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Cool Video Gallery

Cool Video Gallery is a Video Gallery plugin for WordPress with option to upload videos, add Youtube videos and manage them in multiple galleries.


  • Fancybox reverted back to 1.3.4 per WordPress Guidelines.


  • JWPlayer version 7.3.6 included.
  • Fancybox version 2.1.5 included and supports better configurations.
  • Responsive video player in embed.
  • Improved VideoPlayer Share option.
  • Admin panel config fixes.
  • Shortcode optimization and improvements.
  • Redesign of plugin images.
  • Improved support for FFMPEG library for thumbnail creation.


  • Design issues fixed.
  • More image format supported in preview image of videos. Few image format will not be displayed as player preview image as they are not supported by JWPlayer.
  • WP deprecated function issues fixed.
  • Gallery/Video Shortcode modified.
  • Google XML Sitemap generation updated.
  • Publish gallery as post added.
  • I18n enabled.
  • Playback support for Youtube Videos using Youtube IFrame support if Web Browser does not support Flash playback. This will not work if playlist feature of JWPlayer is used.


  • Command Injection Fix.
  • Design issue fixes.
  • TinyMCE editor issue fix
  • Shortcode parsing issue fix.


  • CSRF Vulnerability Fix.


  • Admin bar menu added for easy navigation.
  • Exclude video in a gallery during playback option provided.
  • Sort videos by Added Date integrated.
  • Move video(s) from one gallery to another impletmented.
  • Randomize videos in a gallery through admin panel.
  • Contextual help menu changes made during deprecation of used functionality.
  • Video title field made to accept long text.
  • Few PHP warning messages removed in admin/front end.


  • Feature to add title for Videos added.
  • Shortcode generator option for galleries and videos included in admin panel to ease out operation.
  • Feature to publish a video as post added.
  • Automatic scan and add videos to gallery if video file is already FTPed to respective gallery folder.
  • Share option enable/disable feature through admin panel.
  • Fix for jQuery UI Sortable library issue in Gallery Sort page (WP 3.5 specific)
  • Minor fixes for admin panel UI.
  • WP included JavaScript/CSS files used instead of external JavaScript/CSS.
  • Plugin Menu modified to make it compact.
  • Minor issues fixed in Google Sitemap and Playlist XML files.
  • Database collation type modified to allow saving of Non-English characters.
  • FFMPEG issue on Linux OS fixed.


  • Media file from Library support added.
  • Youtube media adding option changed. Now accepts Youtube Video ID.
  • Video description positioned restored to below video items.
  • Version Upgrade issues of v1.5 fixed.
  • Embedding issue for Youtube videos fixed.
  • Video Sharing plugin enabled - Default plugin Viral for JW Player.
  • Issue with PHP extension and settings for Youtube Vide adding diagonized and warning messages provided properly.


  • Youtube video support added.
  • Fancybox replaces Shadowbox functionalities.
  • iOS support enabled with HTML5.
  • Playlist size settings enabled.
  • Autohide feature enabled for navigation controls in Fancybox.
  • Instruction steps provided for addition of skins to plugin.
  • Fixed Google XML Video Sitemap issues fixed.
  • FFMPEG library issues fixed.
  • Few features like full screen, zoom crop of preview image, embed feature, Shadowbox are removed since they are no longer supported.
  • About Author page added to Plugin admin page.


  • Embed feature added single video and playlist.
  • TinyMCE integration implemented.
  • Fix for preview image manipulations.
  • Option to limit the no. of videos.


  • '.mov' and '.mp3' media file supports added.
  • Added patch for thumbnail generation.
  • Added uninstall option for plugin.
  • Added fix for plugin upgrade issue.


  • Added feature to sort videos in a gallery
  • Navigation feature enabled in shadowbox popup to move acrosss videos in current gallery selected.
  • Issue with 'jpeg/jpg' extension thumbnail fixed. '.png' image files currently accepted for thumbnail images.


  • Added feature to scan video gallery folder and add newly added videos through FTP access.
  • Shortcode feature added to support video gallery in post/page content.


  • Initial version

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 9,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


3 of 7 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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