are two different concepts here:

  • An event calendar: This is a unit of information and events. The events aren't shared with other event calendars.
  • An event calendar's view: This is the way an event calendar is displayed. The same event calendar can have multiple views in the same page or in different pages. Since the event calendar unit is the same the data is shared between all views but the visual settings and features can be different.

See also this other FAQ entry about additional permissions settings: http://wordpress.dwbooster.com/faq/cp-multi-view-calendar#q205

Q: How show the entire title on month,week and day view on the event calendar?

A: Open the calendar plugin file "wp-content/plugins/cp-multi-view-calendar/DC_MultiViewCal/css/main.css" and add this CSS rule at end of the file:

    #multicalendar .rb-i{white-space:normal}

Q: Can I change the event calendar plugin date format to DD/MM/YYYY?

A: The date format is automatically defined with each language to the proper values, however if you want to overwrite those settings open your plugin language file "wp-content\plugins\cp-multi-view-calendar\DC_MultiViewCal\language\multiview_lang_xx-XX.js", where xx-XX in the file name is your language identifier and into that file modify the items marked below:

    "fulldaykey": "MMddyyyy",
    "fulldayshow": "L d yyyy",
    "fulldayvalue": "M/d/yyyy",
    "Md": "W M/d",
    "nDaysView": "M/d",
    "Md3": "L d",
    "separator": "/",
    "year_index": 2,
    "month_index": 0,
    "day_index": 1,

... to this:

    "fulldaykey": "ddMMyyyy",
    "fulldayshow": "d L yyyy",
    "fulldayvalue": "d/M/yyyy",
    "Md": "W d/M",
    "nDaysView": "d/M",
    "Md3": "d L",
    "separator": "/",
    "year_index": 2,
    "month_index": 1,
    "day_index": 0,

Requires: 3.0.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 24 hours ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4 out of 5 stars


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