Contact Us Page – Contact People


Contact Us Page – Contact People allows you to easily transform your themes dull and boring contact us page into a stunning and vibrant, ultra-professional Contact Us Page not only for your General sites contact us but for individual profiles (people, positions, Stores) within an organization.

Features include:


The first thing the plugin does is allow you to create an unlimited number of profiles. Profiles can be anything you want – People, Head Offices, branch Offices. Profile card are displayed in rows on the Contact Us Page under the Google map if you have activated the map.

Profile Features are:

  • Title / Position, name, Phone, fax, mobile, web address, and description
  • Profile image or use the default no image
  • Option to show or don’t show profile location on the Contact Us Page Google map
  • Option to turn ON | OFF profile display marker on the Contact Us Page map
  • Sort Profile display order on the Contact Us Page by drag and drop on Profiles menu
  • Add Profile unique email address and mail goes directly to them
  • Any Profile Address or contact method can be left off the card


  • Creates a contact card for each profile
  • 3 Card Layout options, Image Left and Content Right or Image Right and Content Left or Image top and content below
  • Full in plugin card style options means no coding required to style the profile cards.


  • When click on email link on a profile card the contact form opens is a beatiful Bootstrap Modal pop up
  • Form pop up shows beautifully in PC, tablet and mobile
  • User can send email direct to any profile without leaving the page


The plugin when installed auto creates a stunning contact us page with this huge list of features:

  • Optional Google Location Map that shows at the top with each contacts location (if required)
  • Create unlimited Contact Profile Cards. Display each person, department, store or branch office on a profile card on the Contact Us Page.
  • Features direct email submission from users to each contact profile card.
  • Email address never visible.
  • Contact Profile cards: Show as much or as little contact information as each profile desires / requires.
  • Department Contact Profiles: Display each departments contact profile, e.g. support, sales, admin.
  • Stores and branches local or worldwide – show on Google map.
  • Google map features auto zoom. Opens to show all the profile location markers in the map viewer
  • Contact Us Page display is fully mobile responsive.
  • Set the number of profile Cards to show per row. Display up to 5 Cards per row.
  • Mouse over profile card and if it is set on profile to show location on map the card changes colour
  • Click on Card and the profile marker shows on the map, if map is not visible in the screen it auto scrolls up to the map
  • Can click to email profile from the map marker
  • Click to email. Contact form with smooth email pop-up forms for easy and quick submission.
  • Pop-up submission success confirmation.
  • Mobile device optimized, all tablets and phones.


The plugin includes a fully customizable Contact Widget that can be used in any theme widgetized area. Features include

  • Apply all Widget content from the plugins admin panel.
  • Enable/Disable google location map and map co-ordinate settings.
  • 2 Content areas for adding information.
  • Business / Organization address and contact fields.
  • Default widget email contact form
  • Add email contact from any plugin via shortcode.


  • Full support for Right to Left RTL layout on mobile first admin dashboard.
  • Full support for WPML
  • Translation ready


This plugin features a an Ultimate version upgrade that adds 3 advanced functionalities:

  • Custom Profile Contact Forms
  • Profile Cards Shortcode
  • Profile Groups


When you download Contact Us Page – Contact People, you join our the a3rev Software community. Regardless of if you are a WordPress beginner or experienced developer if you are interested in contributing to the future development of this plugin head over to the Contact Us Page – Contact People GitHub Repository to find out how you can contribute.

Want to add a new language to WP Email Template! You can contribute via


  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. On wp-admin click on Contact Us menu
  3. Profiles Menu > Add New, Add some profiles.
  4. Settings Menu > Contact Us Page tab where you will find the plugins general settings
  5. Settings Menu > Profile Card tab where you style the profile cards
  6. Settings Menu > Profile Email Tab where you style the contact form
  7. Settings Menu > Contact Us Widget tab where you set layout and content for the widget
  8. WordPress Appearance Menu > Widgets and add contact widget to sidebar.
  9. WordPress Appearance > Menus and add the Page Contact Us page to your menu.
  10. Enjoy your dynamite looking contact us page.


