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Client Dash

Creating a more intuitive admin interface for clients.


  • Fix conflict with plugin "Menu Icons".
  • Repair broken menu links feature.
  • Improved admin notices infastructure.


  • Fix potential admin theme PHP notice.
  • Fix potential fatal error due to improper static method call.


  • Fix issue with non-public post type menu items not showing in menu editor even when "show_in_menu" is true.


  • Fixed potential fatal error.


  • Fixed potential fatal errors when using dashboard widgets.
  • Fix CD core widgets not working


  • Very minor bug fixes.
  • Testing in the WordPress 4.1 environment.


  • Allowed the Links menu item to be available in Client Dash only when the link manager functionality is enabled.
  • Fixed edge-case fatal error due to some inconsistency in the code.


  • Made jQuery live for the icon-selector dropdown in CD Settings -> Menus so that it would also work for newly added menu items.
  • Made sure the filter that removes CD admin menu nav menus from WP Core lists applies everywhere (they were showing in the customizer in the custom menu widget).
  • Menus generated for administrators weren't getting all items, due to custom capabilities. Now if you have "manage_options" (typically only admins) you get all menu items.
  • Changed how the new admin menu was added in order to gain more control over order, which fixed the sub-menu being out of order bug.
  • Changed the code to tell which page is the current page to be a little more specific.
  • Menu items in CD Settings -> Menus now display not just live icons, but images and svg as well. (svg is a bit buggy still though).


  • Default dashboard widgets for CD Core had "Client Dash" in them. Removed that.
  • Made link visibility in Reports -> Site dependent on user capabilities.
  • Fixed "Plugins 0" on menus page to be "Plugins".


  • Dashboard sidebar widgets erased after messing with core widget area
  • Add nag on icons page if under wp 3.9 because not all icons will show
  • Syntax error on PHP 5.3 and previous
  • Network activated or activated on main site of multi-site causes CD styles to exist on network admin dashboard
  • Dashboard widget CD Core items visibility not dynamic on initial install
  • Webmaster widget custom title modifications no longer allowed from CD Settings -> Widgets
  • Altering CD widgets erases WP widgets and vice versa


  • Small bug with widgets on initial install.


  • Incorrect upload.


  • Added adminmenu customizing functionality under Settings -> Menus.
  • Revised widgets area to properly use the WP Widget API.
  • Made core much more extensible.
  • Created Widgets, Menus, and Settings API for Client Dash.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed PHP notice error.


  • Minor improvement in backend Roles functionality (allows compatibility with new WooCommerce extension).


  • Multiple content sections in the same tab were not working.


  • Postboxes being half width was targeting all pages, when it should have only been targeting the dashboard.


  • PHP backwards compatibility issue.
  • Check if class does not exist for Dash Widgets.


  • Added dashboard widget customization.
  • Added Settings -> Widgets for dashboard widget customization.
  • Added defaults to Roles settings.
  • Reversed checkbox logic for Roles settings.
  • Added ability to strip out any dashboard widget settings that may be set.
  • Added cd-tips, which are handy tooltips.
  • Added toggle switches for disabling entire pages within the Roles settings.
  • Renamed "Roles" tab in "Settings" to "Display".
  • Changed content "block" system to a content "section" system and separated them out with menus under the tabs.
  • Improved some setting visuals.


  • Added Roles customization settings.
  • Overall cleanup of plugin visuals.
  • Added some new nags for specific users.
  • Added new "content section" system for added customization.
  • Added references to three exciting new extensions on the addons tab.
  • Created new Domain tab on Help page.
  • Added support for custom post types in lists on Reports - >Site.
  • Added link to view current role capabilities on Account - >About You.
  • Created some handy CSS classes.


  • Fixed php error on settings page for widgets.
  • Added .cd-col-two CSS class for two column layouts.


  • Fixed save button issue on Icons page.
  • Added install/activate/deactivate button on addons page.


  • Added Dashicons customization in Settings.
  • Added Addons page for browsing available addons.
  • Added alert for empty Webmaster tab.
  • Added ability to change number of feed entries pulled.
  • Added webmaster dashboard widget.
  • Re-worded media-library size under reports.
  • Added error catching for feeds.
  • Added current user URL to Account- >About.
  • Now displays help dropdown for user role to output capabilities on Account- >About.
  • Added filter to hide submit button when desired.
  • Added conditionals for displaying account information on About tab of Account.


  • Changed get_current_theme() to wp_get_theme() since the former is deprecated (thanks to @sethalling).
  • Modified method for getting role name (thanks @sethalling).
  • Added cd_(WIDGET NAME)_widget filter on contents of current dashboard widgets.


  • Fixed php warning.
  • Safeguarded include_once occurrences for potential issues.
  • Reformatted code.
  • Added missing files causing fatal error.
  • Fixed dashboard widget broken links.
  • Re-ordered dashboard widgets.
  • Re-ordered menu items.
  • Added conditional to only show sites tab under account if is a multisite.
  • Removed Webmaster functionality (will be in future release).
  • Corrected link for Reports dashboard widget


  • Enqueued cd.main.js with updown function.
  • Added cd-click class to client-dash.css for cursor: pointer.
  • Rearranged information on Site tab on Reports page to be more clear.
  • Added a few pieces of data to Site tab on Reports page.
  • Removed placeholder content from FAQ tab.
  • Allow extensions to add tabs to specific pages.
  • Increase extensibility of settings page.
  • Added "Webmaster" tab to the settings page.
  • Allow user to disable/enable webmaster page.
  • Allow user to rename webmaster page/menu-item.
  • Allow user to add custom html content to a custom tab on webmaster page.


  • Patch to fix potential fatal error when running on older versions of PHP.


  • Fixed fatal error problem.


  • Added options page under "Settings->Client Dash".
  • Added ability to selectively display dashboard widgets that are automatically removed on options page.
  • Removal of dashboard widgets now dynamic, so only Client Dash widgets will exist.
  • Removed "Screen Options" and "Help" from dashboard.
  • Removed dashboard widgets from bbPress and Woocommerce


  • Initial release.
  • Includes Help page with an Info tab.
  • Includes Account page with About and Sites tabs.
  • Includes Reports page with Site Overview tab.
  • Removes default WordPress dashboard widgets.
  • Removes WP logo and menu from toolbar.
  • Adds dashboard widgets for each new submenu page.

Requires: 3.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.5
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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