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Collapsible Widget Area

Creates a tabbed or accordion-style widget that can hold other widgets.

Will this plugin work in versions of WordPress older than 3.3?

There is limited support for the tabbed interface in WordPress 3.2.x, but the accordion interface does not work.

My widget title should have a link/image, but it doesn't. Why not?

In order to create the handles for the accordions/tabs, the titles have to be wrapped in links to those items. Since you can't wrap a link inside of a link, this plugin strips any HTML from the widget title before rendering the collapsible interface.

Does this work on multisite installations?

Yes. This plugin is set up to work in any of the following situations:

  • Single site installs
  • Multisite installs where the plugin is activated on a site-by-site basis
  • Multisite installs where the plugin is network activated
  • Multi-network installs (some multi-network functionality of this plugin will only work if you have our multi-network function files installed)

Can I have more than one Collapsible Widget Area?

Yes you can. Simply go to Settings -> Collapsible Widget Options and specify how many Collapsible Widget Areas you want. Then, when you go back to Appearance -> Widgets, you will see that many Collapsible Widget Areas available on the right side.

Can I insert the Collapsible Widget Area into a post or page, instead of using it in a widgetized area?

Yes, you can use the shortcode [collapsible-widget id=#] (where you replace the # with the ID of the Collapsible Widget Area you want to render). The following options are available for the shortcode:

  • id (int) - the ID of the Collapsible Widget Area to be rendered. Defaults to 1
  • show_what (accordion|tabbed) - specifies which type of interface to use. Defaults to "tabbed"
  • collapsible (bool) - if the type is set to accordion, this option specifies whether or not the entire accordion can be closed, or if one item always has to be open. Defaults to false
  • closed (bool) - if the type is set to accordion, and the collapsible option is set to true, this option specifies whether or not to start with the accordion completely collapsed. Defaults to false
  • cookie (bool) - if the type is set to tabbed, this option specifies whether to save which tab is active so that it will be the active tab the next time the person returns to the page. Defaults to false

Can I use the Collapsible Widget Area in my theme, rather than using it in a widgetized area?

Again, theoretically, yes. You should be able to use the_widget() to insert this directly into your theme, but that has not been tested, and it would probably take some effort to get it working correctly.

How does the plugin create the tabs/accordions?

This plugin uses jQueryUI (either the Tabs feature or the Accordion feature) to implement the tabs/accordions. A little extra JavaScript is thrown in just to make sure the elements are in the correct places before trying to apply the tab/accordion interface.

How does the plugin style the tabs/accordions?

Since this plugin uses jQueryUI, it uses the same style definitions that any other jQueryUI accordion/tab interface would use. You can choose to use any of the existing jQueryUI themes (all hosted on Google's CDN), you can leave out custom styling altogether (for instance, if you already have a jQueryUI theme pulled into your theme, or if you have specific style definitions for jQueryUI widgets baked into your theme's stylesheet), or you can apply a custom theme by hooking into the collapsible-widget-ui-theme filter and returning the URI of the CSS file you want to use.

What filters does this plugin introduce?

  • collapsible-widget-ui-theme - the parameters sent to this filter are: 1) the URI of the CSS file being used (or a blank string if "none" was selected from the options) and 2) the theme option that was selected in the plugin's settings
  • collapsible-widget-area-args - the arguments sent to the register_sidebar() function when registering the Collapsible Widget Area sidebar
  • collapsible-widget-theme-list - an associative array of the jQueryUI themes available for use with this plugin: The keyword used in the Google CDN URI (or, the full URI to a custom theme) is used as the key, and the human-friendly name of the theme is used as the value for each array item.
  • collapsible-widget-defaults
  • collapsible-widget-javascript-arguments (since v0.5.1) - the arguments printed in JSON to tell jQueryUI how to instantiate the accordion/tab items. This is a nested array of arguments. Reasons to use this might include changing the heightStyle argument, so that accordion areas are only as tall as the content inside of them, rather than all being a uniform height.

Can I see examples of how to use these filters?

Yes, you can see some very basic code examples of how these filters can be used on Github.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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