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COP PDF Attachment Menu

Adds a shortcode [pdfmenu] that defaults to displaying an unordered list of all pdf's attached to the current page or post. Adds a shortcode [att


  • First WordPress 4.0 testing
  • Added the first version of paging to the shortcode and widget functionality so that you can set numberofposts and your attatchments will show page navigation within the page.
    • This should fix but not necessarily modify the previous default behavior as it appears that the previous version was output the page numbers but they were not functioning.
    • Paging only works appropriately with a single instance of paging per page. Multiple instances will all navigate between pages together.
  • Added the [attachments], and [attachmentmenu] shortcode. I haven't checked to see if [attachments] creates conflicts with other plugins. This has the same functions but it defaults to listing all mime types rather than just pdf files. Use with caution, this may be renamed if I discover I'm overlapping with another plugin. [attachmentmenu] is more in line with future plans I have and will should be safer.
  • Cleaned up extract code from the shortcode.
  • Added a span of class="sep" to the | in the paging so that it can be styled but still have a default appearance that is functional.


  • Added download="(mime type)" and download="all" which converts links to forced download links. Allows other types (all types not tested).
  • Widget also allows you to set the mime type to force downloads
  • Thanks to sallydeford for suggesting forced download links as an option.

  • Just updating things for the plugin page.

  • IMPORTANT Change. The widget (not the shortcode) was showing all pdf files with the default settings instead of just the attachments to the current post. Should be working now.

  • Fixed error with shortcode showing all types by default

    Thanks to sallydeford for pointing out the issue.

  • Added options to display captions and descriptions.
  • style captions with .the_caption
  • style description with .the_description

  • Minor Fixes to new features. (Was defaulting in the widget to "all types"
  • Added localization functions.

  • Added [pdfmenu all_types='true'] to the shortcode.
  • Added and all types checkbox to the widget.
  • All items have thier mime type as a class (ex. class="application/pdf").

  • Adding the mime type as a class to each list item ( ex. class="application/pdf" ). Would have added it to the container but I wanted to be able to later add the output and styling of attachments of multiple mime types in a single list.
  • Changed basic ownership details of the plugin to point to my current site http://www.agreenweb.com.


  • Minor changes to the widget editor


  • Added ordering options to the widget settings.



Added orderby and order to the shortcode options for reordering.

defaults are:

  • orderby = "date"
  • order = "ASC"

In Progress

  • Started adding paging.
  • Add offset="x" or paged="x" with a numberposts="(number)" that is not zero to the shortcode.
  • In order to get another set of links.
  • There is not yet any navigation.


Added an option to add a title.

Did some debugging.


Added a check requiring php version 5.2.1 on install. Moved more code into classes.


Added custom widget class. No change to function.


Improved the widget options.


Added basic widget that functions the same as the shortcode.


Initial Version

Requires: 3.2.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.12
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 400+


5 out of 5 stars


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