Country IP Specific Redirections


Country IP Specific Redirections plugin allows you to automatically redirect your visitors based on their country and a set of rules which you can define into wordpress administration panel.
The plugin automatically detects the country of your visitors and let’s you drive away unwanted traffic.

Note: This plugin will not work on local machine because the Localhost IP So it works on live site


This package includes third party public HTTP API Service to search the geolocation of IP addresses.
See API Documentation for more info.
Country IP Specific Redirections plugin use browser cookies and client attribution for fast performance.

Thanks for providing the following great services and REST APIs for free.

  • (IPv4 / free)


  • GeoIP location by Country

  • Redirect to a specific page of your desire
  • Block Country to a specific page of your desire
  • Add redirect rules for either a specific Page from a dropdown of All Pages, Posts, Categories and/or Homepage
  • Create a Sitewide redirect rule no matter what page/post/category it is.
  • Mass Redirect : redirect unwanted traffic by adding a mass redirect rule. Countries without a redirect rule defined in the admin panel will be sent away to a defined location. This feature can be disabled or enabled.
  • Logging feature to see errors with installation inside wp-admin panel and the latest activity like last country redirected to which URL and so on
  • Easy backend (Admin) options.
  • Comprehensive Admin Manual

    Up Coming Features:

  • Online users, visits, visitors and page statistics

  • Record statistics on exclusions
  • Export the data to XML, CSV or TSV files
  • Widget to provide information to your users
  • Much more (suggest by community )

    We’re sorry you’re having problem with Country IP Specific Redirections and we’re happy to help out.

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  • Country IP Specific Redirections Rules
  • Country IP Specific Redirections Log (Latest 100 entries)
  • Mass Redirect For Countries Without Rules
  • No Redirect


To Install this Country IP Specific Redirections plugin there is no any complexity. It’s very simple like other plugin. Just follow the procedure described below.

  1. Download the plugin from WordPress Plugin repository. After downloading the zip file extract it.
  2. Upload country-ip-specific-redirections plugin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Go to menu Country IP Specific Redirections from left side of administration and add rules for redirections.


This is useful for Mass Redirect?

Yes, of course. The main intention to create this plugin to use where user need Mass Redirect.


Sorry, Live Wordfence Traffic shows plugin doesn’t work

I tried the plugin and it’s a breeze to set up but after using the plugin for a bout a week, I can see it’s not blocking countries because I’m using Wordfence and when looking at Live Traffic, I see humans and bots from Russia, Germany, and several other “blocked” countries are trying to access my site. I used this plugin years ago, and I thought I remember it working better than that.

Works great!

This plugin works great.
You can disregard the previous reviews of users who don’t know what they’re doing, like expecting it to detect proxy servers or doing a sitewide redirection to a page on the site they redirecting from and then complaining about redirect loop.

Redirects in a constant loop

This plugin doesn’t work, just puts the website in a constant redirect loop. From what I’ve seen this started happening a long time ago with no fix.

If this plugin is not supported it should be removed.

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Contributors & Developers

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  • fix bug deactivate error
  • additional post types fixed


  • improve performance
  • add screen shots


  • Core Upgrade
  • fix Known issues


  • optimize performance by using cookies


  • Known bug fixed


  • Initial release