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Comic Easel

Comic Easel allows you to post webcomics to your theme.


  • Changed the new option to be off by default and only run on is_single pages if then


  • Add option to 'remove' featured images from comic posts on non-ComicPress themes automagically, if theme uses the function the_post_thumbnail()


  • Compatibility check with 4.6


  • Compatibility check with 4.5.3
  • Updated english language files


  • Removed loading of webcomics.com information from remotely
  • updated to correspond to WordPress 4.5 release


  • Added Content Warning toggle which blur's individual comics in the comic editor (user can click to unblur) courtesy Ryan G.
  • Added URL referrer ability to comics that makes it so that you can choose for comics only to be visible if they clicked a link from some place else
  • @egypturnash - added option to render chapter dropdown as list of links
  • @eypturnash - added highlighting of current chapter to list


  • @Egypturnash - fix ceo_get_adjacent_chapter to work with W3 Total Cache's object cache


  • Put navigation bar back where people expect it to be, will make it an option for 1.9.9


  • Removed all references, css, code and actions to 'motion artist' - no longer supporting
  • location/character page override code or custom landing pages, requires ComicPress 4.3+ or templates added from 4.3 to your current
  • added !important on .comic-table for the display:table to not have zappbar's overwrite it for proper display
  • show entire list on the options page for which chapter to select for home page


  • Introducing Landing Pages for chapters that works with the ComicPress theme
  • CSS mods and inclusions for the new ComicPress theme
  • removed outdated -moz -webkit -khtml references in the CSS
  • options added for landing pages and changing the default nav bar's chapter navigation to go to it or not
  • removed bad reference assignment & in the buy-print shortcode
  • revamped the query arguments in the thumbnail widget


  • Fix: Make sure the extra CSS for Jetpack's mobile theme, only executes with the Jetpack mobile theme
  • Moved most actions and filters to run at 'init' time so they are found at a better time after other plugins are loaded
  • Fix: Translation strings for "No comic found." in a couple are done correctly
  • Added some CSS to disable the prev/next for the Jetpack Mobile theme on single-comic pages


  • Support for Jetpack Mobile theme without using extra plugins for featured image
  • new comic archive dropdown code which better utilizes the menu order and tabbing
  • don't display the 'comic chapters' title if it's empty


  • started on making a clear price button for the buyprint
  • cleaned up the ceo-admin.php from non-functional code and redid the hook actions
  • fixed the list dropdown to display more then 5 and allow it to display on home page
  • temporarily removed the change from checkbox to radio button in the quick edit for all comics


  • Compatibility for widgets registering for older version of PHP, if you can though talk to your hosting to update your PHP version


  • Widget updating messed up the navigation widgets execution of the navstyle.css this update fixes it


  • Widgets updated for WordPress 4.3
  • New Widget - "jump to" comic archive dropdown, shows list of comics from the current chapter to move-to


  • Fix for going back to 'all chapters' in the config after switching back to it.


  • Confirmed 4.2.2 compatibility


  • WordPress 4.1 compatibility mark
  • removed all references to in_the_loop, was causing issues with some themes
  • allowable change to which thumbnail size to use in the thumbnail widget


  • Title fix for comics so that they display // quick patch, links break otherwise


  • Rewrote the code to allow chapters in the URL using a different method
  • removed the 'click to view larger image' text when lightbox is enabled
  • added a new option to the comic editor in the toggle box, 'comic has map?' for those who want to make image maps for their comics
  • moved an option on the navigation tab to it's appropriate location in the default nav section
  • allow keyboard navigation jquery to work with the navigation widget and not just default nav


  • Added option to disable the keyboard navigation script from running
  • added error checking to the first and last in chapter get_terms function in the navigation.php
  • edits to the archive-dropdown widget (yes, again) and default navigation archive-dropdown
  • edit to the comic-archive list=1 shortcode ref: ps238.nodwick.com's archive
  • added parent => 0 to stop the duplicating of info in the comic-archive