  • Contact Us Page
  • Contact Pop Up Form
  • Contact Form Success Message
  • Add Profiles
  • Profiles
  • Profile cards admin panel


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.5
  • PHP version 5.5.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.5.0 or greater


Installation Instructions

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.5
  • PHP version 5.5.0 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.5.0 or greater


One of the best

I use this plugin on several sites and it’s great,many options and very easy to use plus they have a amazing clients support, very fast and efficient.

Thank you a3rev !!! HIGHLY recommended !!!

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Contributors & Developers

“Contact Us Page – Contact People” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



3.1.5 – 2018/04/20

  • Maintenance Update. Fix compatibility issues with a3 Lazy Load and close icon position on popup. Also compatibility with WordPress 4.9.5
  • Tweak – Test for compatibility with WordPress 4.9.5
  • Framework – Define filter tag for enable OR disable load new google fonts via API
  • Framework – Update plugin framework to new version 2.0.3
  • Fix – Added a3-notlazy class for image on popup for compatibility with a3 Lazy Load. Solves the issue image not loaded on popup when first load.
  • Tweak – Custom X icon so that it shows larger and in correct position

3.1.4 – 2018/03/01

  • Maintenance Update. Fixed issue with admin settings not saving in version 3.1.3
  • Fix – Settings no saving. Set variable is_plugin_free to TRUE to resolve the issue.

3.1.3 – 2018/02/13

  • Maintenance Update. Under the bonnet tweaks to keep your plugin running smoothly and is the foundation for new features to be developed this year
  • Framework – Update a3rev Plugin Framework to version 2.0.2
  • Framework – Add Framework version for all style and script files
  • Tweak – Update for full compatibility with a3rev Dashboard plugin
  • Tweak – Test for compatibility with WordPress 4.9.4

3.1.2 – 2017/07/05

  • Fix – Include Transition script from bootstrap so that Modal pop up script can work

3.1.1 – 2017/07/04

  • Tweak – Rollback Modal script from Bootstrap version 4.0 Alpha to verssion 3.3.7
  • Tweak – Update plugin style for work together with Modal style version 3.3.7

3.1.0 – 2017/06/08

  • Feature – Launched WP Email Template public Repository
  • Feature – WordPress Translation activation. Add text domain declaration in file header
  • Tweak – Tested for compatibility with WordPress major version 4.8.0

3.0.1 – 2017/05/25

  • Tweak – Increase z-index of Boostrap Modal pop up so that it takes higher priority then a3 Portfolio Item expander
  • Tweak – Add header to Bootstrap Modal pop up and close button on the right top corner
  • Tweak – Remove the close X icon from bottom left of the Boostrap Modal pop up and replace with a Close button

3.0.0 – 2017/05/24

  • Feature – Profile Cards, Unlock + Profile Card Layout options
  • Feature – Profile Cards, Unlock + Profile card Style options
  • Feature – Profile Cards, Unlock + Profile Card Image Style options
  • Feature – Profile Cards, Unlock + Profile Card No Image options
  • Feature – Profile Cards, Unlock + Profile Card Contact Icons options
  • Feature – Profile Cards style, add text editors for all profile card fonts, Title / Position, Profile Name, Contact Icon Text, About Profile
  • Feature – Profile Cards style, add Link Colour and Link Hover colour options
  • Feature – View Profile on map – changed action to show marker on map from hover over card to click on card. If map not in viewport it now auto scrolls up to show marker on map when card is clicked
  • Feature – Profile Cards style, add card background hover colour which only applies when the Card is set to show on the location map
  • Feature – Contact Form Pop Up, added new Bootstrap Modal contact form Pop up for brilliant display in PC, Tablet and mobiles
  • Tweak – Performance, when load a page with profiles and map, cache Profile map Lat and Long to save many repeated calls to google maps API
  • Tweak – Remove Conditional logic from the + Forms Title and Font options. Previously hidden when default form was selected
  • Tweak – Removed Fancybox and Colorbox pop up scripts and replaced with Bootstrap Modal pop up
  • Tweak – Removed all pop up style options
  • Tweak – Move Profile Cards tab on admin panel to same position that it is on Ultimate version
  • Tweak – Update Pro version text and links to Ultimate Version
  • Tweak – Change global $$variable to global ${$variable} for compatibility with PHP 7.0
  • Tweak – Update a3 Revolution to a3rev Software on plugins description
  • Tweak – Added Settings link to plugins description on plugins menu
  • Tweak – Update plugins readme description text
  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress version 4.7.5
  • Fix – Upgrade Profile admin page mobile responsive display
  • Fix – Profile Card upload card icons

