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Constant Contact for WordPress

Integrate Constant Contact into your website with this full-featured plugin.

4.1.1 on September 12, 2016

  • Fixed: Fatal error when "Comment Form Signup" setting is enabled but the "Lists for Comment Form" are not defined, and a new comment is submitted
  • Fixed: Conflict with other plugin AJAX configurations in Admin
  • Fixed: Don't load plugin Javascript on all Admin pages
  • Fixed: Hidden plugin settings not visible without re-selecting parent options

4.1 on July 8, 2016

  • Updated: Improved error handling to show helpful messages
  • Added: Additional error logging
  • Fixed: Form Designer preview not showing for some server configurations
  • Fixed: Form Designer interface style issues
  • Fixed: Error notices not printing properly
  • Modified: getAll() methods getAllLists() getAllContacts() now returns Ctct\Exceptions\CtctException on error
  • Updated: Minified scripts

4.0.3 on July 5, 2016

  • Removed: Unused Select2 library, fixing an administration JavaScript error
  • Fixed: Update admin JavaScript minification
  • Updated: Plugin libraries

4.0.2 on June 29, 2016

This is a major update that requires PHP 5.5 or higher. This was needed in order to use the latest Constant Contact code.

  • The Admin now looks great on mobile devices!
  • Constant Analytics has been removed. The authentication process changed significantly, so it was no longer working properly.
  • Added: If a contact exists in the site, link to their profile page from their single Contact page
  • Improved: URLs and emails are now links in the single Campaign page
  • Improved: Inline edit is much faster
  • Added: Campaign summary to the top of single Campaign pages
  • EventSpot:
    • Embedding single events using the shortcode with onlyactive enabled now shows a "The "{title}" event is no longer active." message.
    • Maps now link to Google Maps SSL
    • Location output includes Address 2 and Address 3, if set
    • Fixed: directtoregistration shortcode setting wasn't working ("Link directly to registration page, rather than event homepage")
    • Fixed: Added caching for if Constant Contact account has access to EventSpot
  • Form Designer:
    • New simple default form design
    • Responsive design fits better to all screen sizes
    • Visual feedback when the form is being updated
    • MUCH improved speed when designing a form
    • No longer slows down when processing an update
    • Change background, border, padding settings live
  • Improved: Existing lists for a contact will be merged with the submitted form lists, not replaced
  • Fixed: Logs not being pruned. This could lead to thousands of log posts in the database, slowing down the site.
  • Fixed: Fix fatal error when updating lists in User Profiles
  • Fixed: Improved Form Designer speed when WP_DEBUG is defined
  • Fixed: Admin pages now only process when they're supposed to
  • Tweak: Show list name in single List page
  • Tweak: Add "Status" column to Campaigns table
  • Tweak: Only "Active" users now shown by default in Contacts
  • Tweak: Filtering Contacts by status now loads new request
  • Fixed: Delete caches when de-authenticating plugin
  • Tweak: Allow Draft events to be visible to administrators
  • Removed: SMTP and DataValidation.com anti-spam tests. We recommend using MailGun Email Validator plugin instead.

Developer Notes:

  • Fixed: The ``%%id_attr%%placeholder wasn't getting replaced properly when generating list HTML inKWSContactList`
  • Fixed: Namespace the $_POST keys to avoid conflict with Ultimate Member plugin
  • Fixed: Prevent logs from being written during Form Designer AJAX
  • Fixed: Removed deprecated wp_clone() function
  • Fixed: include attribute wasn't respected in KWSContactList::outputHTML()
  • Tweak: Improved error handling for errors returned by Constant Contact
  • Tweak: Refactor LESS files for admin CSS
  • Modified: Second parameter passed to cc_event_map_link is now a \Ctct\Components\EventSpot\EventSpot object
  • Modified: Removed third parameter passed to cc_event_map_link
  • Added: ctct_oauth_uri_base filter to use your own oAuth domain. See the filter inline docs for more information.
  • Removed: Phone number validation. The phone number validator library was silly big.

Thank you to WordPress.org maintainers, who updated the plugin submitting process.

3.1.12 on August 21

  • Fixed: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3

3.1.11 on July 15

  • Fixed: Submissions not being processed properly for lists being selected using <select> inputs
  • Fixed (second try!): Invalid Header issue on activation
  • Fixed: List selection inputs were sometimes being hidden in the form

3.1.10 on June 22

  • Fixed: Invalid Header issue on activation for certain server configurations

3.1.9 on June 19

  • Fixed: Issue with Add Event button (affecting users with no events) that prevented Edit Post/Page functionality is now fully solved. Sorry for the frustration!
  • Fixed: Error when saving user profile forms
  • Fixed: Re-enable caching events data
  • Fixed: When switching accounts, delete all cached data
  • Tweak: Improve Admin tab styles

3.1.8 on June 10

  • Fixed: Fatal error in "Add Event" button that would prevent Edit Post/Page pages from loading
  • Fixed: Restored ability to embed single Events using the "Add Event" button
  • Fixed: Error when validating entries using Akismet to block spam
  • Fixed: Removed /examples/ directory that had potential security issue. Please upgrade!
  • Fixed: Fatal error on Events admin page when there are no events found
  • Updated: Phone number parsing library

3.1.7 on April 24, 2015

  • Fixed: Security update: properly sanitize URLs.
  • Fixed: short <? opening PHP tag in nameparse.php
  • Fixed: Error when adding contacts without any lists specified
  • Fixed: Converting WP_Error to a string and trim() errors
  • Fixed: Static PHP warnings
  • Fixed: Fatal Error preventing Edit Post page from fully loading (due to EventSpot embed form)
  • Updated: Phone number validating library

