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Contests by Rewards Fuel enables you to run contests right from your WordPress website.

Increase traffic to your website, boost comments on your posts, reward user generated content, build your following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, grow your newsletter list, increase engagement and shares, gather essential statistics on your customers and more – all by running contests.

Currently we have 24 entry methods to choose from – and we’re adding more all the time. Have a suggestion for an entry method? Please email us at

Some of our most popular entry methods

  1. Instagram – ‘Follow on Instagram’ to enter, as well as ‘upload and tag a photo or video to win’.
  2. Newsletter entry – ‘Enter to win by signing up for your newsletter’ (export to CSV, MailChimp, Aweber, Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, and Icontact).
  3. YouTube Subscribe – Increase your subscribers on YouTube.
  4. Facebook like entry – Encourage Facebook likes.
  5. Question entry – Get feedback from your audience. Ask your customers to answer a question to win.
  6. Follow on Snapchat – Grow your audience on Snapchat.

Simple contest creation and display

Start your first contest in minutes, simply answer a few questions about when you want your contest to run, what you’re giving away, and how you want people to enter. We’ll give you a short code- e.g. [RF_CONTEST contest=’1234′] that you can place anywhere in your post just like a YouTube video.


  1. Digital Prizes – As well as awarding physical prizes, you can now easily give away tickets, software, videos, audio links, photos, gift cards and anything else that is uploadable (up to 100 megabytes)
  2. Easy embed text – Insert the contest anywhere into your blog post, no need for coding.
  3. Location selection – Target or block certain countries from entering your contest.
  4. Verified entry methods – We monitor entry methods for the duration of the contest.
  5. Statistics – See who entered your contest including geographic and demographic information plus the option to easily export.
  6. Automation – Schedule your start and end dates, set-up automatic notifications, and allow Rewards Fuel to pick your winner(s) if you choose.
  7. Copy a contest – Save time by copying the framework of a previous contest, with the option to add revisions if needed.
  8. Integrations – We connect to your accounts to save you time (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube, and more).
  9. Customize your Contest – Multiple colours, styles, custom css, themes and fonts to choose from, plus responsive layouts – so your contest will look great on all devices from your smart phone, to your desktop.


To use this plugin, simply sign up for a free Rewards Fuel account, no credit card or trial period needed. You will have instant access to our contest creation software as well as several free features, plus the option to purchase additional paid features.


  • Recent results from a contest run on our system.
  • Create contests from your WordPress post page.
  • Our contest creator can pop up right on your post creation page.
  • Add entry methods, we have 24 and are adding new ones all the time.
  • Customize the layout of your contest, drag and drop or add custom css.
  • Customize colors, fonts, languages and more.
  • Easily copy and paste our simple embed code right into your website.
  • Contests are created to look great on all devices from mobile to desktop.
  • An example of what your contest can look like for your contestants.
  • We handle the full scope from creation to helping your winners claim their prize (digital or physical).
  • We give you all sorts of information about your contestants, from what types of entry methods they used to who they are including: gender, age, geography, Klout score and more.


  • Upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory,
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress,
  • You will now have an additional “Contests by Rewards Fuel” box under your post editor for adding your contests,
  • We have included a settings page under the settings menu which includes some instructions


Installation Instructions
  • Upload the folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory,
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress,
  • You will now have an additional “Contests by Rewards Fuel” box under your post editor for adding your contests,
  • We have included a settings page under the settings menu which includes some instructions
What entry methods are available?

Currently we have 24 entry methods available and are adding more all the time.

What does a contest look like?

You have multiple colours, styles, custom css, themes and fonts to choose from or save time by defaulting to the signature Rewards

How do I add contests to my WordPress site?

Once you install our WordPress plugin adding a contest to a blog post is as easy as adding a piece of text that looks like [contest=234]

What does this cost?

We offer multiple options including a fully functional free version, single features, or paid plans ranging from $13.95 / month to $29.95 / month. Click here to see what’s included in each plan.

Do you connect to Facebook, Instagram or other services?

Rewards fuel connects your contest to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Campaign Monitor, Icontact, and Google Analytics.

Can I import offline entries or export my contestants?

Yes, you can add contestants one by one or upload an excel sheet of offline contestants. As well, you’ll have the option to export all of your contestants to a CSV file.

What statistics will I receive?

Your statistics includes: contestants summary, influencer information, device breakdown, geographic data, demographics, entry method summary, referral

Are actions / entries verified?

