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This is an extension plugin for the Connections Business Directory Plugin please be sure to install and active it before adding this plugin.

What does this plugin do?
It adds an entry content block, a shortcode and a highly configurable widget which displays a login form when a user is not logged into your site.

Ok, great, but how does this benefit me?
Well, if you have the directory setup to require login, you can add the [connections_login] shortcode to the login required message setting (or any page you want, the shortcode is not limited to this setting). When it is added and the user is not logged in and visit your directory, they’ll be shown your message plus the login form.

The content block login form and the login widget are best used with Link installed and activated. You can setup the login form content block to be shown on a single entry, that way when a user visits the page and they are not logged in, they’ll be shown a login form right on their page. Alternatively, you could use the widget which will only be displayed on the single entry page when a user is not logged in. It’s your choice, you could use either one or both.

Checkout the screenshots.

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2.0.1 03/17/2016

  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_link_anchor filter.
  • BUG: Use correct bbPress function to return the user topics created URL.
  • TWEAK: Default logout link redirect URL to the current page.
  • OTHER: Correct version number in changelog section of readme.txt.

2.0 03/02/2016

  • FEATURE: Option to configure widget to be visible site wide in the sidebar or limited to only the entry detail/profile page in Connections.
  • FEATURE: Configurable widget title based on if user is logged in or not.
  • FEATURE: Option to disable the “Remember me” checkbox in the login form.
  • FEATURE: Option to disable the “Lost Password” link in the login form.
  • FEATURE: Add support for adding custom links which can be displayed to a logged out user.
  • FEATURE: Option to display the users Gravatar when they are logged in.
  • FEATURE: Option to set the Gravatar’s image size.
  • FEATURE: Option to display the user’s admin profile link.
  • FEATURE: Option to display the logout link.
  • FEATURE: Add support for adding custom links which can be displayed to a logged in user.
  • FEATURE: Support for bbPress.
  • FEATURE: Support for BuddyPress.
  • FEATURE: Extension support and integration with the Link extension.
  • FEATURE: Add shortcode options to the [connections_login] shortcode so the labels can be configured.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_supported_tokens filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_avatar_size filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_logout_url filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_login_url filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_replace_tokens filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_image_types filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_update_settings filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_before_widget_common_settings action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_after_widget_common_settings action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_before_widget_logged_out_settings action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_after_widget_logged_out_settings action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_after_widget_logged_in_settings action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_before action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_logged_in_before action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_logged_in_after action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_logged_out_before action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_logged_out_after action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_after action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_display_image_{$type} action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_lost_password_url filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_register_url filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_register_url action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_{$context}_links filter.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_before_{$context}_links action.
  • NEW: Introduce the cn_login_widget_after_{$context}_links action.
  • TWEAK: Escape translated strings.
  • I18N: Update POT file.
  • I18N: Update es_ES PO/MO files.

1.1 07/06/2015

  • BUG: Load the text domain immediately on plugins_loaded action so the translation files will be loaded.
  • BUG: Remove stray period from version number.
  • TWEAK: Refactor loadTextDomain() so it is consistent with the other extensions for Connections.
  • I18N: Include the POT file.
  • I18N: Add a Spanish (Spain) translation (machine translated).
  • DEV: Update .gitignore.

1.0 08/08/2014

  • Initial release.

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