  • Config section bug fix for saving the graphic navigation dropdown value


  • Added some tabs in the comic - config
  • Moved the post type name options to the 'archive' tab
  • Added a couple of new options that allow you to change the word usage for "chapter" to something else
  • resources tables coming from fetched file
  • archive dropdown now shows select of the chosen name from the config
  • do not display transcripts on the archive and search pages
  • the column for the all comics now uses the name chosen for the taxonomy
  • change the way the comment value is displayed in the navigation to better support disqus and other 3rd party comment systems
  • Comic sidebars now default to being enabled on new installations
  • option to add chapter_slug to the URL, replacement for the use of the custom post type permalinks plugin

  • fixed bug where you couldn't save the facebook image size


  • Added dropdown box to choose which thumbnail goes into the og:image for facebook to recognize
  • adjusted the alternate color for the config and moved some alternates around in the css
  • new shortcode [randcomic character=character-slug size=(thumbnail/large/full) chapter=chapter-slug name=post-name]



  • Changed the og:image size from thumbnail to full so facebook can love it better


  • Filter the comic-display-area to be on the home landing page and single pages only.
  • do not display the comic blog on alternate set posts pages
  • fixed the hovertext entry for in the comic editor for hosts that can't handle syntax


  • Added 'link to' box that makes whatever comic is there link to whatever URL you put in the input box
  • Added comic archive dropdown shortcode [comic-archive-dropdown] so you can embed that into any post or page


  • Added option to enable the default comic navigation to appear above the comic
  • Added option to the archive dropdown widget to jump to the archive page instead of the first comic in the chapter
  • Fixed bad sort in the archive dropdown widget and jumpto the first comic

1.7 / 1.7.1

  • Now properly adds menu_order column to WPMS installs for chapter ordering
  • Added toggle in archive chapter dropdown that let's you set it so that the count doesn't show
  • changed width of ID column in the chapters editor section to 40px to account for higher iD numbers
  • added option to allow comics to be associated with regular WordPress categories
  • fixed bug where archive dropdown didn't properly display order (hopefully)
  • added before- and after-comic-navigation action locations to place new buttons before and after to go along with the inside- one


  • Verifying Compatibility with 3.9 WordPress


  • Attempt to fix the language text domain and directory


  • Can select which chapter appears on the home page (or all)
  • removed click comic for larger version text


  • Added option to disable the rewrite rules regeneration

  • Add input box for changing the width of the media url as comic


  • Use media URL as the comic (still use featured image as the thumbnail for it)

  • Apostrophy fix for the keynav.js file


  • Fix for the mishit of thumbnail widget messing up the page if not to show on the same page checkmark is done
  • Fix for the keyboard navigation if someone wants to type a comment and use arrows in there


  • Changed the 'chapter' select to radio instead of checkbox, can only have one chapter selected.
  • Added an error message when editing a post that will display if the slug of the comic is numerical.


  • JS, added keyboard navigation .js file - auto-on always
  • the thumbnail widget when you have multiple thumbs showing now has the wrapper on the outside and individuals inside of that wrapper


  • CSS: removed the padding in #comic-foot and on #comic


  • Traverse comic chapters with the previous/next buttons (option) in navigation tab.
  • Added filter by columns on the comic - (all) comics page.
  • The name to show all of the comics is now "all comics" instead of just "comic"


  • Welcome back flash comics.