3.1.6 on December 17

  • Fixed: Support redirection to Thank You URL in Widget setting
  • Fixed: Fatal Error preventing Edit Post page from fully loading (due to EventSpot embed form)
  • Added: Setting to disable EventSpot integration

3.1.5 on December 2

  • Fixed: Catch WP_Error response from the REST client
  • Fixed: Namespace the V1 API classes to fix Fatal Errors on activation when already having a plugin using the OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 class name
  • Fixed: Form Styler does not stay turned off after saving
  • Fixed: Issue where Akismet would return all submissions as spam
  • Fixed: Improved error handling for DataValidation.com
  • Added: constant_contact_akismet_is_test filter to tell Akismet not to train using test data
  • Fixed: Added message for users who are OPTOUT status
  • Fixed: Activity Log output now handles exceptions better
  • Modified: Updated the phone number validation script
  • Fixed: Hide PHP notices for SMTP Email Validation script


  • Fixed: Original plugin file name restored to help with auto-upgrade issues
  • Fixed: Form action URL incorrect for subdomain multisite installations. (see ticket here)
  • Fixed: EventSpot widget PHP warnings
  • Modified: New Form Designer forms have Submit field checked by default
  • Fixed: Fatal error on plugin deactivation if PHP 5.3 isn't available
  • Fixed: Form Designer Javascript Debug Mode turned off unless SCRIPT_DEBUG constant is defined and enabled
  • Tweak: Don't modify order of Form Designer fields if no position is set
  • Tweak: Improved text translations and fix textdomain issues


  • Update translation textdomain to ctct from constant-contact-api
  • Hide the custom content editor until checked
  • Fix default label size


  • Delete old username and password on activation
  • When plugin is de-activated, delete stored token and transients
  • Update InlineEdit script
  • Verify plugin status for Akismet and WangGuard plugins
  • Update DataValidation.com API integration
  • Add blank parameter to KWSContactList::outputHTML() for select dropdowns that need an empty option
  • Update strings


  • Redesigned Form Designer to match WP 4.0 look & feel
    • Added input sliders to Form Designer - easier than dropdowns
    • Used accordion instead of metaboxes
    • Use Dashicons for Bold/Italic instead of images
  • Use Dashicons for Edit pencil
  • Updated translation strings
  • Converted much CSS to LESS
  • Refactored form-designer-functions.php as CTCT_Form_Designer_Helper class


  • Rewrote form designer
  • Rewrote form output
  • Tons of updates


  • Added JS localization to fix inline edit screens
  • Fixed: Error 500 with form live preview
  • Fixed: many PHP warnings
  • Fixed: Added security validation when updating / deleting forms.
  • Fixed: logging toggle not toggling
  • Moved SafeSubscribe to Form Fields metabox in Form Designer
  • Removed Exceptional.io integration
  • Only load CTCT_Admin_Page in admin. Saves memory and improves speed.
  • Added: Zebra-striping on tables
  • Improved: Design for WP 3.8+
  • Removed: Menu when hovering-over logo
  • Changed icon images to dashicons
  • Fixed: Converted jQuery .live() to .on()
  • Added: Internationalization strings & improvements
  • Added: Disabled <input> fields to select events shortcode, instead of text. Should make it easier to grab the code.
  • Converted plugin version constant to class constants
  • Fixed: Campaigns limit fatal error: 50 not 500 are allowed.
  • Fixed: "Nothing changed" message when ajax editing Contact fields
  • Added: Improved logging with new Activity Log page
    • Use actions ctct_debug for helpful debugging output, ctct_error for errors or caught exceptions, and ctct_activity for Constant Contact REST calls.
    • Added logging settings to main settings page to specify which types of actions get logged
  • Fixed: .updated divs were being removed by the plugin's help tabs
  • Fixed: Removed extra help tabs
  • Fixed: Help tab labels now start with "Constant Contact:" when not on the plugin pages
  • Fixed: CSS / JS loading on all admin pages
  • Removed /docs/ directory
  • Add no_events_text parameter for shortcode (and widget setting) - allows you to define what text is shown when there are no events.
  • Added option to define 0 as the limit parameter to show all events
  • Sanitized widget output
  • Fixed: Insert events widget code would add lots of extra spaces to the shortcode
  • Added: onlyactive checkbox to widget (previously it was always on)
  • Added: Multiple event support, event limit selector, and onlyactive checkbox to insert event shortcode generator


  • Now uses Composer to auto-load classes
  • Updated to fix compatibility issues with changes to CTCT PHP SDK
  • Improved deleting of settings and de-authentication
  • Fixed Events shortcode echoing output instead of returning output
  • Removed Pointers implementation for now.


Completely re-written plugin

  • The biggest thing: moves the plugin over to the new Constant Contact API.
    • Now uses oAuth 2 authentication instead of passwords
  • Inline editing of Contact & List details
  • Improved documentation
    • Plugin now supports the WordPress "Help" tab
    • There are some intro tour pointers to show new users how to use the plugin
  • Subscribe to Newsletter checkbox on Comment forms
  • Removed Extra Field Mappings
  • Lots of Form Designer functionality
    • New option for using style or not
    • Now respects Submit form position
    • Includes options for transparent backgrounds and no borders
    • Includes better theme support
      • Includes classes for themes that support Gravity Forms
      • Includes support for WooThemes, Pagelines and Genesis frameworks
  • Requires WordPress 3.3 or Higher

2.4.1 - January 31, 2013

  • Fixed: issue with WordPress registration: the "Hidden Contact Lists" lists were not being properly added (the list IDs were incorrect), causing issues.
  • Added: "Default Option Text" registration option, visible when using a Dropdown List "List Selection Format". Allows you to set the default text of the dropdown list.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 6 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


2.2 out of 5 stars


1 of 7 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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