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Content Aware Sidebars

Display custom sidebars conditionally. Posts, pages, categories, bbPress, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads etc. Fast and powerful.

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  • Added: infinite scroll for content in sidebar editor
  • Added: guard when activating both free and pro version, uninstall cleanup not run if one is active
  • Added: support for buddypress 2.6 members
  • Added: wordpress 4.6 support
  • Fixed: option to select all authors and bbpress profiles
  • Fixed: simplified introduction tour
  • Fixed: uninstall cleanup for users not on freemius

Professional Plan:

  • Fixed: load buddypress group module correctly
  • Fixed: search for buddypress groups


  • Fixed: wp function is_user_logged_in would in some cases not be defined in time


  • Fixed: pages with no custom sidebars could cause malformed sql query


  • Fixed: quick edit link removed from other post types


  • Added: performance improvements
  • Added: drastically reduced database queries when checking taxonomies
  • Added: visibility option for all and logged-in users
  • Added: visibility column in sidebar overview
  • Added: combined handle and merge position columns
  • Added: freemius integration
  • Added: wp filters to add and populate metadata
  • Added: minimum requirement wp3.9
  • Fixed: improved sidebar editor ux
  • Fixed: display correct template tag for manual handled sidebars in editor
  • Fixed: wpml config
  • Removed: sidebar quick edit
  • Removed: ability to set private post status (in favor of visibility option)
  • Removed: donation link from readme

Professional Plan:

  • Added: sidebar and widget revisions
  • Added: extended visibility for roles and guests
  • Added: condition for URLs + wildcards
  • Added: condition for content from any day, month, year
  • Added: condition for buddypress groups
  • Added: sidebar meta box for post types
  • Added: sidebar column for post type overviews
  • Added: widget synchronization across themes
  • Added: white label admin screens


  • Added: wordpress 4.5 support
  • Added: module javascript more extensible
  • Fixed: styling for autocomplete input fields
  • Fixed: updated translations


  • Added: pods pages module, props @sc0ttkclark @herold
  • Fixed: better compat when other themes or plugins load breaking scripts


  • Added: completely rewritten sidebar editor ui
  • Added: refactored plugin into more logical abstractions
  • Added: wp-db-updater now handles database updates
  • Added: tour reflects new sidebar editor ui
  • Added: review notice after 2 weeks use
  • Added: admin footer text on relevant pages
  • Added: minified some scripts
  • Added: qtranslate x module
  • Fixed: sidebar and widget filtering for wp4.4+
  • Fixed: bug making attachments not selectable
  • Fixed: bumped versions for integrated plugins
  • Removed: qtranslate module


  • Added: wp4.4 compatibility


  • Added: plugin rewritten with wp-content-aware-engine to take care of everything related to conditional content
  • Added: migrate existing sidebar data to wp-content-aware-engine standards
  • Added: negation of condition groups
  • Added: new api to add modules
  • Added: new action and filter hooks
  • Added: intro tour
  • Added: ca_display_sidebar deprecates display_ca_sidebar
  • Added: filter for sidebars on widgets screen
  • Added: add sidebar from widgets screen
  • Added: filter for available widgets on widgets screen
  • Added: more simple information meta box
  • Added: gui improvements in sidebar editor
  • Added: bulk update messages translatable
  • Added: draft post status included in post type lists
  • Added: arabic, bulgarian, croatian, czech, estonian, french (canada), greek, hebrew, indonesian, japanese, persian, vietnamese translations
  • Fixed: uninstall script cleans residual data better
  • Fixed: posts page and front page excluded from page post type list
  • Fixed: updated translations
  • Fixed: finnish translation included properly
  • Fixed: minimum requirement wp3.8
  • Removed: all action and filter hooks (moved to wp-content-aware-engine under new names)
  • Removed: deprecated icons
  • Removed: screenshots


  • Fixed: sidebars would not be displayed on front page


  • Added: wp4.3 compatibility
  • Fixed: sidebars would not be displayed on 404 or empty content
  • Fixed: sidebars would not be displayed when queried object differed from post object
  • Fixed: included ukranian translation properly


  • Added: finnish, korean, portuguese (portugal), slovenian and swedish translations
  • Fixed: updated translations
  • Fixed: better compatibility when used together with other sidebar managers


  • Added: date module to display sidebars on date archives
  • Added: basque and french translations
  • Fixed: support for mariadb 10.0


  • Added: catalan, norwegian bokmÃ¥l and turkish translations
  • Fixed: updated translations


  • Added: delete_posts capability. fixes conflict in wp4.1
  • Fixed: only get custom sidebars when $post is set. fixes conflict in wp4.1


  • Fixed: properly include casmodule.php


  • Added: ca-sidebar shortcode
  • Added: serbian and dutch translations
  • Added: teaser meta box
  • Added: shortcode is displayed when selecting manual handle in sidebar editor
  • Added: description can be added to modules
  • Added: generic module callback for ajax allowing search and pagination to use same request
  • Added: or-separator between condition groups in editor
  • Fixed: headers already sent error on ajax request


