Contus’ Best WordPress Video Gallery Plugin has a whole set of utile features and options that make the product a versatile one. In addition to the quickly visible options such as recent Videos, popular Videos and featured Videos, the plugin also has the ability to control the number and order of these videos from back end.

Video Gallery Demo – http://www.apptha-demo.com/template/videostream/

Video Gallery Home Page – https://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Video-Gallery

GitHub Repository – https://github.com/Apptha/contus-video-gallery

FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V, social networking comments from the gallery page (like for Facebook), provision to alter width, height, skin, theme, aspect ratio, volume, downloads etc. from the backend are few if the best features with this plugin. It also covers other regular and utile features which we could see in popular video sharing sites such as social media bookmark option (diggit, myspace, facebook, del.icio.us, spurl, furl, google), managing multiple playlists, views count for video and so forth.

  • Supports Lighttpd, RTMP, Live telecast and Amazon S3 Streaming
  • Facility to add YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Daily Motion videos and embed code videos from other sites
  • Facility to subscribe users channel
  • Facility to create playlist
  • Facility to add videos to watch later
  • Users can see their watch history
  • Facility to pause the videos to store in history
  • Supports ffmpeg which generates duration of the video uploaded from PC
  • Facility to monetize by displaying preroll, postroll, midroll, google adsense and IMA ads in the player
  • Simple to customize/manage widgets
  • Option to choose WordPress/Facebook/Disqus commenting system from backend
  • Option to Enable/disable the following options on the player from backend: Download, Share, Volume, Full screen, High definition, Timer, Zoom, Playlist
  • Option to hide the entire skin from the player
  • Option to set logo target from the backend
  • Simple drag and drop option to sort videos/categories from backend
  • Facility to “set your own logo/copyright/edit logo position” on purchasing premium license
  • Offers complete control over number of columns and rows of thumb images
  • Facility to customize the color of player from backend
  • Facility to display Captions in player by adding upto 2 SRT files from backend
  • Option to store media files in Amazon S3 bucket
  • Facility to set the native language for tool tips of player buttons
  • Admin can limit the number of related videos to be displayed inside the player
  • Admin can enable/disable RSS feed icon along with Social Icons in video detail page
  • Option to enable/disable Video title in video home page
  • Option to restrict upload methods for users
  • Packed with seven different video widgets such as Featured, Recent etc.,(Refer document for more info)
  • SEO friendly video URL
  • Supports HTML5 to play videos in iOS devices
  • Enthralls with responsive designing to help your visitors view your website on mobile
  • Supports RTL feature

To Add video

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Click Video Gallery from left column >> All Videos >> Add Video.
  3. Add a new Video using anyone of the options(YouTube URL , Upload File, Custom URL, RTMP)
  4. Create and select the playlist from the Right column of the window to assign the video to the particular playlist.

To change the global settings of the player

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel.
  2. Click Video Gallery from left column >> Settings
  3. Change the Plugin / Player settings as you wish.
  4. You have options for Home page Recent,Popular,and Featured Videos enable,disable options with limit of rows and columns.
  5. You can allow/disallow the member upload option by changing “Video Upload Option to Members” in settings
  6. You limit the video upload method to member by selecting “Select upload method(s) for users” option.

= To Display Side Widgets of the Player Like Recent,Popular,and Featured Videos
1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel.
2) Look for Apperance on the Left column and click Widgets Options.
3) Drag and Drop the options what you want to show in the right side bar.

= To See the Features in the user side
1. There is a Home Page for the videos to display and there Recent,Popular,and Featured Videos will show below the player.
2. Side Widgets also we have the same features with search videos options.


  • Video gallery(Front-end)

  • Manage Video - Displays Uploaded videos and details about the plugin.

  • Upload video file - Here you can upload video using Upload Method

  • Upload youtube URL - Here you can upload video from YouTube

  • Upload custom URL - Here you can upload video via URL eg: http://www.domainname.com/foldername/video.mp4

  • Upload RTMP Video - You can add RTMP Streaming video

  • Gallery settings - You can control Player and Plugin here.

  • Manage video widgets - We are providing 7 widgets. They are : Popular, Recent, Featured, Related, Random videos, Video Search and Video Categories. You can assign the above mentioned widgets in any position of your template.

  • Videos(recent,popular,feature, Video Categories) - We are also displaying Popular, Recent, Featured, Related videos and Video Categories in content page under player.

  • Channel - Channel will be created automatically when the user registered on the site. For the existing users, it will be created on the time of login. Also user can subscribe channel of other users

  • Playlist - User can create playlist and add videos to the playlist

  • Watch later - User can mark the videos to watch later section

  • Watch history - History will be maintained here.


How can i activate video gallery plugin?

Download the zip file, install it and then activate the plugin.

Where can I see the working demo of this Video Player or Video Plugin?

You can see the demo of our WORDPRESS VIDEO GALLERY Version or Video Plugin in this link – https://www.apptha-demo.com/template/videostream/

What are all the file formats HD FLV PLAYER can play?

Our FLV player supports FLV & H.264 encoded video including MP3, MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V formats.

