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Display posts in grid layout without coding - Content Views

It is easy as ABC to query posts by category, tag, author... and display posts on any page in responsive Grid layout without coding!

  • Tweak: Change text domain from "content-views" to "content-views-query-and-display-post-page" and update pot file (prepare for language packs at http://translate.wordpress.org)

  • Bug fixed: Trimming excerpt of non-latin languages cause broken characters

  • Bug fixed: Excerpt length


  • Improvement: More elegant UI for Fields settings
  • Improvement: Performance improvement by merging filers
  • Bug fixed: Slug of term on Non-Latin languages does not show correctly
  • Bug fixed: Fix Javascript error "Uncaught query function not defined for Select2 undefined"
  • Update: Add filter "terms_include_this" to exclude terms from meta-fields output
  • Update: CSS improvements


  • Bug fixed: Missing section in some one-page themes when put multiple View shortcodes to sections
  • Update: Revert filter "view_type_dir"
  • Tested up to: 4.3.1


  • Bug fixed: Layout of Scrollable List was broken if active theme uses classes of Bootstrap carousel
  • Bug fixed: Page is not activated when click on pagination button in Preview
  • Update: Little improvement on output of Collapsible List
  • Update: Add filter to modify date format
  • Update: Rename 'Regular pagination' to 'Numbered pagination'

  • Tested in WordPress 4.3
  • Update: Update Content Views icon
  • Update: Add new filter to customize current page of pagination
  • Update: Print debug message (if the debug mode is enable: PT_CV_DEBUG = true)

  • Bug fixed: Duplicate callback called after pagination finished
  • Tested in WordPress 4.2.4


  • Update: Big update to improve page performance


  • Bug fixed: Can't translate content

  • Improvement: Prevent negative value for some setting options


  • Bug fixed: Date of post is incorrect in some cases
  • Bug fixed: Dropdown menu is hidden

  • Bug fixed: Redirect to new View page when click "Save" button


  • Security: Fix XSS Vulnerability problem
  • Bug fixed: Plugin does not rendering anything sometimes
  • Bug fixed: Title is missing when move Bootstrap to top of all styles
  • Improvement: Optimize CSS properties


  • Update: Update translation function & re-generate .po file
  • Bug fixed: Call non-static function


  • Tested up to: 4.2.2
  • Bug fixed: Fix WordPress bug which can't get valid thumbnail if meta field "_thumbnail_id" is string value instead of integer value
  • Update: Add class for taxonomies in View output
  • Bug fixed: Multiple paginations don't work in same page
  • Update: Restructure plugin's core functions

  • Update: Show confirm message before close a View page to prevent missing changes
  • Tested up to: 4.2.1


  • Update: Some update styles for Scrollable, Collapsible layouts


  • Bug fixed: "undefined" Bootstrap stylesheet link
  • Update: Add some custom filters


  • Bug fixed: Multiple paginations on same page do not work
  • Bug fixed: Fix some UI bugs in Add/Edit View page


  • Bug fixed: "Invalid post type" error in "All Views" page
  • Update: Better responsive output of Scrollable List on Mobile
  • Update: Auto changes line-breaks in the excerpt into HTML paragraphs (if allows HTML tags in excerpt)
  • Tested up to: 4.1.1


  • Update: Supports qTranslate family plugins (qTranslate, mqTranslate, qTranslate-X)


  • Bug fixed: Scrollable list does not show navigation and indicator
  • Bug fixed: Prevent duplicated content caused by other plugins (translation plugins...)


  • Bug fixed: Javascript error in WordPress version 3.4
  • Improvement: Code & description clearance


  • New feature: Able to use Normal pagination (without Ajax)
  • Update: Add filter allows to customize labels for pagination


  • Update: Able to check/uncheck to allow HTML tags in excerpt (to preventing broken HTML output)


  • Bug fixed: Some code appears in excerpt


  • Improvement: Allow some HTML tags (a, br, strong, em, strike, i, ul, ol, li) in excerpt
  • Update: Exclude Views from front-end search results


  • Test up to 4.1
  • Improvement: Add shortcode column to All Views page
  • Improvement: Add some css properties to prevent style overwrite problem


  • Bug fixed: Length of excerpt is wrong if there is filter of other plugins or active theme
  • Improvement: GUI improvement in "Fields settings" group


