Columns Alignment Fix for Elementor


How Elementor’s “Columns Gap” Originally Works

The Columns Gap feature on Elementor’s section and inner section will add unnecessary paddings on the sides. This makes inconsistent content alignment with theme’s container or other sections’ container.

What This Plugin Does

It will remove the unnecessary side paddings on Elementor’s section and inner section. This fix is done by CSS, so no content would be lost.


Try to create 3 sections on Elementor and fill them with any content widget. After that, try to set different “Columns Gap” for each section.

  • Section 1, columns gap set to “Default”
  • Section 2, columns gap set to “No Gap”
  • Section 2, columns gap set to “Wide”

Without the columns alignment fix:
You will see inconsistent alignment on the content on those 3 sections.

With the columns alignment fix:
Those 3 sections will have consistent side padding!

How to Activate The Columns Alignmet Fix

1. Global configuration

Go to Elementor > Settings > Style and check the Enabled globally option.

2. Individual section

When on Elementor builder, select a section / inner section, from the Layout tab and check the Enable Columns Alignment Fix option.


  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for Columns Alignment Fix for Elementor.
  3. Click Install button and then Activate the plugin right away.


Will activating this plugin break my content I made before?

Not at all, the fix is very optional and could be enabled only on some specific sections. So you can choose which sections you want to have the fix enabled. You might not need to enable the fix on your existing sections, your content would stay the same.

What if I enabled the fix on my sections, and then decided to deactivate the plugin in the future?

No worries. Once the plugin is deactivated, you would have default Elementor’s columns alignment back.

After enabled, the columns look perfect on desktop, but on mobile devices my content sticks to screen edges. Why?

This is expected as we already removed the native inconsistent side padding. The best suggestion is to set the section’s left and right padding to a consistent number that you desire. For example, you want to have consistent 20px gap to the screen edges, so you set the section’s left and right padding to 20px.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! You can use any theme you like, however we really recommend you to use our theme: Suki – which is highly customizable, lightweight, and of course 100% compatible with Elementor and Elementor Pro.


Perfect fix that should be native!

Hi, very usefuln thanks a lot! But please allow me a little request: It would be nice to have the ability to manually set the left and right external padding of the row, so that we could align everything properly with other rows. Using the same values as gaps would be the solution. Another reason is that with your plugin, text on external columns sticks to the left and right edges, which is sometimes really annoying because you have to manually change padding of the section or columns, or use only internal sections inside a normal section to set a global padding. Thx again, mate!


I'm a picky graphic designer, and it always bothered me how Elementor's column gap worked. This plugin is awesome, and makes me happy again. Thanks SukiWP!

Nailed a major flaw

Thanks so much for spending your time fixing this! Definitely should be picked up by Elementor

Ha !!!!!

Thank you for making this, this same l/r padding on all columns even external ones when increasing the space between them is really pretty lazy design on the part of Elementor, thanks for making this ! I imagine some day they'll pick up on it when they're not too busy adding eye-candy gimmicks right and left.
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Contributors & Developers

“Columns Alignment Fix for Elementor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Add global setting on Elementor > Settings > Style.


  • Use inline CSS instead of static CSS file.
  • Add overflow-x: hidden CSS on content container to fix overflowing columns in small devices.


  • Add load textdomain for translation


  • Initial release