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Contact-Form-7: 3rd-Party Integration


(Please note this plugin has been “replaced” by Forms: 3rd-Party Integration, which integrates with Gravity Forms in addition to Contact Form 7)

Send Contact Form 7 Submissions to a 3rd-party Service, like a CRM. Multiple configurable services, custom field mapping. Provides hooks and filters for pre/post processing of results. Allows you to send separate emails, or attach additional results to existing emails. Comes with a couple examples of hooks for common CRMs (listrak, mailchimp, salesforce).

The plugin essentially makes a remote request (POST) to a service URL, passing along remapped form submission values.

Includes hidden field plugin from Contact Form 7 Modules: Hidden Fields. Based on idea by Alex Hager “How to Integrate Salesforce in Contact Form 7


  1. add_action('Cf73rdPartyIntegration_service_a#',...
    • hook for each service, indicated by the #this is given in the ‘Hooks’ section of each service
    • provide a function which takes $response, &$results as arguments
    • allows you to perform further processing on the service response, and directly alter the processing results, provided as array('success'=>false, 'errors'=>false, 'attach'=>'', 'message' => '');
      • success = true or false – change whether the service request is treated as “correct” or not
      • errors = an array of error messages to return to the form
      • attach = text to attach to the end of the email body
      • message = the message notification shown (from CF7 ajax response) below the form
    • note that the basic “success condition” may be augmented here by post processing
  2. add_filter('Cf73rdPartyIntegration_service_filter_post_#, ...
    • hook for each service, indicated by the #this is given in the ‘Hooks’ section of each service
    • allows you to programmatically alter the request parameters sent to the service
  3. add_action('Cf73rdPartyIntegration_onfailure', 'mycf7_fail', 10, 3);
    • hook to modify the CF7 object if service failure of any kind occurs — use like:
      function mycf7_fail(&$cf7, $service, $response) {
      $cf7->skip_mail = true; // stop email from being sent
      // hijack message to notify user
      ///TODO: how to modify the “mail_sent” variable so the message isn’t green? on_sent_ok hack?
      $cf7->messages[‘mail_sent_ok’] = ‘Could not complete mail request: ‘ . $response[‘safe_message’];
    • needs some way to alter the mail_sent return variable in CF7 to better indicate an error – no way currently to access it directly.

Basic examples provided for service hooks directly on plugin Admin page (collapsed box “Examples of callback hooks”). Code samples for common CRMS included in the /3rd-parties plugin folder.

About AtlanticBT

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Who We Are

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  • Admin page - create multiple services, set up debugging/notice emails, example code
  • Sample service - mailchimp integration, with static and mapped values
  • Sample service - salesforce integration, with static and mapped values


  1. Unzip, upload plugin folder to your plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Make sure Contact Form 7 is installed
  3. Activate plugin
  4. Go to new admin subpage “3rdparty Services” under the CF7 “Contact” menu and configure services + field mapping.

Please note that this includes an instance of hidden.php, which is part of the “Contact Form 7 Modules” plugin — this will show up on the Plugin administration page, but is included automatically, so you don’t need to enable it. This file will only be included if you don’t already have the module installed.


How do I add / configure a service?

See [Screenshots][] for visual examples.


  1. Name your service
  2. Enter the submission URL — if your “service” provides an HTML form, you would use the form action here
  3. Choose which forms will submit to this service (“Attach to Forms”)
  4. Set the default “success condition”, or leave blank to ignore (or if using post processing, see [Hooks][] – this just looks for the provided text in the service response, and if present assumes “success”
  5. Allow hooks for further processing – unchecking it just saves minimal processing power, as it won’t try to execute filters
  6. Map your form submission values (from the CF7 field tags) to expected fields for your service. 1:1 mapping given as the name of the CF7 field and the name of the 3rdparty field; you can also provide static values by checking the “Is Value?” checkbox and providing the value in the “CF7 Field” column.
  7. Add, remove, and rearrange mapping – basically just for visual clarity.
  8. Use the provided hooks (as given in the bottom of the service block)
  9. Add new services as needed
How can I pre/post process the request/results?

See section Hooks. See plugin folder /3rd-parties for example code for some common CRMs, which you can either directly include or copy to your code.



This plugin is horrible, it didn’t help anything and i wasted a bunch of time learning how to use it properly for no reason….when all was said and done it literally broke CF7. DO NOT USE THIS PLUGIN UNLESS YOU WANT TO DESTROY ALL THE CF7 FORMS ON YOUR SITE, IT IS USELESS. Would give 0 stars if possible.


Will this work with webCRM?
I need the data in the form 7 to be send to my webCRM system.

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Contributors & Developers

“Contact-Form-7: 3rd-Party Integration” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • late include of includes.php breaks usage of v() during send — including in init action instead, so it’s available everywhere (TODO: “smarter include” only when needed – i.e. admin_init and before_send?)
  • debug email can fail due to FROM header: usage of $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] in some enviroments results in “bad sender” by including www; stripping manually


  • Added failure hook – if your service fails for some reason, you now have the opportunity to alter the CF7 object and prevent it from mailing.


  • Added check for old version of CF7, so it plays nice with changes in newer version (using custom post type to store forms instead, lost original function for retrieval)
  • see original error report


moved “external” includes (hidden-field plugin) to later hook to avoid conflicts when plugin already called


changed filter callback to operate on entire post set, changed name


fixed weird looping problem; removed some debugging code; added default service to test file


moved filter to include dynamic and static values; icons


added configuration options, multiple services


base version, just directly submits values