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Build your audience with content recommendations that are related, trending, evergreen and personalized. Editorial control and machine learning.

Contextly helps you build a loyal audience through content recommendations that keeps readers reading. We do this through a combination of powerful machine learning algorithms and editorial curation.

According to a study by Chartbeat, the most important factor in determining whether a reader will come back to your site is whether they read more than 1 post. If they do, they are likely to return. If they don't, they won't.

Contextly shows off both related and engaging content in responsive modules. Readers in research mode can dive deep; those just browsing can explore widely.

We also boost your SEO by making it dead simple to add links in the body of your post to previous stories.

We can also recommend videos and products. Additionally, you can choose to highlight events, promotions, or an email list with promotional links.


  • Related Content - Our related content is actually related and we rely on much more than just tags and categories. Related content gives your readers an opportunity to dive deeply into a topic.

  • Personalized Content - Personalized content is tailored to the interests of an individual reader. As we learn more about a reader's interests, we show them more of the content they like.

  • Popular Content - Readers are often interested in your most recent and best content. That is why we make this content available on every page, because every page is the new home page.

  • Evergreen Content - Good stories should be read well after they have been showcased on the home page. We identify "oldies but goodies" and resurface them to users. This increases the lifetime value of every story you write.

  • Video Recommendations - Our recommendations are not limited to blog posts. We can easily integrate your Youtube channel content. Videos will be displayed where they are most relevant.

  • Product Recommendations - Do you sell products? We can integrate products as well. They will be displayed when they are most actionable and relevant. Contact us at info@contextly.com to learn more.

  • Editorial Control/Curation - We believe high-quality content is the result of a happy marriage between humans and smart algorithms. Our curation tools allow writers and editors to control what related posts show up on a story. We then use that info to make better recommendations for the entire site.

  • Optimization - Contextly creates multiple sets of recommendations for each post. We then automatically test which set of recommendations is best for every single post!

  • SEO - The best SEO comes from links in the body of stories linking to previous content. We make it super-easy for writers to add these links without having to leave the post to go search in Google.

  • Promotional links - If you have a newsletter or an event you'd like to promote, Contextly makes it dead-simple to include that in the recommendation module. That puts promotions where users will actually see them.

  • Responsive Designs - We have 4 sets of designs to choose from, and they all look great on mobile and desktops. You can customize their look and feel with a few clicks, while advanced users can customize the CSS.

  • Analytics - We send daily, weekly and monthly analytics reports that let you easily see which of your posts are doing well and how engaging they are.

  • A/B Testing - With just a few clicks, you can set up a test to see which display type works best for your site.

  • Performance - Contextly does all the hard work on its servers, so we don't hit your database. That means if you get a lot of traffic, Contextly won't bring your site down.

  • Custom post types - If you use custom post types, you can choose which ones to show Contextly recommendations on, and which to keep out.

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-3-26
Active Installs: 1,000+


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