  • Bug fixed: Scrollable list without image display blank output
  • Bug fixed: Position of pagination button is incorrect after pagination finished (in some case)
  • Improvement: Code refinement


  • Bug fixed: Style of Panel (.panel) is weird


  • Bug fixed: Excerpt show stranger character if content of post contains nothing but a url
  • Bug fixed: Height of thumbnail does not match the thumbnail size setting if current WordPress theme set CSS 'min-width' property for images


  • Bug fixed: Grid only shows 1 column
  • Improvement: Update description, styles, refine code


  • Bug fixed: Menu bar is disappeared


  • Bug fixed: Admin bar is hidden on pages which do not use View
  • Bug fixed: Fix warning message in Dashboard
  • Improvement: Don't auto expand width of items (follow 'Items per row' setting completely)


  • Improvement: A very new customized Bootstrap style
  • Bug fixed: script which hooks to wp_footer is not loaded

  • Bug fixed: Bootstrap style ruins theme layout


  • Bug fixed: Show more posts than Limit value in some cases when pagination is enable
  • Improvement: Customized Bootstrap style which only contains necessary properties
  • Update: Display inline assets of View right after HTML if possible
  • Update: Refine Javascript code for Preview/Front-end

  • Improvement: Clean up 'Read more' button code
  • Improvement: Remove unused code of Order setting


  • Bug fixed: Read more button is invisible (color is white and no background color)
  • Update: Able to set 0 as 'Excerpt length'


  • Bug fixed: Return 'Empty settings' message for pagination request


  • Update: Official refined Bootstrap version (bring here from Pro plugin)
  • Update: Apply "Open in" setting for "Read more" button, too
  • Bug fixed: Get wrong excerpt if content of post contains shortcode tags

  • Update: Add some new hook for customizing options

  • Bug fixed: Fix row style bug

  • Improvement: Update page title as "Edit View" in edit View page
  • Bug fixed: Fix some warnings in PHP 5.2

  • Test up to 4.0

  • Update: Fix some layout problems by influence of "box-sizing" property of Bootstrap
  • Improvement: Code improvement for Grid rendering

  • Update: Restructure Taxonomy filter (remove "Not In" list, add operator[In, Not in, And])

  • Bug fixed: Loosing translation (WPML) in Ajax pagination
  • Improvement: Performance optimization (when get settings of View)
  • Improvement: Update style if only Title is selected to display (to have a more beautiful list of Posts title)

  • Bug fixed: Thumbnail dimensions are empty
  • Improvement: CSS code refinement


  • Update: Important update about caching mechanism
  • Update: Update translation file

  • Refine Javascript code
  • Update description in Setting page

  • Update filter priority
  • Update plugin description


  • Bug fixed: Pagination returns Empty settings
  • Improvement: UI improvement (Add icon to tabs. Show shortcode in text field for easier selecting. )
  • Improvement: Assets loading improvement


  • Fix bug: Javascript error of missing function
  • Update description for some options
  • Update styles


  • Fix bug: does not save Layout format value when select '2 columns' option
  • Fix notice about constant value


  • Update translation feature: load translation file from /wp-content/languages/content-views/
  • Fix pagination bug


  • Fix warning: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent


  • Performance optimization for pagination request
  • Add translation file (.po)


  • Fix pagination bug if number of pages > 10
  • Fix bug of Preview button: click event fires twice
  • Enable other user roles (Editor, Author, Contributor) to see Content Views menu and manage Views


  • Remove shortcodes in excerpt
  • Fix Scroll bug when click Show/Hide preview
  • Update Pagination setting
  • Optimize filters system
  • Compatibility update


  • Fix bug auto selected terms which its value is number in Taxonomy settings box


  • Fix pagination bug (return 0)


  • Fix pagination bug when don't load Bootstrap in front-end


  • Add option to Settings page to enable/disable load Bootstrap in front-end
  • Enable to search by View ID in "All Views" page
  • Fix bug Scrollable List (when slide count = 1)
  • Update settings page
  • Add some custom filters


  • Fix offset bug


  • Fix pagination bug


  • Add "Parent page" option to query child pages of a parent page
  • Show shortcode [pt_view id="VIEW_ID"] to able to copy in editing page of a View
  • Add link to Thumbnail
  • Update Settings page
  • Fix import/export bugs
  • Classify "Add New View" vs "Edit View"


  • Add some WP filters
  • Add main action for Pro plugin to trigger


  • Adjust styles


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-10-6
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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