2.3.0 – 2016/07/06

  • Feature – Added ‘Google Map API’ option into Plugin Framework Global Settings box for enter google map api key
  • Tweak – Update select type of plugin framework for support group options
  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.5.3
  • Fix – Show google map on frontend so that google map api key is required to enter for your site

2.2.0 – 2016/04/13

  • Feature – Define new ‘Background Color’ type on plugin framework with ON | OFF switch to disable background or enable it
  • Feature – Define new function – hextorgb() – for convert hex color to rgb color on plugin framework
  • Feature – Define new function – generate_background_color_css() – for export background style code on plugin framework that is used to make custom style
  • Tweak – Change on load script so that they are loaded with correct order without jQuery is loaded after slider script
  • Tweak – Change call action from ‘wp_head’ to ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’ and use ‘wp_enqueue_style’ function to load style for better compatibility with minify feature of caching plugins
  • Tweak – Define new ‘strip_methods’ argument for Uploader type, allow strip http/https or no
  • Tweak – Register fontawesome in plugin framework with style name is ‘font-awesome-styles’
  • Tweak – Saved the time number into database for one time customize style and Save change on the Plugin Settings
  • Tweak – Replace version number by time number for dynamic style file are generated by Sass to solve the issue get cache file on CDN server
  • Tweak – Update core style and script of plugin framework for support Background Color type
  • Tweak – Update plugin framework to latest version
  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.5

2.1.0 – 2015/12/07

  • Feature – Add new field ‘c_attachment_id’ to table database of plugin for support to save the attachment id of Profile Item
  • Feature – Support new Responsive Image feature with WordPress v4.4 with backward compatibility
  • Tweak – Change old Uploader to New UI of Uploader with Backbone and Underscore from WordPress
  • Tweak – Update the uploader script to save the Attachment ID and work with New Uploader
  • Tweak – Change the heading on Plugin Settings from h2 to h1 with new WordPress v4.4 UI
  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.4

2.0.3 – 2015/09/03

  • Fix – add parse shortcode after header is called for don’t get conflict with any SEO plugin that auto generate the description from post content with shortcode of plugin that make javascript error with jQuery is undefined
  • Fix – Added ‘box-sizing: initial;’ for #fancybox-wrap ID to the Close button show correct on top right corner of Fancybox pop-up

2.0.2 – 2015/08/21

  • Tweak – include new CSSMin lib from into plugin framework instead of old CSSMin lib from , to avoid conflict with plugins or themes that have CSSMin lib
  • Tweak – make __construct() function for ‘Compile_Less_Sass’ class instead of using a method with the same name as the class for compatibility on WP 4.3 and is deprecated on PHP4
  • Tweak – change class name from ‘lessc’ to ‘a3_lessc’ so that it does not conflict with plugins or themes that have another Lessc lib
  • Tweak – Plugin Framework DB query optimization. Refactored settings_get_option call for dynamic style elements, example typography, border, border_styles, border_corner, box_shadow
  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress major version 4.3.0
  • Fix – Make __construct() function for ‘People_Contact_Shortcode’ class instead of using a method with the same name as the class for compatibility on WP 4.3 and is deprecated on PHP4
  • Fix – Make __construct() function for ‘People_Contact’ class instead of using a method with the same name as the class for compatibility on WP 4.3 and is deprecated on PHP4
  • Fix – Update the plugin framework for setup correct default settings on first installed
  • Fix – Update the plugin framework for reset to correct default settings when hit on ‘Reset Settings’ button on each settings tab

2.0.1 – 2015/07/14

  • Tweak – Changed Update file name syntax from 2.0.0.php to 2.0.php for some servers which have configuration that don’t allow syntax 2.0.0.php