  • Fixed: german translation properly included


  • Added: polish, brazilian portuguese and russian translations
  • Fixed: "auto-select new children of selected ancestors" caused new top level post types to be selected
  • Fixed: "auto-select new children of selected ancestors" for taxonomies could prevent sidebar from being displayed


  • Fixed: authors found via search in sidebar editor could not be saved
  • Fixed: displaying max 20 authors in search results instead of 10
  • Fixed: improved ux design for sidebars in widgets screen


  • Added: compatibility with wp4.0
  • Added: better ux design for condition groups
  • Added: better ux design for sidebars in widgets screen, including an edit link
  • Added: dashicon for admin menu (wp3.8+)
  • Fixed: using some newer wordpress actions and filters for admin columns
  • Fixed: sidebars could be fetched and prepared in administration


  • Added: ukranian translation
  • Added: error if trying to access php files directly
  • Added: bbpress, bp_member, polylang, qtranslate, transposh and wpml modules are more robust
  • Added: content rule boxes can be hidden in screen options in sidebar editor
  • Added: help tab in sidebar editor
  • Added: widgets count column in sidebar overview
  • Added: menu order moved to options meta box in sidebar editor
  • Fixed: merge position option hidden on forced replace handle
  • Fixed: polylang compatibility now 1.2+
  • Fixed: width of columns in sidebar overview
  • Removed: exposure column in sidebar overview


  • Fixed: taxonomy archive conditions did not work with other modules properly
  • Fixed: removed display limit of 20 for saved post type conditions
  • Fixed: saved post type conditions ordered alphabetically


  • Added: sidebar displayed in theme customizer (wp3.4+)
  • Added: widget management integration in theme customizer (wp3.9+)
  • Added: handle for forced replace
  • Fixed: reduced database queries in sidebar editor
  • Fixed: disable all add to group buttons before creating first condition group


  • Added: empty condition groups cannot be saved
  • Added: confirmation on various condition group actions in sidebar editor
  • Added: improved ux design for sidebar editor
  • Added: chinese translation
  • Added: wp3.9 compatibility
  • Fixed: transposh compatibility now 0.9.5+
  • Fixed: removed warnings for auto-select new children functionality
  • Fixed: unprivileged users could in theory make, but never successfully execute, ajax requests for sidebar editor
  • Fixed: removed warning in widgets screen when handle is not set


  • Fixed: taxonomy pagination in sidebar editor
  • Fixed: categories found in search can now be saved. props Xandoc


  • Fixed: terms caused a sidebar to be displayed on all pages


  • Fixed: admin menu would in some cases be overwritten by other plugins


  • Added: condition groups
  • Added: gui and uxd overhaul for sidebar editor
  • Added: pagination for taxonomies in sidebar editor
  • Added: pagination for post types in sidebar editor
  • Added: mysql 5.6+ compatibility
  • Added: more efficient uninstall process
  • Added: easier for developers to extend and manipulate content support
  • Added: wp3.8 and mp6 compatibility
  • Added: german translation
  • Added: hungarian translation
  • Added: latvian translation
  • Added: spanish translation
  • Added: all conditions follow a strict logical "and" operator per group
  • Fixed: scripts and styles only loaded on sidebar administrative pages
  • Fixed: slovak translation now recognized
  • Fixed: paths to assets compatible with ssl
  • Removed: jquery ui autocomplete and accordion


  • Fixed: menu would disappear in rare cases. Props grezvany13
  • Fixed: search function now searches in title and slug (not content) for post types
  • Added: search function displays at most 20 results instead of 10


  • Fixed: cas_walker_checklist now follows walker declaration for wp3.6
  • Fixed: content list in accordion now not scrollable
  • Fixed: only terms from public taxonomies are included for content recognition.
  • Fixed: polylang fully supported again
  • Fixed: consistent css across wp versions
  • Removed: flushing rewrite rules on activation/deactivation is needless


  • Added: html placeholder in search field
  • Added: items already displayed in edit page moved to top and checked when found in search
  • Fixed: private and scheduled singulars included in search results
  • Fixed: search results displayed in ascending order


  • Added: items found in search now added to list directly on select
  • Fixed: some terms found by search could not be saved
  • Fixed: widget locations are saved again for each theme


  • Added: authors and bbpress user profiles now searchable on edit page
  • Added: items found in search on edit page are prepended and checked by default
  • Added: updated edit page gui
  • Added: search field only visible when quantity is above 20
  • Fixed: select all checkbox will now disable all input in container
  • Fixed: host sidebar could sometimes not be found in sidebar list


