Content Visibility for Divi Builder


Content Visibility for Divi Builder allows Sections and Modules to be displayed/hidden based on the outcome of a PHP boolean expression.

This plugin is for both the standalone Divi theme (or child themes thereof) or the Divi Builder plugin, versions 2.6 or higher!


  • The Content Visibility option in the Divi 4.x interface.

  • The Content Visibility option in the Divi 3.x Visual Builder interface.

  • The Content Visibility option in the 3.x and older Divi Builder backend interface.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/content-visibility-for-divi-builder directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. You’re Done! You will notice that Section and Module settings dialogs will now have “Content Visibility” as a configurable setting.


Will this work for any module, even custom ones?

Yes! It detects and modifies Modules and Sections by class inheritance. As long as Elegant Themes continues to have a single root class for everything, this plugin should detect all of them, including third party ones!

What if I deactivate this plugin? Will all of my content reappear automatically?

Yes. If you decide to deactivate or uninstall this plugin, the “Content Visibility” configuration option will disappear from the Divi Builder, and will not have any effect on the frontend output.

Of course, the “Content Visibility” settings that were defined for a particular Section or Module will continue to persist in the database, until that post/page is updated.
This can be a good thing, however, as you may want to reinstall/reactivate in the future and not have to re-enter all of your “Content Visibility” expressions!

How do I use it!?

Once the plugin is installed and activated, a “Content Visibility” option will appear under the General Settings / Content tab of each Section or Module’s settings.

You may enter any PHP boolean expression you would like, (e.g. is_user_logged_in()), and the Section or Module will only display if the expression evaluates to true.


July 24, 2020
Thanks to the developer for continued support. The input field is now in Advanced > Visibilty This needs to be made clear in the Installation instructions here. My example is with Divi theme builder, ACF fields in posts, hide the module if the ACF field is empty. function_exists('get_field') && get_field('twitter') && get_field('event_end_date') !== '' More examples and use cases would really help further usage of the plugin. Cheers.
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Contributors & Developers

“Content Visibility for Divi Builder” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix the behavior of content_visibility_for_divi_builder_shortcode_* filters.


  • Emergency hotfix for crash introduced in 3.13.


  • Fix PHP v7.4.x notice spam with recent Divi versions.


  • Fix interoperability issues with newer WordPress versions.
  • Fix issues with Divi Builder 4.x releases.


  • Remove hold harmless agreement.


  • Remove usage tracking entirely.
  • Fix request parameter sanitization.


  • Fix optional usage tracking.
  • Fix an interoperability issue with other Divi module extender plugins.


  • Fix deprecation notice spam. Thanks to Ben Harper of!


  • Fix missing ET_BUILDER_DIR . ‘layouts.php’.


  • Fix version checker options.


  • Update license terms.


  • Fix the issue wherein builder-fixes.js forces builder.js to be loaded in the header instead of in the footer. Special thanks to @kihoshin for helping to locate this error!


  • Better multisite support.
  • Remove the need to clear local storage in modern browsers to see the “Content Visibility” settings on Sections / Modules.


  • Fix distributable…


  • Fix “Currently Available Module-Specific Actions and Filters” tab not displaying available actions and filters in the Module Extender API Reference.


  • Add support for Visual Builder in Divi 3.x.


  • Fix Builder UI to handle ‘]’ characters in Content Visibility expressions.


  • Add Module Extender for Divi Builder functionality; see API page after upgrading under Tools -> Module Extender API Reference.
  • Add usage tracking. If you prefer not to submit your usage data, this can be disabled on the plugins page by clicking “Disable anonymous usage tracking”.


  • Add links to ratings and reviews to help spread the word.


  • Call load_plugin_textdomain().


  • Added i18n support.


  • Fix handling of double quotes in Content Visibility expression. Thanks to Dave Bullock of!


  • Initial Release