2.0.0 – 2015/07/10

  • Feature – Plugin framework admin panel Mobile First focus upgrade
  • Feature – Massive improvement in admin UI and UX in PC, tablet and mobile browsers
  • Feature – Introducing opening and closing Setting Boxes on admin panels.
  • Feature – Added Plugin Framework Customization settings. Control how the admin panel settings show when editing.
  • Feature – New interface has allowed us to do away with the Email Inquiry menu and its 4 tabs, it has been added as 1 tab on Settings menu
  • Feature – New interface means that all 10 sub menus have been removed from the Setting tabs.
  • Feature – Includes a script to automatically combine removed tab settings into Tabs main table when upgrading
  • Feature – Added Option to set a Google Fonts API key to directly access latest fonts and font updates from Google
  • Feature – Separated all Google map Settings. Now have 4 map types, Contact Page map, Profile map, Widget Map and Groups Maps
  • Feature – Maps auto zoom feature. Auto sets map zoom to show all profile markers in the map viewer on first load. Removed map centre settings
  • Feature – Full Setting Boxes conditional logic. Switch on an option and only the Setting boxes that have settings for that option show
  • Feature – Contact Widget Map editor Live Preview. See exactly how the map will look on front end as each setting is tweaked
  • Feature – Contact Widget Map Callout Text. Enter Text or HTML that will be output when users click on the map marker
  • Feature – Profile Create / Edit new admin interface featuring 2 column display
  • Feature – Profile Create / Edit – Added option to switch ON | OFF the profile display on the Contact Us Page
  • Feature – Profile Location Address is now required. Profile cannot be created or edited without a map location being set.
  • Feature – Create or update a Profile without a location map generates an error message and instructions to enter an address
  • Feature – Profile location map opens showing world map with drag and drop marker and map zoom for setting location
  • Feature – Default Email Form. Added Dynamic settings to set custom email From name and From email address
  • Feature – Default Email Form. Added Send a Copy to Sender with ON | OFF switch
  • Feature – Default Email Form. Added Form Background Dynamic colour selector
  • Feature – Default Email Form. Added Form Title and Fonts dynamic text input boxes and font editors
  • Feature – Default Email Form. Added Form Input Fields dynamic style editors, background colour, font colour, borders and border corners
  • Feature – Default Email Form. Added Form Send Button dynamic style editors. Create a beautiful submit button without touching the code
  • Feature – Default Email Form. Added Success Message text editor. Create a customized success message with WordPress text editor
  • Feature – Contact Us Widget. Added Dynamic settings to set custom email From name and From email address
  • Feature – Contact Us Widget. Added Send a Copy to Sender with ON | OFF switch
  • Feature – Contact Us Widget. Added Email Delivery, Inquiry Email goes to and email cc
  • Feature – Full compatibility with WPML
  • Feature – On install plugin detects WPML install and auto creates a Contact Us Page for each language
  • Feature – Added full support for Right to Left RTL layout on plugins admin dashboard.
  • Tweak – Settings menu now has just 4 tabs, Contact Us Page | Profile Cards | Profile Email | Contact us Widget
  • Tweak – Upgraded the Profiles listing page table style
  • Tweak – Upgraded the Groups listing page table style
  • Tweak – All Setting Box Titles updated to be descriptive of the settings in the box for ease of navigation
  • Tweak – All admin panel help text upgraded for the new UI
  • Tweak – Added a 260px wide images to the right sidebar for direct links to support forum and the plugins docs
  • Fix – Check ‘request_filesystem_credentials’ function, if it does not exists then require the core php lib file from WP where it is defined

1.2.7 – 2015/06/03

  • Tweak – Security Hardening. Removed all php file_put_contents functions in the plugin framework and replace with the WP_Filesystem API
  • Tweak – Security Hardening. Removed all php file_get_contents functions in the plugin framework and replace with the WP_Filesystem API

1.2.6 – 2015/05/26

  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.2
  • Tweak – Changed Permission 777 to 755 for style folder inside the uploads folder
  • Tweak – Chmod 644 for dynamic style and .less files from uploads folder
  • Tweak – Update url of dynamic stylesheet in uploads folder to the format // so it’s always is correct when loaded as http or https

1.2.5 – 2015/05/06

  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.1
  • Fix – Removed check_ajax_referer() call on frontend for compatibility with PHP caching plugins. Was returning -1 to js success call-back.

