This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

CMS2CMS: SilverStripe to WordPress Migration


If you wish to migrate your current SilverStripe to WordPress – CMS2CMS Migration Plugin can help to convert all data totally automatedly in a few easy-to-do steps. No coding experience or special skills are required to master and operate the tool properly.

Supported WordPress versions: 4.x (new software versions are constantly being added).

  • There is Free Demo available (migration of limited number of pages).
  • Full Migration starts from $9.


The Following are the Supported Entities that can be migrated to WordPress:

  • pages
  • content images
  • internal links

Additional Migration Options provided by the service:

  • clear WordPress data before migration
  • 301 redirects from old URLs to new URLs
  • forms

Features of Automated Migration:

  • Intuitiveness – CMS2CMS service is favoured by first-time users because it expects no previous programming skills to work with.
  • Speedy Performance – due to the automated process, a full-scale CMS2CMS migration takes very little time: from 15 min to a couple of hours.
  • Free Demo Available – CMS2CMS gives its users a possibility to view a website migration process in action and to estimate the results.
  • Live Support – CMS2CMS provides 24/7 live chat support to help users in case they got stuck.

More info:

Our Support Team is available via phone, Live Chat and Email (Technical support) during the following hours:

  • Phone support – 24 hours a day, Monday – Friday
  • Live Chat support – 24 hours a day, Monday – Friday
  • Technical support – from 11 am to 7 pm GMT +2, Monday – Friday

Note. The plugin installs the connection bridge on WordPress website, which is necessary for data exchange between SilverStripe and WordPress websites. Once activated, you’ll be redirected to CMS2CMS website in order to complete the migration.


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  1. Download the plugin zip file.
  2. Extract plugin zip file to your PC.
  3. Upload extracted file to wp-content/plugin directory.
  4. Go to Admin -> Plugins, find “SilverStripe to WordPress Migration” and click Activate.
    When finished, you’ll be redirected to CMS2CMS website in order to complete your migration.


Your website is unreachable

If your website cannot be reached, pay attention to the following points:
Make sure your site is available online at the moment.
It’s possible that your firewall blocks certain IP requests. Contact your system administrator or hosting provider support for details about this issue.

Your server responds with 401 Unauthorized

If you get this error, try the following solutions:
1. Ensure that access to your site content is not blocked by HTTP Basic Authentication ( HTTP Basic Authentication is a protection method which requests additional login and password to access webpage or other resource.
2. Make sure that your website content is available on the Internet during the Migration process.

Your server responds with 403 Forbidden

This error means that access to certain files or folders is limited. Find below the possible solutions:
1. Your firewall may be causing this by blocking access to the server for our IP addresses. Please, contact your hosting provider and ask them to add the following IPs to the white-list:

  • Port 80

This is done to enable data exchange between your websites. After the migration is complete, you’ll be able to remove our IPs from the white list.
Check the access permissions. For ‘cms2cms’ folder specify the file permissions 755. For files in the ‘cms2cms’ folder specify permissions 644.
Find out whether there are access restrictions for bridge file. Usually, restrictions are specified in .htaccess file. Contact your system administrator for details.

Your server responds with 413 Request Entity Too Large

It indicates that the request is too large for your server. These are possible solutions:
Increase values for the following parameters: ‘memory_limit’ and ‘post_max_size’ in PHP configuration.
If the module suhosin for PHP is installed on the server, increase the parameter ‘’. Usually, the value of 32 Mb is enough.

Your server responds with 500 Server Error

Incorrect permissions for bridge folder are the most common reason of this internal server error.

  • for \’cms2cms\’ folder, specify the file permissions 755
  • for \’index.php\’, \’bridge.php\’ and \’key.php\’ files in \’cms2cms\’ folder, specify the permissions 644
  • If it won’t help, contact your system administrator who can provide you with server logs access for further error detection. You can also request technical assistance from your hosting provider.

    Failed to connect to host / Operation timed out / Nothing was returned from the server / The connection to your server has timed out

    Each of these errors indicates that your website cannot be reached online. Solutions are as follows:
    Make sure your site is available online at the moment.
    It’s possible that your firewall blocks certain IP requests. Contact your system administrator or hosting provider support for details about this issue.

    POST Method Not Allowed

    This is a server error. Contact your system administrator or your hosting provider support to have POST method allowed for your server.

    Site is connected already by another account

    Each CMS2CMS user has the unique key which can be found in the Bridge file. So, the Bridge of user A is different from the Bridge of user B. If you have downloaded a bridge using one account, but you try to migrate with this bridge under another account, you get this error.

    To fix it, you should either download the bridge again under the account you are going to use for migration or login to the account you used previously to download the Bridge file.

    Invalid response received

    Сontact us at

    An error occurred when trying to connect to your site

    Сontact us at

    An unknown error occurred

    Сontact us at

    Contributors & Developers

    “CMS2CMS: SilverStripe to WordPress Migration” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




    • Bug fixes


    • Improved Connection Bridge


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    • Added German Language
    • Minor fixes of html


    • Initial commit