How to contact the support / development team of our Video Player?

You can contact us through,
Live Chat at https://www.apptha.com
Email: assist@apptha.com
Forums at https://www.apptha.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=27

Can I get the WORDPRESS VIDEO GALLERY plugin player customized to my needs?

Yes, but there will be additional charges based on the request for customization has to be made by the requester.

What is the advantage of using this WordPress Video Gallery Plugin?

To know more features and advantages of our player and this video plugin, visit this link – https://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Video-Gallery

How to replace or remove the HD FLV Player demo logo from this WORDPRESS VIDEO GALLERY?

For replacing or removing the demo logo from this FLV player, you need to purchase our commercial version of the player. You can find the Flash FLV player product over here at https://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Wordpress/Video-Gallery


A truly terrible plugin, really badly coded


I have been patiently waiting for 17 months for Apptha to update their Video Gallery plugin and every time I ask they say it will be two months. Here was the initial feedback from our developers in December 2015 - a year later and nothing has been updated: For starters the Player is not HTML5, but Flash-based The Video Gallery file is 370 lines of php code (with some small html/js) and half of the file is an ugly mess of spaghetti code. Not only this, but Apptha/Contus are doing some dark magic stuff with the loading of the actual player, which is totally undocumented and it's badly approached. From my quick review it seems every video file has a file type which is coded via a cryptic number - with possible values from 1 to 5. One number defines a YouTube/DailyMotion video, another uploaded file, another custom url, legacy flash based video streaming type & embed video. So there are various types of conditions and 4 different approaches to the video display: from using one type of specialised tag, that is subsequently replaced via js - for the embed type to using another for YouTube, again replaced via js to using 3rd tag for uploaded image or flash streaming, again later replaced via js to using a 4th tag which is similar to the YouTube tag but not quite, and again later replaced via js A total mess. Not to mention that the behaviour of all this is changing depending on whether the widget is loaded on mobile, or on desktop. From what I see sometimes more than one tag is used - this specifically is not a bug, it's called progressive enhancement and it's needed to support various Browsers and environments. Either way, the approach is bad even in this regard, as the lack of basic documentation & conventions within the code is annoying. There is no basic explanation why certain decisions are made. We had a very hard time just to apply some basic responsive styles for the player - as we had to write 30-40 lines of CSS hacks to get the player at least in a basic shape. In short, Apptha should supply a Video Player that looks and behaves more like the one in YouTube - based on HTML5. But even if they do, they won't replace the underlying code of the widget - so there is a high risk, that they will send even worse/tweaked version of the widget.

Such a great plugin and support


They helped me with everything i need and want my website to look like. They never leave me until everything is solved/fixed and ready. Great support and really recommend using them. Keep up the good work guys and great plugin as well!

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  • Provided channel feature for the registered users.
  • The option to subscribe channel
  • Notification to owner if someone subscribes the channel
  • Playlist feature like YouTube
  • Watch later feature like YouTube
  • Watch history feature like YouTube


  • Compressed 5 widgets into 1
  • Optimized code using Sonar tool


  • Bug fixed version of 2.7


  • Provided extra widget called “Random Videos”
  • Option to store videos in Amazon S3 bucket
  • Option to restrict member upload feature
  • Option to limit upload methods for users
  • Option to hide/show “Social Icon”, “RSS Icon”, “Posted By”, “Added On”, “Category”, “Description”, “Ratings”, “Views”, “Report”, “Embed code” and “iframe code” in video detail page.
  • Provided iframe code like embed code of the video (available only outside the player)
  • Google Adsense feature
  • Option to hide video title in video home page
  • Video report option for users
  • Option to limit related videos count in slider and inside the player
  • Option to change the order of “Featured”, “Recent” and “Popular” section in video home page.
  • Extra shortcodes for separate category, popular, featured and recent videos sections.


  • Updated WordPress Method to load ajax files
  • UI modification in Admin pages
  • Fix “Embed” method video is not working when using shortcode
  • Fix Facebook player not supported in “Embed” Videos method
  • Filter option on the video gallery pages
  • Text widget support
  • Options to control Views,Tags,Category
  • Fix adding vimeo videos through embed code option not playing in mobile
  • RSS Feature
  • Fix Short codes not working with other Custom post types
  • Fix SQL Injection
  • Fix Description not displaying in entered format.


  • Viddler, Dailymotion support
  • Subtitle Feature
  • Member video upload option
  • Sort option for categories


  • Embed Code method for video upload
  • Video rating option
  • IMA Ad support
  • Fix changing the package name cause license key not working
  • Fix view count not updating for “Embed” method videos.


  • New player and a skin with customize option
  • Removed Hide YouTube Logo option
  • WordPress Default comment and Disqus comment support
  • Fix playlistid sortcode not working in IOS device


  • Updated to support WordPress 3.+
  • Fix Unexpected error during activation
  • Fix Unpublished video is displaying while search and playlist in category section of add video page


  • Changed folder strcuture
  • Provided separate language file
  • HTML5 Support with Responsive
  • Provided 10 Skins
  • Permalink support
  • Custom post support

Contributors & Developers

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