Yes – we offer verification checks to ensure that the contestant performed the action required to enter your contest and haven’t un-done an action throughout the course of your contest. For example, if someone Retweets to enter your contest, we randomly check to make sure that Tweet hasn’t been deleted throughout the duration of your giveaway. (Exceptions include the Facebook Like and Instagram follow entry methods, as Facebook removed the ability for anyone to verify these actions.)

Do you allow for digital prizes?

Yes – you can now give away digital prizes as well as physical ones. This latest feature allows you to run contests giving away tickets, software, videos, audio links, photos, gift cards and anything else that is uploadable (up to 100 megabytes).

Can I have daily or weekly winners?

Yes – you can now have us automatically pick winners for you during your contest. You can choose to have us pick winners for you on a daily, weekly basis or at the exact date and time you choose.

Something we missed

Please email us for questions, comments or suggestions – we love hearing from you.


Powerful Yet Restricted

Overall this app is not bad. It was fairly easy to setup – took me about 1.5 hours. But if you are entry level and looking for something that will scale with your brand this is not the one for you. The free features are not listed anywhere easily to find and just seemed like a gotcha every time I tried to look or add features. Pretty user friendly except for the issues that I will talk about later in this review. 2 stars because the gotchas and hidden features with the free version. Basically all the features are displayed but when you click boom, “You must have this feature” to use this. Very shady way to sell software. Either have it or hide it. Be up front with what you are including.

Good looking
Feature full (Few free features)
Easy to set up
Great communication with support/sales

Very few free features – almost non at all
Paid entry level is $13.95/month

Rochelle was very responsive to email communication and overall that was the best part about this app. She enabled some features to let me try them. It would be nice if the free version was full featured up to X number of registrants. I will not likely be using this app because I feel tricked into buying it and cannot justify the price tag for my small blog. If it was more scaliable in the future I might come back and give it another look.

Brilliant, easy-to-use, makes comps simple

Been using this competition software since near the beginning of their early versions and have to say it is brilliant. I use it for about 8 comps a year and it just makes life so much simpler, and allows for a professional look and feel too which helps. Their customer service is fast and helpful – second to none, any issues I’ve had have been dealt with with empathy and with effectiveness. Could not recommend higher.

Totally worth it! My contests are successful!

Rewards Fuel has been worth the investment. So far with just two contests (and six weeks), my social media profiles have earned over 1200 Facebook LIKEs, 400 Twitter followers, and 550 Instagram followers. Not to mention a nice about of web traffic to targeted pages. Since I am new to contests, I enlisted help from two “contest whisperers” at a modest investment (about $40 each to promote to their established groups), and the results have been great. Before I found Rewards Fuel, I tried a contest without the benefit of a platform like this and the results were just okay (150 Instagram followers). Over the years, I have purchased a lot of Facebook ads. Now I am spending much less, but the results have been much more.

Rewards Fuel is very easy to use. All you need is a little vision for your contest, and you’ll be on your way.

Great tool

Great tool. Very usefull. Works very well.

Great tool, outstanding customer service!

First of all, I have to point out that the customer service is nothing short of spectacular.
With Rochelle, I feel like I have my own VIP customer service agent, that’s not an exaggeration.
She’s always willing to hop on a skype call or chat at any hour, even on Sundays.

After I had discovered a minor bug, not only did Rochelle have the developer fix it almost instantly, but she also upgraded me to the highest plan for finding that bug.

Furthermore, I had a few non-standard requests in terms of functionality, and she immediately passed that on to the developer, who implemented my request within just a few hours.

I can’t think of any other service or software I’ve used where that was even remotely possible. The best you can usually hope for is that in some distant update your requested feature might be implemented.

Brilliant plugin prospects, Awesome Customer Support too!!

I run my FORKSTER Music Promotions Business Website in working with major and undiscovered ace independent music talents well, I have done my share of contests and as of late felt so dejected about the positive prospects of a genuine and unique plugin that I started just manually drafting and thinking of just having the contestants type in their answers in the comment reply box under the post…But something was missing big time and now the contest karma warriors have led me to Contests by Rewards Fuel….

Let me just say that Contests by Rewards Fuel is looking incredibly welcoming at FORKSTER and we plan on using the FREE version for a while with its offerings of superb effectiveness prospects. And if it lives up to my high expectations of it will ‘most definitely’ be looking into upgrading our services with them by mid-2018….

Last but certainly not least, the customer service support has been magnificent and truly have given hope in getting over the hump’ of contest plugin disasters before them and they have not only understood my situation at hand but have acted magnificently in making sure I feel welcomed and confident, thriving there…

I so look forward to rocking out effective contests at FORKSTER now with Contests by Rewards Fuel giving me this tremendous opportunity and faith….

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