  • Added: post type posts and taxonomy terms now searchable on edit page
  • Added: sidebar handle and host shown on widgets page
  • Added: slovak translation
  • Fixed: sidebar meta boxes more robust to external modifications
  • Fixed: admin column headers more robust to external modifications
  • Fixed: sidebar menu now always hidden for users without right cap
  • Fixed: code optimization and refactor for performance
  • Removed: support for sidebar excerpt


  • Added: polylang support
  • Added: buddypress support
  • Added: managing sidebars now requires edit_theme_options cap
  • Added: bbpress user profile has own rules instead of author rules
  • Added: filter for content recognition
  • Added: auto-select new children of selected taxonomy or post type ancestor


  • Added: wordpress 3.5 compatibility
  • Fixed: slight css changes on edit screen
  • Fixed: "show with all" checkbox toggles other checkboxes correctly


  • Fixed: slight css changes on edit screen
  • Fixed: tick.png included
  • Fixed: taxonomy terms could influence each other in rare cases
  • Fixed: taxonomy wide rules for taxonomy archives
  • Fixed: cache caused db update module to skip 1.1 update if going from 0


  • Added: improved gui on edit screen including content accordion
  • Added: bbpress forum-topic dependency
  • Added: sidebars hidden on password protected content
  • Added: relevant usermeta cleared on plugin deletion
  • Fixed: performance gain by dropping serialized metadata
  • Fixed: database data update module revised
  • Fixed: css class in posts and terms walker
  • Fixed: limit of max 200 of each content type on edit screen (temp)
  • Fixed: style and scripts loaded properly
  • Removed: individual content meta boxes on edit screen


  • Added: plugin rewritten to flexible modular system
  • Added: builtin support for bbpress, qtranslate, transposh, wpml
  • Added: lithuanian translation
  • Fixed: all present rules now dependent of each other
  • Fixed: sidebar update messages
  • Fixed: specific hooks now not sitewide
  • Fixed: better use of meta cache
  • Fixed: dir structure
  • Fixed: unexpected output notice on plugin activation


  • Added: danish and italian translation
  • Fixed: sidebar query might be larger than max_join_size
  • Fixed: row content in admin overview would be loaded with post types with matching keys


  • Fixed: new rules caused issues with post types with taxonomies


  • Fixed: several checks for proper widget and sidebar removal


  • Added: some rules are dependent of each other if present
  • Added: widgets in removed sidebars will be removed too
  • Added: database data update module
  • Added: rewrite rules flushed on plugin deactivation
  • Added: data will be removed when plugin is uninstalled
  • Added: icon-32 is back
  • Added: message if a host is not available in sidebar overview
  • Fixed: prefixed data
  • Fixed: data hidden from custom fields
  • Fixed: manage widgets link removed from trashed sidebars
  • Fixed: view sidebar link removed in wp3.1.x
  • Fixed: all custom taxonomies could not be removed again when assigned to sidebar
  • Fixed: altered options meta box on edit screen
  • Fixed: check if host of sidebar exists before handling it


  • Added: sidebars will be displayed even if empty (i.e. hidden)
  • Added: author rules on singulars and archives
  • Added: page template rules
  • Added: javascript handling for disabling/enabling specific input on editor page
  • Fixed: minor tweak for full compatibility with wp3.3
  • Fixed: function for meta boxes is called only on editor page
  • Fixed: proper column sorting in administration
  • Fixed: specific post type label not supported in wp3.1.x
  • Fixed: type (array) not supported as post_status in get_posts() in wp3.1.x
  • Fixed: code cleanup


  • Added: scheduled and private singulars are selectable in sidebar editor
  • Added: combined cache for manual and automatically handled sidebars
  • Added: display_ca_sidebar accepts specific ids to be included
  • Fixed: only a limited amount of sidebars were present in widgets area
  • Fixed: better caching in sidebar editor
  • Fixed: page list in sidebar editor could behave incorrectly if some pages were static


  • Fixed: array_flip triggered type mismatch errors in some cases


  • Fixed: an image caused headers already sent error


  • Added: sidebars can be set with specific singulars
  • Added: sidebars can be set with specific post formats
  • Added: updated gui
  • Fixed: draft sidebars save meta


  • Added: search, 404, front page rules now supported
  • Fixed: custom tax and terms are now supported properly (again)


  • Added: post type archives, taxonomy archives and taxonomy terms archives now supported
  • Added: taxonomy rules
  • Added: removable donation button
  • Fixed: faster!


  • Added: sidebars can now be private
  • Fixed: taxonomy terms are now supported by template function
  • Fixed: faster rule recognition and handling
  • Fixed: custom taxonomies are now supported properly
  • Fixed: error if several sidebars had taxonomy terms rules


  • Added: taxonomy terms rules
  • Added: optional description for sidebars
  • Added: display_ca_sidebar also accepts URL-style string as parameter
  • Fixed: saving meta now only kicks in with sidebar types
  • Fixed: archives are not singulars and will not be treated like them


  • First stable release

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


19 of 20 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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