  • Fixed a bunch of extra /slashes that were after plugin_path and plugin_url - thanks Eric Merced


  • Buy Print/Original shortcode & buttons with IPN to Paypal
  • Added Directions and changed the 'set featured image' to say 'Set Comic/Featured Image' in the comic editor.
  • fixed plugin path/url code so if someone changes the wp-content directory it will adjust appropriately
  • allow ?latest= to be slug, thanks @gladius2metal


  • Added Motion Artist comics default CSS to the comiceasel.css
  • removed erroneous quote in the admin-meta
  • removed extra padding in the #comic-foot in the comiceasel.css
  • major fix to admin-meta that was causing screen glitch for editor


  • Made a filter to able to change the arguments for the home page comic and mini nav display AND nav widget
  • added text-align: center; to #sidebar-over-comic and #sidebar-under-comic, can be overridden with !important
  • made a filter for $transcript so it can be htmlspecialchars_decode() if you want to add html to the transcript
  • fixed some stray text strings so they can be translated in the admin-meta.php
  • permalink / dates now work with the comic post type
  • removed title= in the comic calendar widget, which fixes the error messages
  • added p.comic-thumbnail-in-archive CSS element to handle the section in the archive/search pages of the thumbnail output
  • removed a couple uneeded links in the config


  • Support for Jetpack's Publicize and shortlinks for comics.
  • Change menu position to 6 if Jetpack comics is activated so they don't overwrite each other.
  • Fixed some localization strings being the wrong designation
  • added some extra classes to the nav buttons in the default nav so it can be skinned properly
  • sep. the comic_display_comic() function into individual parts so it isn't as lengthy to read
  • don't check for navigate only chapters button is enabled when there is an option for it already on the random button
  • removed w3 total cache transition post cache clear due to new change with w3 total cache


  • shortcodes: fixed the 'ordering' of the thumbnail=1 in the comic-archive for list=0
  • import: used proper site url find for is_multisite() installs - hopefully
  • redirect: adding &comment to the /?latest=# line like /?latest=#&comment will make it add the #respond to the url line to go straight to the comments section
  • shortcodes: fixed the 'ASC' 'DESC' display of thumbnails on the list_all list=0 (see first fix in 1.4.2, same thing just fixed the fix)
  • CSS: changed the archive pages list-wrap's to be width: auto; to auto determine size available
  • Jetpack Photon support, if Photon is enabled, all comic images will be served from the WordPress CDN saving you bandwidth.


  • Remove testing code for thumbnails in the related comics section
  • changed facebook display function to social_meta and add some twitter meta to it - in testing
  • shuffle some logic around in the casthover widget so it doesn't display title if there are no cast members set


  • Added support for 'motion artist' comics. Read documentation at comiceasel.com
  • Fixed some visual issues on the comic - comics page, where the thumbnail was being cut off
  • made the admin-editor.css file enqueue on the comics list page as well
  • added 'this day in history' to the thumbnail widget, needs testing


  • Added the random comic in navigation to work like the default one if set to chapter only
  • Added some arguments to the ceo_comic_archive_jump_to_chapter() function


  • make it so the chapter dropdown doesn't show empty chapters it just doesn't work
  • check for 404 pages for the thumbnail casthover and comblogpost widgets and do not execute if it's a 404 page, or even page
  • added constants-checking to disable features for developers who do not want their users have access
  • option to make the random button stay within the same chapter/story
  • cleaned up the navigation.php file, removed the 'syndication' part since it's not supposed to be there
  • removed unused code from the displaycomic.php file
  • redid displaycomic logic and added a whole bunch of error checking


  • Option added to the thumbnail widget to set the thumbnail to not display on posts that the thumbnail displays (used to be always) now it default as off
  • toggle in comic post editor to allow [all] comics attached to the post to display for the day full sized with or without a jquery page flipper
  • COME ON Read the line above! It says MULTI COMIC per day support, not only that it's PER comic post NOT an all or nothing thing.


