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This plugin enables you to comply with the UK and EU law on cookies.


  • Now using version 6.2 of Cookie Control
  • Option added to allow user's to set their preference for the close button. Normally, the widget will hide upon close, though this can now be set to stay open until the user provides (or explicitly denies) consent.
  • Text area added so users can add their preferred Analytics tools, rather than be restricted to Google Analytics.


  • Now using version 6.1 of Cookie Control
  • Choose your user interface. In addition to Cookie Control's classic, corner pop-up, you can now choose a bar that displays at the top of your screen or a bar that displays at the foot of your screen.
  • Stateful buttons. The last version of Cookie Control introduced slider "on/off" buttons. User feedback showed that these could be better. So we've introduced stateful buttons. The result is a cleaner user interface that makes opting in the natural user behaviour.
  • Geolocation. We've been relying on the excellent service provided by GeoPlugin to provide location awareness for Cookie Control - enabling you to specify which countries it displays in. To avoid wearing out our welcome with that service we've brought geolocation in-house. This is now a more integrated part of Cookie Control and SSL is available for those who need it.
  • Policy awareness. Cookie Control will now check for a policy version. If your cookies policy has changed, Cookie Control will reset itself, enabling users to be prompted to accept Cookies once more.
  • Easier to edit text. You can now define all of Cookie Control's button labels, alert messages etc using initialisation parameters. This makes it a lot easier to change the default language of Cookie Control.
  • No more Base64. In earlier versions of Cookie Control we used Base64 encoding for images. This meant no image assets to deal with, but it also made it complicated to customise Cookie Control. In Cookie Control 6 we serve a single image sprite file from CIVIC's servers. There's a very good chance that most visitors to your site will have this cached already, so it won't affect performance.
  • Auto-delete cookies. Webmasters can now enable auto-delete of cookies. This is the cheap and cheerful way of removing first-party cookies if you're using the Implied Consent or Explicit Consent deployment models, when a user opts out of cookies.
  • API key. CIVIC now require an API key in order to validate use of the Cookie Control service.
  • Bug fixes and improvements. Various fixes and code optimisation to make Cookie Control easier to work with.


  • Updated to use version 5 of Civic UK Cookie Control which brings new customisable options
  • Fixed ccAddAnalytics typo in settings page which meant the pop up was showing even after consent
  • Changed ccAddAnalytics functions to use Google Asynchronous Syntax
  • Removed backlink to Civic UK. Added request in settings to put in site privacy policy page. So plugin conforms to WP plugin guidelines
  • General update to settings made and docs to make it easier to use the plugin


  • Using version 4.1 of Cookie Control
  • Added Google Analytics tracking code field and javascript handling code
  • Added Plugin intro text and explanation of what it does and doesn't do
  • Improved settings page layout
  • Clarify and added settings explanations
  • Fixed hiding behind Twenty Eleven banner image


  • include folder updated


  • Version number fix


  • Small typo fix


  • Initial Release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.5
Last Updated: 2014-10-6
Active Installs: 9,000+


2.2 out of 5 stars


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