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Contact Form Builder by vCita

Contact form builder: create and integrate in minutes, capture more business opportunities and get real time mobile notifications for new leads

Which contact form options do I have?

vCita offers three contact form options to engage more visitors within your website:
Classic Contact form – well designed contact form with full customization. You can use any of our form styles, which allows you to show different details on your form.

  • Contact form with form fields
  • Contact form with form fields, profile picture, name and title
  • Contact form with form fields and scheduling buttons
  • Contact form with form fields, profile picture, name and title and scheduling buttons
    You can add and edit all contact form fields, for your needs.The scheduling buttons allows clients to schedule an appointment or a meeting with you, directly from your contact form!

There's more?
Of course! Along with our professional and classic contact form, we have two additional contact forms which can help you gain more leads from your website visitors!

LiveSite – a proactive contact form, display "call-to-action" at the bottom of your web page.
This contact form has proven to produces twice as many contact and online scheduling requests as any other contact form.
LiveSite can automatically display your invitation to visitors and encourage more leads to contact you – leave contact details or schedule appointments and meetings.
Contact Form Sidebar - can be added to any post or page and invite client to contact you.
This form can include your profile photo or logo and a brief invitation to contact you or even schedule an appointment. This contact form plugin can be styled horizontally or vertically, include scheduling buttons, and even link to your full profile.

How do I customize the photo and text in my contact form or widget?

Once you enter your email, you will receive an email from vCita to complete your registration. (or you can do it directly from the plugin settings)
You will then have the option to customize your contact form, add your photo, set meeting preferences and schedule.
Once you are logged in to vCita, you can always change your contact form settings from the WordPress plugin settings page.

Can I add LiveSite to a specific page?

Visit our support forum to see how to Add LiveSite to specific pages

How do I choose between Contact Form and Contact Widget?

You don't have to choose! Those three works together perfectly

In addition to the proactive contact form, you probably want to choose between Contact Form that has an option for scheduling a meeting, and a Contact Form on the side bar that's a smaller version, with two buttons - "Send a message" and "Set a meeting".
In the plugin settings page you'll be able to preview the two options.

When adding vCita on the Widgets menu, you'll have the option to choose between the two contact forms.

When adding vCita Contact Form manually to specific pages you can use the following code samples:
[vCitaContact type=widget]
[vCitaContact type=contact]

How do I change the style of the contact form widget?

Use the following code sample:
To place widget horizontally - [vCitaContact type=widget height=200]
Width is adjusted to the width of the page or frame the widget is added to.
You may also customize width by adding parameter width=80% or width=150.

To have a widget that only contains buttons (no image or profile text) use the following code:
[vCitaContact type=widget height=110]

NOTE: if you are integrating the contact form as a sidebar widget, you should use the "Text" widget and put use codes above. Do not use the vCita widget.

Does the contact form available in other languages?

You can add any text you want to our contact form, making our contact form available in any language!

How do I manually change the size of the contact form widget?

You can add a resized widget using the HTML code: If vCita contact form widget is already installed, please remove the current vCita contact form widget form your WP sidebar
On your WordPress admin panel, click on "Appearance" menu and select Widgets.
Drag vCita Widget from Main Sidebar menu to Available Widgets section on the left. (This may disconnect your vCita account from the contact form plugin)
Reconnect your account to vCita contact form plugin - Click on Plugins menu and select vCita Contact Form
Enter the email address for your vCita account, click on "Already have a vCita account?" and click Connect.
Back on your vCita account at https://www.vcita.com/get_widget?widget=widget Please resize the contact form widget on "Widget Preview" section and click on "Update changes".
Click on Install New Widget (a new window should pop up), Select "Other Websites" (don't select WordPress) and copy the code on the right.
Back on your WP account, install and activate HTML JavaScript Adder plugin - http://www.vcita.com/get_widget?widget=widget
Add the HTML JavaScript Adder widget to your right sidebar - On your WP admin panel, click on Appearance menu and select Widgets.
Drag HTML JavaScript Adder widget to your right sidebar and paste the contact from widget's HTML code (copied on the previous step). Click Save.