  • removed some taxonomies from having their own feed, caused search engines to freak out
  • replaced some home_url with admin_url for admin location links in the admin_meta
  • restored the protect/unprotect but renamed them ceo_protect ceo_unprotect, wp_reset_query was having 'issues'
  • added injection of the comic-easel version number as a meta tag for the section
  • fixed some injection code where it was returning at the wrong time for the post-info
  • chapter= argument now works inside cast-page so that you can seperate the casts between different comics


  • New widget, which displays mini thumbnails with hovercards of the cast members who are in the current comic - courtesy of Chris Maverick.
  • Fixed navigation issues, added another option to navigation widget; It no longer erases the titles when clicking save on first time adding it to the sidebar.
  • Cleaned up some coding in all of the other widgets. Replaced most of the protect() unProtect() with wp_reset_query().
  • Comic blog post widget now has an Ordering based on the option in the config.


  • Revamped the cast-page shortcode, in tables now, also shows most recent comic the character was in, cast-page now accepts order=(asc/desc) and limit=# arguments documentation now available at comiceasel.com


  • New debug screen for variables and system information. (for me to help people with mainly)
  • New option to enable transcripts to appear at the bottom of posts if the transcript exists instead of using the shortcode. Disable if you want to use the shortcode instead.
  • bug fix for default values not setting when plugin updates, if the option for transcripts is enables in the config disable use of the shortcode [transcript] while it's active


  • Introducing Comic Easel - Import (comic -> import in the wp-admin)


  • Added multi thumbnail plugin coding so you can have 2 images per comic, one teaser image used in the thumbnail widget and wherever else you code it in.
  • CSS Adjustments to some of the navigation images
  • added esc_attr checks to the thumbnail widget for extra security


  • added new list= to the shortcode for [comic-archive list=3] will show yearly archive of comics, all on one page


  • Added new list= to the shortcode for [comic-archive list=2] will show a yearly archive of comics split up into linkable pages


  • Chapter Order Fields fixed


  • Attempt at a navigation fix for the widget for front page ASC/DESC changes
  • Also fixed (hopefully) the name change after saving the widget


  • Added option to allow making the first comic appear on the home page
  • the comic's blog post now will search for content-comic.php in the theme/child themes directory and use that if it exists


  • Fixed problem with tags and the archive
  • reverted previous change to not showing chapters that were empty in the archive dropdown
  • not flushing wp_rewrite on deactivation - should set the permalinks properly now on activation


  • Added #blogheader div that appears under the comic's blog post on the home page.


  • Made it so that the navigation widget shows up whether the comic sidebars are active or not. They should work in any sidebar now.
  • added function ceo_in_comic_category() for a conditional statement to check if the page is in the comic category


  • Some additions to the language code, possible fox for the undefined problem with archive comic post types, various css fixes


  • Never program while mad at the world ;/ apparently you make some mistakes in backwards compatibility.


  • Removed URLRewrite /comic/#date#/ code since it was causing behavior problems
  • Fixed the click to next and mini navigation to navigate per the setting in the config all chapters or just in chapter


  • Fix for RSS feeds, the problem was the action hook for it
  • update: possible fix for clearing cache when custom post type is published with w3 total cache


  • Use hovertext as well as comic-hovertext in the meta fields for those coming from ComicPress


  • Bug fixes for shortcodes, and placement of shortcodes.


  • Chapter ordering is now part of the plugin, if you see any errors report them, deactivate the plugin and reactivate.


  • Chapter Navigation (prev/next chapter)
  • Various little bug fixes here and there


  • Fixed wrong function in filter for archive
  • added option for turning off the mininav if it's implemented
  • fixed the mininav to not be enabled of on the home page the comic is diabled


  • Navigation Widget, Calendar widget, bug fixes and new code for navigating in chapters/all.
  • New options for setting the thumbnail size for various locations that use thumbnails


  • Added Sidebar generators for no matter what theme you use.
  • Added the Navigation Widget, which replaces the default navigation, it shares the same skinning as ComicPress and will often times be able to use the navstyle from ComicPress.


  • Updated: 05/26/2012 12:25am Pacific
  • Made the prev/next link rel's properly navigate for comic posts

Updated: 05/26/2012 5:25pm Pacific * Sidebar locations for the comic-area

Requires: 4.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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