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Under Construction / Maintenance Mode from Acurax

The easiest and feature-rich plugin to show under construction, coming soon, maintenance mode to visitors.Comes with 5 Mobile Friendly Templates...

This Under Construction or Maintenance Mode Plugin is a simple and easy to configure Coming Soon Landing Page plugin with the best available features and customizable options.

Demo/Live Preview : Template 1 | Template 2 | Template 3 | Template 4 | Template 5 | Custom HTML

Plugin itself is packed with 5 Responsive Landing Page templates with social media icons, custom HTML blocks count down timer to show the date and time of website launch etc. Check screenshots for a clear picture.

Feature Highlights

★ 5 Mobile Friendly High Customizable Themes

★ Customize, Content,Colour,Background etc...

★ Auto Launch Option Available

★ Subscribe Optin form to collect visitor emails

★ Social Media & Google Analytics Integrated

★ Countdown Timer Support

★ SEO Configuration.

★ Advanced Access/Restriction Settings.

★ Custom HTML Page Support

Features in Detail

  • Upload your own logo (image or text) : You can upload or choose logo from your media library, or can use text if you don't have a logo image.

  • Works with any WordPress Theme : This plugin works best with any wordpress theme, without editing or changing anything on your existing website themes or plugins.

  • Auto Launch Option : You can configure a date and time which you wish to launch your website or disable maintenance mode, coming soon or under construction landing page and make the website available for public. Enabling auto launch will automatically make your website public.

  • Easy to configure : Its a simple and highly customizable plugin with structured admin options, so that anyone with basic wordpress knowledge can simply configure and can enable under construction or maintenance page as they wish.

  • Live Preview : You can preview the under maintenance or coming soon page before making it active, so you can make sure it looks perfect before showing it to visitors.

  • Custom Favicon : You have the flexibility to choose any icons or images of your choice as the favicon or browser icon. Simply choose or upload the icon at our plugin settings.

  • Inbuilt Subscribe Optin form to collect visitor emails : You can collect your visitors name and email address, the function is inbuilt and so its easy for you to show the form which says something like "Want to know when we launch" etc.. You can get the subscribers list from our plugin menu, and can easily export them for your needs.

  • Social Media Integrated : We have included social media icons in coming soon or construction mode template, so even if your site is in work in progress mode, your visitors can connect with you over social media. We do have easy option at settings to configure your social media profile links.

  • Count Down Timer : When your website is temporary unavailable, or in under construction or under maintenance mode, you can show count down timer to your visitors so they can simply know when your website will be back. Its easy to configure the expected launch date and time in settings. If you wish, you can also hide the count down timers.

  • SEO Configuration : We know, how much important a search engine optimization is and so the title, meta tags and basic search engine optimization options can be easily customizable from our settings, and this is applicable for all our supported construction mode templates.

  • Advanced Access/Restriction Settings : Enabling Coming Soon or Under Construction Mode is a part of updating website or building your website, and we know, you may need to showcase the site to your contacts to get their review and inputs on progress. So we have included the Advanced access settings. You can white-list ip addresses so visit from those ip's will not see under construction page instead they see your live website. You can also configure access by user roles, for example: editors, authors...

  • 503 Temporarily Unavailable Header : When you enable the Under Maintenance Mode or Under Construction Mode, and when search engine bots/crawlers crawls your website, the plugin will send header information as 503 Temporarily Unavailable, and so search engine know, its a temporary page, This helps you to keep your Search Engine Rankings unaffected.(You can also disable the sending of 503 header at Misc Page - Enabled by Default)

  • Custom HTML Page Support : We are always flexible, we never force to use what we designed, We know you may have a better design to showcase when your website is in offline or under construction mode. You have the easy option to define your own HTML code for the construction mode page. So when you activate the Temporary Unavailable mode, this will be shown.

  • Template Customization Options : We are providing the best multi device friendly under construction or website launch templates but still we know you may have many ideas in your mind to make your work in progress page more unique. We have structured the settings in a way that helps you to simply configure and make it look unique. You can choose, background images of your choice, colors, font size, text/contents for most of all the elements in our templates, even you can hide elements that you don't wish to get displayed.

  • Custom HTML Elements : Even if you choose one of the Coming Soon Template, you may needs to add something in between, and we have custom HTML option so that you can display what ever you wish in between the elements of available Under Construction templates.

  • Custom CSS Support : You have no limits in customizing the Under Construction or Under Maintenance Page, Customize and add your own css code to every themes we supports.

  • Google Analytics : Its easy to add your google analytics code to under construction page, We have option to input google analytics code in our settings.

  • WordPress multi site : You can use Coming soon or Under Maintenance Mode Plugin From Acurax with your wordpress multi site or wordpress network installations and it will work perfect. Each website in your network will get individual management options.

We Need Your Help

Yes, We would like to hear from you, your comments and inputs about this plugin, help us to know what's the missing features that you need the most, and what needs to be improved, so it makes you more happy. We always make happy clients.


This Plugin is developed and maintained by Acurax Technologies. For any support, you may contact us here. Acurax Provide WordPress Theme Design and Development Services.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 50,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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