How to manually add vCita -> I can't install vCita - how do I manually install vCita plugin ?

  1. Click on the red "Download Version x.x" button on the right side of this page.
  2. After the download has finished, extract the files.
  3. Upload the "vcita-contact-form" folder to your server in "/wp-content/plugins" directory.
  4. Back on the admin panel click the "Plugins" menu on the left.
  5. You should see the vCita Contact Form plugin listed in the available plugins. Click the "Activate" link below the plugin name.
  6. Click "Contact Form by vCita" under the "Plugins" menu.
  7. Enter your e-mail address, first and last name and click "Save Settings".
  8. Follow instructions sent to you by email from vCita.com to complete configuration.

How do I create a listing of Multiple Contact Widgets for different people on one page?

You can use vCita to create multiple contact form widgets on one page.
All you need is the name and email of each user you wish to list.

Simply have multiple lines in the following format:
[vCitaContact type=widget height=200 email="support@vcita.com" first_name="Mike" last_name="Wright" prof_title="Tax Consultant"]

Now visitors can send a message or set a meeting with each of the users listed.
Each user will get an email to confirm his email address and upload an image to complete his profile.

What features do I get from vCita Contact Form?

  • Actively invite your website visitors to contact you with new, engaging contact form formats
    • vCita will prompt your visitors as they spend time on your website, offering them to contact you, leave their contact details or schedule a meeting
    • Proves to significantly increase the number of leads generated from your contact form
  • Easy and intuitive customizable contact form
    • Customize your contact form look and feel
    • Choose any specific contact form colors, font or text
  • Choose your own welcome message on the contact form
  • Offer visitors to schedule meetings directly from your Contact Form
    • Meet using our online video room or Skype
    • Meet using our phone conference service
    • Schedule a face to face meeting
  • Super easy customization of your contact form’s appointment calendar, optionally synchronized with your Personal Calendar
    • Sync with Google Calendar
    • Sync with Outlook Calendar
    • Sync with iCal(Apple) Calendar
    • Sync with Yahoo, Hotmail or any other standard calendar that supports ICS
  • Create unlimited number of contact forms
    • Create different contact form styles on a single website
    • Apply multiple vCita contact form on multiple websites
  • Get contact form notifications to your inbox
    • Contact form notification for each meeting request
    • Contact form notification for each contact request
    • Set additional email that will get your Contact form notifications
    • Clients get notification that their contact form was sent to you.
    • Email reminders prior to meetings schedule for you and your clients
  • Collect payments and bill for your time and services
    • Secure payment prior to meeting
    • Collect payment for any service you provide
    • Set services price without collecting fee with vCita
  • Manage all client interaction from a single advanced platform
    • No need to expose your own email address on the contact form
    • Work with a single point tool for all online visitors interactions
  • A dashboard to track your online traffic as well as latest contact form submissions
    • View your contact form traffic
    • View number of leads from contact form per-day
    • Manage latest contact form engagements
    • Get full details of your contact form requests: URL, time, phone etc.
  • Track when clients open and read any of your messages
  • Use vCita contact form in any language
  • Go social and let clients fill your contact form directly from your facebook page
  • And many more contact form features!

Which contact form settings are available?

  • Change your contact form profile name, title and image
  • Change your contact form welcome message
  • Select a contact form color theme, or define your own contact form theme
  • Change the Proactive contact form label text
  • Change the Proactive contact form and the sidebar contact form buttons and links texts
  • Define your contact form automatic reply message
  • Choose whether to offer meetings through you contact form
  • Define after how many seconds to automatically display the proactive contact form
  • Change the size of the contact form
  • Decide whether to ask for your clients phone number in your contact form
  • Choose to which profile page your contact form should link to (vCita profile page, a custom page or don't show a full profile in your contact form at all)
  • Select a horizontal or a vertical contact form sidebar

    and if you choose to offer meetings, you have much more options ...

Visit the vCita product pages to learn more about the vCita Contact Form
Have more questions? Need assistance? Visit vCita FAQ and Support forum

What are vCita Terms and Conditions?

Please visit Terms and Conditions

What is vCita Privacy Policy?

Please visit Privacy Policy

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


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