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Form Builder CP

Form Builder CP is a contact form plugin for creating contact forms with a visual form builder and email them.

Q: What means each field in the settings area?

A: The Form Builder CP product's page contains detailed information about each field and customization:


Q: How can I apply CSS styles to the form fields?

A: Into the form editor (form builder), click a field to edit its details, there is a setting there named "Add CSS Layout Keywords". You can add the class name into that field, so the style specified into the CSS class will be applied to that field.

Note: Don't add style rules directly there but the name of a CSS class.

You can place the CSS class either into the CSS file of your template or into the file "cp-easy-form-builder\css\stylepublic.css" located into the plugin's folder.

Q: Can I align the form in two or more columns?

A: Yes, use the "Add CSS Layout Keywords" field into the form creator for doing that. Into the form creator click a field and into its settings there is one field named "Add Css Layout Keywords". Into that field you can put the name of a CSS class that will be applied to the field.

There are some pre-defined CSS classes to use align two, three or four form fields into the same line. The CSS classes are named:


For example if you want to put two form fields into the same line then specify for both form fields the class name "column2".

Q: Which is the Form Builder CP shortcode for publishing the form?

A: This is the Form Builder CP shortcode:


You can paste it in any place into a post/page or directly into the template using the do_shortcode function. In the edition of pages and posts there is a link that inserts the Form Builder CP shortcode into the page/post.

Q: How to modify the submit button design?

A: The class="pbSubmit" can be used to modify the button styles.

The styles can be applied into any of the CSS files of your theme or into the CSS file "cp-easy-form-builder\css\stylepublic.css".

For further modifications the submit button is located at the end of the file "cp_easyform_public_int.inc.php".

Q: How to edit the submit label?

A: There is a new settings box in the Form Builder CP settings named "Submit Button". You can edit the submit button label there and get info about editing its CSS styles.

Q: Can I display hits on each field with instructions for the user?

A: Yes, into the form builder click the field and you will see various options in the "Field Settings" tab. In this case you are interested in the option labeled "Instructions for User".

Type the instruction in the settings field "Instructions for User" and click the checkbox labeled "Show as floating tooltip" below that field, this way the instructions will appear when the field receives the focus (when the user enters to the field to type something).

If the checkbox "Show as floating tooltip" isn't marked then the instructions will appear always displayed immediately below the field in the form.

Requires: 3.0.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


3.4 out of 5 stars


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