1.2.4 – 2015/04/21

  • Tweak – Tested and Tweaked for full compatibility with WordPress Version 4.2.0
  • Tweak – Changed dbDelta() function to $wpdb->query() for creating plugin table database.
  • Tweak – Update style of plugin framework. Removed the [data-icon] selector to prevent conflict with other plugins that have font awesome icons

1.2.3 – 2015/02/10

  • Tweak – Audit, test and tweak for 100% compatibility with WordPress Version 4.1
  • Tweak – Change layout of Edit Profile page for better UX
  • Tweak – Changed WP_CONTENT_DIR to WP_PLUGIN_DIR. When an admin sets a custom WordPress file structure then it can get the correct path of plugin
  • Tweak – Only load the plugin assets on the Contact Us Page
  • Tweak – Only load the plugin CSS on the Contact Us Page
  • Tweak – Added Link to new plugins a3 Lazy Load and a3 Portfolio to the Free WordPress plugins list in yelow sidebar.
  • Dev – Convert Sass Global .less to simplify compiling style sheet edits.
  • Fix – Added code check id is existed as parameter when add new Profile. Solves the ‘Undefined id index’ php warning
  • Fix – Sass compile path not saving on windows xampp.

1.2.2 – 2014/10/14

  • Fix – Add </div> when using the default contact form on Contact Us widget on left sidebar. Version 1.1.1 only fixed the issue on the right sidebar.

1.2.1 – 2014/10/11

  • Tweak – Add <div> container for Contact us widget
  • Tweak – Move break points in widget for improved UI

1.2.0 – 2014/09/15

  • Feature – Converted all front end CSS #dynamic {stylesheets} to Sass #dynamic {stylesheets} for faster loading.
  • Feature – Convert all back end CSS to Sass. – 2014/09/10

  • Tweak – Updated google font face in plugin framework.
  • Tweak – Tested 100% compatible with WordPress Version 4.0 – 2014/06/21

  • Tweak – Updated chosen js script to latest version 1.1.0 on the a3rev Plugin Framework
  • Tweak – Added support for placeholder feature for input, email , password , text area types
  • Tweak – Updated plugins description text and admin panel yellow sidebar text. – 2014/05/25

  • Tweak – Changed add_filter( ‘gettext’, array( $this, ‘change_button_text’ ), null, 2 ); to add_filter( ‘gettext’, array( $this, ‘change_button_text’ ), null, 3 );
  • Tweak – Update change_button_text() function from ( $original == ‘Insert into Post’ ) to ( is_admin() && $original === ‘Insert into Post’ )
  • Tweak – Checked and updated for full compatibility with WordPress version 3.9.1
  • Tweak – Updated plugins description text and admin panel yellow sidebar text.
  • Fix – Code tweaks to fix a3 Plugins Framework conflict with WP e-Commerce tax rates. – 2014/04/14

  • Tweak – Tested and updated for full WordPress version 3.9 compatibility.
  • Tweak – Updated Masonry script to work with WP 3.9 with backward compatibility to WP v 3.7 – 2014/02/11

  • Tweak – Stricter sanitization of Default Form Message input field. Only allow input of plain text with auto paragraph on line break.
  • Tweak – Added function .replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, ”) to check form for empty spaces for required fields Name, Email and Phone.
  • Tweak – Default Form Success Message Pop-up auto resizes to whatever the tall of the success message content is.
  • Tweak – Added class .people_ei_cb for Colorbox Pop-up tool content custom background display.
  • Tweak – Added Custom encode to prevent email clients automatically adding a tag to URL’s in form message.
  • Tweak – Updated Framework help text font for consistency.
  • Tweak – Added remove_all_filters(‘mce_external_plugins’); before call to wp_editor to remove extension scripts from other plugins.
  • Tweak – Added description text to the top of each Pro Version yellow border section
  • Tweak – Tested 100% compatible with WordPress version 3.8.1
  • Fix – Added public static function wpcf7_tg_pane_custom to fixed conflict with Contact Form 7 plugin that caused a fatal error.
  • Credit – Thanks to Shoni Jaycox Florida USA for alerting us to the issue.

