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Save my planet: offset the CO2-footprint from factory to home

As consumer awareness on the importance of preserving the environment continues to grow, more companies puzzle how to integrate growing demand for CO2 reduction or offset into their business model, ensuring they contribute to a sustainable planet. This is where CO2ok comes in. We empower companies and their customers to neutralise the emission of greenhouse gases, from production to transport.

Go green
Get a grip on sustainability of your products, show the impact of production and transport and neutralise CO2 emissions.

Higher conversion & retention
Increase shop indexability, brand perception, customer loyalty and value and overall sales, while reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Greenify your shipping
Make your delivery climate friendly – compensation of the emissions is included in our service!

Easy integration and use
Our plugin is setup in a matter of minutes. Execute your social responsibility strategy, helping to fight climate change.

CO2ok offers a service that lets your customers compensate the CO2 footprint of their online purchases through investment in projects that directly contribute to lowering or neutralising the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. By enabling your customers to do so you do your bit to preserve our planet for our kids and future generations.

We help online retailers engage with their customers on climate change, offering valuable insight in emissions and the choice to offset it. In turn affiliated retailers build a positive brand image and increase awareness through demonstrated environmental responsibility. As a plus, CO₂ok’s easy to use technology lets you increase your sales conversion.

* Multi-language (currently English, Dutch, German and French – let us know which language you need!)
* Clear information ‘hoverbox’ with instant explanation
* Flexible placement on the checkout page
* 2 button designs available (custom on request)
* Receive marketing support with our free kit and frequent content updates
* Give your customers a smile on their face with our gifs (or disable them)
* Show the impact your shop makes with our widgets: Impact Trustmark and/or Impact Calculator

How it works

Upon checkout, customers are presented the choice to offset greenhouse gas emission of their purchase. When clicking the CO2ok-button a minor fee* is added to the order amount. Customers complete their order the regular way. The fee is paid by the customer to you and we bill you the amount of accumulated fees. We then invest in the project(s) of your choice.

Upon clicking the CO2ok-button:
1. We calculate and show the cost to compensate CO2 that was emitted during production and transport of the product.
2. We add the fee to the cart – the checkout process remains unchanged.
3. We bill our retailer for the received compensation fees and invest them in projects via our certified partners: Atmosfair & Fair Climate Fund
4. Your customers shop climate neutral.

*The extra fee is 1% on average.

Help us fight climate change!

more information on our site

Please let us know if you have feedback/questions or something doesn’t work as expected: drop us a line : or use the support section on

Terms of Service


  • The CO2ok button and info-hover as it is presented to users

  • An overview that includes the checkout screen

  • The minimal button design

  • Show off your impact with our widgets!


Installing our extension takes just a few minutes, for customers, using it is just one click. Nothing about the ordering-process changes. You won’t lose customers by any tedious procedures. If you bump into a problem with the extension, we’re always available through mail, whatsapp or by phone.

This plugin can be installed via:
* the WordPress plugin installer
* manual Installation

Once installed activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


What changes for my customers?

Besides the option that the CO2 compensation button provides, nothing changes. Your customers aren’t troubled with registration or added steps – they just check out as always, regardless of whether they opted for CO2 compensation or not.

Privacy considerations

We gather as little data as possible, specifically:
– the WordPress admin email address, for sending invoices
– limited information about transactions with CO2 compensation selected (orderid, order total and compensation amount)


December 21, 2020
After some testing, I have the impression that it is just a fix percentage of the total basket added. There seems to be neither an option to set an individual values for emission for certain products or categories, nor is there any transparency where the values come from. It is therefore just a fancy checkout option for CO2 certificates with a 25% surcharge. Useless for me, why are the other reviews so positive?
October 21, 2020
Mooi initiatief om met elkaar een bijdrage te leveren aan CO2 reductie. Naast de samenwerking met onze klanten om bomen te planten via Trees for All, biedt het aanbod van Co2OK ons de mogelijkheid om verzending en productie van de producten in onze webshop te compenseren met onze klanten.De plugin is heel makkelijk in gebruik.
May 31, 2020
Our company has sustainability in our DNA. We love that CO2ok is offering services/great features to make more impact and to show that we care about our planet. We love the idea and we get great reactions from our customers. Milo helpt us with the installation and design. Keep up the good work guys.
October 30, 2019
Sustainability is at the core of our company. We do a lot to lower our footprint. We also like giving customers the opportunity to do more. They have made it simple to show the results on your site. The services were installed within 5 minutes and now no maintancende or effort is needed. The results of the A/B gave us wonderful (positive) insights.
October 30, 2019
We have been using the CO2 plugin for almost a year now, and are very satisfied. Customers only tick one box when paying for their order, and the CO2 emissions will be compensated for them. About 60% of our customers choose this option during checkout. It is a service we want to offer, as we sell sustainable/low waste/zero waste products in the webshop. Customers think extra about their purchase, and buy it consciously. The mission of CO₂ok is 100% in line with our mission, to create a more sustainable and cleaner world! Twice a year I receive an invoice for the CO2 compensation of all orders done with the plugin. So I hardly have any extra work! 🙂
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* Improves button design compatiblity

* Improves button design compatiblity
* Improves ₂ rendering in some shops

* Improves minimal button design compatiblity

* Some more css compatiblity

* Adds new info-hover to minimal button design
* Improves new info-hover css compatiblity

* Improves new info-hover css compatiblity

* Adds Climate Friendly Products feature!
* Adds new info-hover for default design (let us know what you think!)

