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Do you find it a hassle to create a nice looking contact page?

Well the easy method has arrived! Once this plugin has been installed you’ll be able to create a clean professionally structured contact page complete with an online web form.

You are able to display key information such as your organization’s name, mailing address(es), hours, email address(es), phone number(s), and fax number(s). You may be thinking what if I don’t have or want all of that information on the page. No problem. The layout is totally adjustable by allowing for the omission of information and even altering the order in which it is displayed! However this plugin goes a step further by protecting any email addresses you display.

Most email addresses are displayed as-is on a webpage. This allows for bots to easily scan the code and grab them. This in turn results in more spam and unwanted email. This plugin doesn’t leave your email addresses that open. You are provided with an easy way to convert your email addresses so that your visitors will still see them but will fool most bots! How is that for cool? This step is optional but it is so easy you’ll want to do it.

Now let’s turn our attention toward the web form. This plugin will display a web form on the page so your visitors can easily send you email. You are able to setup unlimited topics/subjects with each topic being sent to an email address. So for example you could have “Technical Support”, “Billing Questions”, “Website Feedback”, etc. As stated there is no limit and each topic will map (or go) to an email address. If you are wondering you can repeat email addresses if desired.

This form has been designed to protect you from bots. For starters none of the email addresses listed with the topics are displayed anywhere on the page or in its code. Thus bots will find no email accounts to add to their spam list. Second an unique name is generated for the topic field to prevent common field names and make it harder for bots. Third there are fake fields to fool bots. This works because many bots will fill out all fields in a form, which will cause the form to error out. Finally Google’s just click a box reCAPTCHA program is supported for enhanced bot fighting and is optional. All this is done without those annoying hard to read captcha images!

The plugin allows you to change/alter the text in the web form and messages displayed by the system. This way if you use a language other than English or simply want to alter the text to fit your style go for it! Also if the error and success message blocks don’t match your site’s design concept you are easily able to edit the html code. You even have the ability to custom set the CSS class names used for the textboxes, select list, and submit button!

Plus if all this wasn’t enough the contact page is coded in responsive design meaning it is ready for mobile! The web form will simply drop below the rest of your contact information on smaller resolutions.

Language Support: Should work for all languages that use the A-Z alphabet. While the default language is English you are able to easily edit the text displayed to visitors. The only limitation is possible removal of unknown characters outside standard A-Z.

Live Site Preview: Want to see this plugin in action on a real live site?

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  1. Upload the cleverwise-contact-page directory to your plugins.
  2. In WordPress management panel activate “Cleverwise Contact Page” plugin.
  3. In the “Settings” menu a new option “Contact Page” will appear.
  4. Once you have loaded the main panel for the plugin click on the “Help Guide” link which explains in detail how to use the plugin.


Does this plugin use Anti-Spam/Bot methods?

This plugin deploys Anti-Spam/Bot technology using several methods. First key fields have random names to prevent common information. Second there are bot traps known as honeypots. Third no email address in the web form topic list is displayed on the page. Fourth when adding email addresses to display on the page there is a technique to almost eliminate bots from reading them.


September 3, 2016 1 reply
I loved the plugin, it was a breeze to install. The form looks nice and tidy, but a bit boring (to me). It would be nice to be able to add icons, change fonts, and also add some optional fields to the contact form (like username, phone number, organization name, country...) But even without all the extras, the plugin works beautifully for wordpress dummies like myself.
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Contributors & Developers

“Cleverwise Contact Page” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




All SSL certificates now supported including self signed
Altered code for loading mailing library


Updated key library location that changed with WP 5.5


Fixed minor notice errors
Theme Changes


Minor theme changes


Fixed 1.7 removal files.


Forced update by WordPress to remove PHPMailer libraries despite patching security flaws weeks ahead of core.


Another update to PHPMailer libraries to fix continuing security flaws


Updated PHPMailer libraries due to security bug


Altered the way Google’s reCAPTCHA keys are handled


Now supports Google’s reCAPTCHA program for enhanced anti-spam
Added site name to email to help with those maintaining multiple sites at same email address
Fixed: Clearing of user typed data in form when reselecting


Background edits to eliminate some PHP notice messages


Fixed: Backslash was appearing when certain characters were used.


Initial release of plugin