1.1.4 – 2013/12/23

  • Feature – a3rev Plugin Framework admin interface upgraded to 100% Compatibility with WordPress v3.8.0 with backward compatibility.
  • Feature – a3rev framework 100% mobile and tablet responsive, portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Tweak – Upgraded dashboard switches and sliders to Vector based display that shows when WordPress version 3.8.0 is activated.
  • Tweak – Upgraded all plugin .jpg icons and images to Vector based display for full compatibility with new WordPress version.
  • Tweak – Yellow sidebar on Pro Version Menus does not show in Mobile screens to optimize admin panel screen space.
  • Tweak – Tested 100% compatible with WP 3.8.0
  • Fix – Upgraded array_textareas type for Padding, Margin settings on the a3rev plugin framework.

1.1.3 – 2013/11/05

  • Tweak – Added new Email Inquiry main menu and moved all Email Form settings onto it.
  • Tweak – Imail Inquiry Menu tabs – Settings | Default Form | Custom Form | Pop-up Style.
  • Tweak – Pop-up tools wide under 520px shows 100% wide of the screen for mobiles in portrait or landscape.
  • Tweak – Default Form breaks down for greatly enhanced display in tablets and mobiles.
  • Tweak – Default Form – added static 20px content padding that auto reduces to 5px in tablets and mobiles.
  • Tweak – Default From – vertical alignment of the text fields
  • Tweak – Default Form – changed the default form fonts on install from Bold to Normal.
  • Tweak – Default Form Success Message uses form custom background colour.
  • Tweak – Default Form Success Message Pop-up auto resizes to the tall of the content.
  • Tweak – Changed the plugins wp-admin sidebar icon.
  • Fix: Conflict with Google Library plugin that blocked Pop-Up from opening. – 2013/10/29

  • Tweak – Update a3rev Plugin Framework.
  • Fix – Updated Delete Profile URL, was preventing deletion of a profile. – 2013/10/11

  • Fix – Shortcode with ” character not rendering on front end. Added array_map( array( $this, ‘admin_stripslashes’ ) , $current_settings )

1.1.2 – 2013/10/10

  • Tweak – a3rev logo image now resizes to the size of the yellow sidebar in tablets and mobiles.
  • Fix – App interface Radio switches not working properly on Android platform, replace removeProp() with removeAttr() function script

1.1.1 – 2013/10/09

  • Feature – Upgraded the plugin to the newly developed a3rev admin panel app interface.
  • Feature – New admin UI features check boxes replaced by switches, some dropdowns replaced by sliders.
  • Feature – Added intuitive triggers for settings. Corresponding settings only show when a feature is activated.
  • Feature – Replaced colour picker with new WordPress 3.6.0 colour picker. (Pro Version Feature)
  • Feature – Added choice of 350 Google fonts to the existing 17 websafe fonts in all new single row font editor. (Pro Version Feature)
  • Feature – New Border / Button shadow features. Create shadow external or internal, set wide of shadow. (Pro Version Feature)
  • Feature – New on page instant previews for Fonts editor, create border and shadow style. (Pro Version Feature)
  • Tweak – Changed Grid View tab name to Profile Cards to more accurately describe what the features on that tab are for. (Pro Version Feature)
  • Tweak – Complete audit and rewrite of the plugins admin description text for admin panel user interface.
  • Tweak – Removed View Docs feature in this version until new docs are completed that accurately depict the new admin panel.
  • Fix – Map center marker not showing on first page load.
  • Fix – Profiles Map marker not showing on mouse over.

1.1.0 – 2013/09/14

  • Fix – Use browser protocol http or https on page load fix in v1.0.9 caused sites that use Minify plugins to crash on update. Updated style url and script url to fix Minify conflict.
  • Credit – Thanks to Roy Vella (USA) for reporting the issue and the wp-admin and ftp access to his site to find and fix the bug.

