This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Contact Form 7 reCAPTCHA Extension


Contact Form 7 is an excellent WordPress plugin and the CF7 reCAPTCHA Plugin makes it even more awesome by adding reCAPTCHA capabilities.
In the past this functionality has been provided by a recaptcha module offered by the developer of CF7 which this plugin is based on.

The problem with the module was that it had to be copied into the modules directory every time the Contact Form 7 plugin was updated.
That was not possible to manage on multiple WordPress instances.

Therefore we decided that it would be nice to have a plugin that can be installed and mantained independedly from the CF7 plugin and its modules.

Some time ago the WP-reCAPTCHA plugin vanished from the WordPress plugin repository for a while.
We had to use the Better WordPress reCAPTCHA Plugin instead.
So we can now use the one or the other reCAPTCHA tool.
You can decide which one suits you and install it.
If both reCAPTCHA tools are installed WP-reCAPTCHA is preferred at the moment.
This can change.

Better WordPress reCAPTCHA now offers an own tag for Contact Form 7.
Therefore you can use theirs or ours.

You can use your reCAPTCHA API keys with Better WordPress reCAPTCHA.
Copy your keys from the WP-reCAPTCHA plugin settings and paste them into the Better WordPress reCAPTCHA plugin.


If both reCAPTCHA plugins are installed WP-reCAPTCHA is preferred.


The settings of the installed reCAPTCHA plugin are used by default.

You can change that behaviour on the settings page of the plugin under:

Settings -> CF7-reCAP Extension


If you like the plugin please rate it. If you don’t like it, please contact us so we can address the problem or feature request.

This plugin is provided as is by the Advicio(R) ServDesk GmbH.


  • The new reCAPTCHA option.
  • The property form for the reCAPTCHA field.
  • The reCAPTCHA tag in the form editor.
  • The reCAPTCHA in the finished form.
  • The configuration page under Settings -> CF7-reCAP Extension (version 0.0.8)


  1. Make a backup of your current installation
  2. Make sure you fit the requirements
  3. Download and unpack the download package
  4. Upload the contact-form-7-recaptcha-extension folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  5. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  6. You will now have a “reCAPTCHA” tag option in the Contact Form 7 tag generator


  1. On the actual Contact Form 7 configuration page, next to the “Form Box” with code in it, use the drop down click on Generate Tag
  2. Choose reCAPTCHA (not CAPTCHA)
  3. copy the code that it gives you
  4. past it into the “Form Box” where the existing code is
    (thx to GGITech)

If you like the plugin please rate it. If you don’t like it, please contact us so we can address the problem or feature request.


It works fine for me

No issue with this plugin, used in the basic configuration.
I removed the old Really Simple CAPTCHA because of an issue with cookie-law-info plugin.
Now all is working fine.

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Contributors & Developers

“Contact Form 7 reCAPTCHA Extension” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Known Issues

  • at the moment it is only possible to have ONE reCAPTCHA per page.
    So if you activated reCAPTCHA for comments or some other stuff on the page there
    will be problems. Found some possibilities to fix this but have to test and
    implement them. (thx to huyz)
  • there could be a problem with the hint for the administrator. Could not
    confirm that on 4 test instances but will check the code for that. (thx to webcoreinc)

0.1.0 (20140110)

  • FIX: compatibility with WordPress 3.8
  • FIX: compatibility to Better WordPress reCAPTCHA 1.1.0

0.0.12 (20111216)

  • NEW: WP-reCAPTCHA is back again. We support both WP-reCAPTCHA and Better WordPress reCAPTCHA now.
  • FIX: reCAPTCHA for registered users (thx to Rautenfreund)

0.0.11 (20111214)

  • FIX: WP-reCAPTCHA not available anymore. Switched to Better WordPress reCAPTCHA (thx to manfer)
  • TEST: up to WP 3.3 and CF7 3.0.1

0.0.10 (20110704)

  • FIX: some misconfiguration

0.0.9 (20110704)

  • FIX: an error within the IE if the recaptcha is not shown. (thx to darinm)
  • FIX: an error with the multisite. Options are at the moment only stored by blog. Will add a site wide option later. (thx to huyz, robpoe)
  • FIX: some usage description (thx to GGITech)

0.0.8 (20110623)

  • FIX: some basic translation issues
  • FIX: some corrections in the German translation

0.0.7 (20110623)

  • NEW: added options to set the language and theme for the reCAPTCHA forms in CF7 (thx to tuxradio, Bramblz)
  • NEW: German translation
  • some minor code corrections

0.0.6 (20110616)

  • added some code regarding the WP-reCAPTCHA settings
  • the language setting of WP-reCAPTCHA is used
  • the theme is the same as the theme for the comments set in the WP-reCAPTCHA options
    (working on some detailed settings behavior for version 0.1.0 comming soon)
  • thx to tuxradio

0.0.5 (20110525)

  • corrected an error with the admin notices
  • thx to cookies131

0.0.4 (20110525)

  • another stupid error

0.0.3 (20110525)

  • hookup did not work corectly
  • validation had errors
  • thx to DoctorDR

0.0.2 (20110524)

  • some minor textual changes

0.0.1 (20110524)

  • initial version