* Increases CSS compatiblity of button
* Adds support for large numbers or currency symbols

* Fixes A/B bug
* Fixes bug with widget loading

* Improves A/B code to have even lower perf/caching impact
* Fixes some styling issues
* loads widgets asynchronously for better performance

* Fixes widgetmark bug

* Adds way to deal with shops rerendering on cart update

* Changes wording from climate neutral to climate friendly

* Improves A/B result calculation, fixes timeout

* Makes A/B reporting on settings page conditional

* Adds A/B reporting to settings page
* Updates plugin store page text

* fixes PHP notice with PHP 7.4
* Updates plugin store page text
* Improves compatiblity with combined cart+checkout pages

* Updates tested with status

* fixes minor CSS issue

* Fixes some UX and styling issues with minimal design and info-hover

* Improves compatiblity with multi site installations
* Switches widgets to retrieve impact data with shortcode

* Fixes minor JS issue in some custom checkouts
* Fixes minor CSS issue in some themes

* Optimizes widget impact data loading
* Fixes minor CSS issue with minimal design

* Fixes minor CSS issue

* Fixes a rounding issue

* Improves refund handling

* Fixes bug with wc_get_orders and A/B research

* Improves A/B research code
* Improves social&impact proof feature

* Fixes bug JS code

* Fixes bug with A/B test code in some scenarios
* Adds social&impact proof to minimal design compensate button
* Adds clarifying sentence to social&impact proof
* fixes bug with minimal design in some checkouts

* Adds XL widgets!
* Adds social&impact proof to compensate button
* Corrects bug with some transactions not being stored

* Adjusts surcharge percentage calculation

* Fixes bug with A/B test functionality on some stores

* Adds A/B test functionality
* Adds widgetmark to the footer by default (can be disabled on settings page)
* Tested in latest WP/WC versions

* Fixes JS issue with some WP optimizing plugins

* Fixes css issue for info-hovercard in some shops

* Fixes issue with some checkouts

* Fixes rounding error

* Adds support for a3 lazy loader
* Adds support for custom co2ok tax class for shops that need it

* Adds widget-mark shortcode ([co2ok_widgetmark]), dark launch
* Expands WP plugin dir tags
* Corrects ToS link

* Changes estimated percentage to 2%

* Removes buggy checkout placement option, adds better one (Before Order Review)

* Actually squashes last CSS bug

* Another CSS bug squashed

* Fixes CSS bug
* Tells Jetpack not to lazy-load our logo
* Corrects decimal separator for non-comma-using currencies

* Fixes shopping cart page fee adding bug
* Increases support for plugins that aggressively optimize loading (and thus delay jQuery)

* Adds setting to disable gifs, adds some gifs

* Fixed small layout issue

* Reduced size of default button design
* Increased reliability of transaction storing

* Fixes conflict with plugin
* Tested in latest WP/WC versions
* Disables some gifs (let us know what you think! Suggestions welcome)

* Adds German translation
* Tested in latest WP/WC versions

* fixes CSS issue on checkout page in some shops
* corrects VAT message
* adds support for large compensation amounts

* Fixes bugs with the awesome gifs

* Adds awesome gifs!
* Fixes bug with accessibility

* Adds checkout-page placement feature
* The button is now keyboard selectable and readable for screenreaders

* fixes bugs with hoverbox and adaptive text colour

* Only scroll for hoverbox on mobile
* Fixes VAT being applied twice on cart page

* Hotfix to fix JS compatiblity with some themes

* Adds opt-out feature (please let us know what you think!)
* Fixes compatiblity with IE/Edge
* Fixes compatiblity with some themes/WC versions
* Improves UX for hoverbox
* Minor design tweaks

* Minor cart page bugfix

* Adds support for obscure WooCommerce cart pages
* Fixes bug with minimal design

* Fixes some CSS issues
* Adds explanatory sentence to the minimal button design

* Adds minimal design option for our button
* Updates Freemius SDK for GDPR compliance
* Fixes bugs with non-updating amount on button
* Includes Roboto font via httpS (thanks Linda!)
* Minor fixes

* Reverts JS implementation to more compatible one
* Fixes minor CSS issues
* Implements optional Freemius analytics
* Fixes some transactions not being stored in the CO2ok backend
* Improves settings page

* Fixes info-hover’s invisibility in some webshops
* Fixes button clickability and functionality in certain webshops
* Minor layout/rendering improvements

* Fixes security issue

* New design, even fresher now
* Corrected VAT calculation
* Made error handling more robust
* Fixed button on cart page (broken by WC 3.3)
* Expanded TDD test coverage
* Implemented remote logging (currently disabled – we need to discuss this with the WP plugin team first)

* Reverts to previous release

* Fresh new design
* clearer communication of the function (make climate neutral instead of build a better future)
* implemented settings screen for future button layout selection and opt-in for helping us improve our product
* bugs be gone

  • Hello world! Now in English as well as in Dutch – other languages will follow
  • Added support for every currency that Woocommerce supports
  • More resiliant against aggressive designs
  • Now even prettier in FireFox

  • Improved button design, fixed some bugs


  • Initial release