1.0.9 – 2013/09/06

  • Twaek – Added ‘View Docs’ link from the top of each admin panel to that menus section on the plugins docs.
  • Tweak – Added new Contact People Ultimate feature Groups settings to admin panel.
  • Tweak – Added new Profile sort arrow icons to Profiles.
  • Tweak – Fixed some typos and some minor feature sort on admin panel.
  • Tweak – Updated plugins Yellow sidebar content to show new Ultimate version features.
  • Tweak – Full plugins docs completed for all 3 plugin versions, Lite, Pro and Ultimate.
  • Tweak – Harden the plugins CSS output to prevent some theme CSS over-riding the Profile Grid layout settings
  • Fix – Plugins admin script and style not loading in Firefox with SSL on admin. Stripped http// and https// protocols so browser will use the protocol that the page was loaded with.

1.0.8 – 2013/08/28

  • Fix – Added call wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); from add_action(‘get_header’) to fix Google Map loading issue on some sites.
  • Fix – Added correct URL for submit translations on plugins description.

1.0.7 – 2013/08/24

  • Fix – Added script to check if Longitude and latitude have been created for Location address for each profile. If no long and Lat found for a profile, its pop-up on Google map does not show on mouse over.
  • Fix – Map not showing in Chrome when any profile has no Location Address. Undefined Long and Lat where causing the map to not show in Google Chrome when mouse over a profile with no address.

1.0.6 – 2013/08/22

  • Tweak – Added new @media beak points for a superior Grid View display in mobile phone and tablet when viewing in portrait or landscape.
  • Fix – Grid View Responsive style not rendering true in IE8 on some themes.
  • Fix – Changed add_action( ‘wp_head’, array to add_action( ‘get_header’, array
  • Fix – Moved respond-ie.js script so that it loads from the header instead of the footer

1.0.5 – 2013/08/16

  • Tweak – Updated admin panel help text to reflect the new Profile Grid View layout and Profile image style features available in Pro version.
  • Fix – Grid View always displays 1 column – 100% wide in IE7 and IE8. Made required custom .CSS stylesheet tweaks just so dear old IE can render modern responsive styles.

1.0.4 – 2013/08/12

  • Tweak – Tested for full compatibility with WordPress v3.6.0
  • Fix – Email icon and click here link text no longer show on profile grid when no email address is entered for the profile.
  • Fix – Script validate email for default contact form. Old script conflicted with WordPress 3.6.0 jQuery 1.10.2. Conflict caused the popup tools to break.
  • Fix – Added box-sizing:content-box class attribute for compatibility with new WordPress Twenty Thirteen default theme.

1.0.3 – 2013/07/10

  • Tweak – Added support for use of special characters in Profile Fields.
  • Tweak – Added support for use of Cyrillic Symbols in Profile Fields.
  • Tweak – Added support for Chinese Characters in Profile Fields.
  • Fix – All profiles lost with input errors. Convert save profile in array to save profile in table. Upgrade auto converts existing profiles from array to new table.
  • Fix – Google map show correct center of profile address when edit a Profile, before it use Center Address option in Contact Us -> Settings -> Contact Page tab -> Location Map subtab to make it as center for map when edit a Profile.

1.0.2 – 2013/07/08

  • Tweak – Plugin support URL’s updated.
  • Tweak – Pro Version live demo completed.
  • Tweak – Relaunch of Pro Version 7 Day Free Trail.

1.0.1 – 2013/07/01

  • Tweak – Add link to the Pro Version Live Demo to the plugins Yellow Box on the admin dashboard.
  • Fix – Conflict with Themes that use jQuery Masonry. Replaced plugins global .masonry class with custom #people_contact_container .mansonry class
  • Fix – Profiles Grid View layout in IE7 and IE8 on themes with JQuery Masonry. Moved style sheet from footer to header and updated browser_body_class() function
  • Fix – Warning: Cannot modify header information when creating or editing profiles.Removed session_start and added add_action(‘init’) Now uses the correct wp_redirect().

1.0.0 – 2013/06/27

  • First working release