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Clever SEO Keywords

Easily create keywords, descriptions and headings based on the content of your page.


  • Updated code suggested by WordPress.


  • Fixed truncating meta description for posts. Also truncating to 154 characters for description instead of 160.


  • Testing this version.


  • Small bug fix.


  • Prevent long meta descriptions. The plugin now truncates your meta descriptions to 160 characters. So you basically can't go over 160 characters. Handy saver if you make a mistake and go over the limit.


  • Removed Tom M8te dependency.


  • Add keywords and description meta tags to posts as well as pages.


  • Fixed bug where saving title with non-alpha character crashed the site. Caused by setting a category name with a non-alpha character such as $. Now I just scrub all characters and only allow letters, numbers, dashes, spaces and underlines. Every other character is too dangerous to allow.


  • Auto create WordPress Tags based on keywords and WordPress Categories based on the page title and parent page title. Removed Simple PHP DOM libary as it is already in latest Tom M8te library.


  • Added the ability to add dynamic hidden headings which contain the page's keywords to a widget. This basically boosts your SEO score and doesn't affect how the site looks at all.


  • I've noticed in older templates that the post id is empty. Clever Keywords needs the post id so that it can accurately add the relavent description and keywords to the page. Since it can't always do this, now we find the post id by slug.


  • Able to extract keywords from more html tags on the page. Now you can extract keywords from li, strong, em, th, span, dt, dd and a tags.


  • Noticed bugs with projects using sessions. So I've cleaned that up.


  • Fixed non obvious bug, WP Error Log picked it up. Called a method on a null object.


  • Bug fix, this bug isn't too obvious, no point into trying to display keywords on a page that doesn't exist.


  • Don't display keywords or description meta tags if you haven't selected keywords to display.


  • If you have upgraded from a previous version, please remove the clever keyword code from your template (The one that looks like: " />). This version doesn't need it. New feature - this plugin now creates/modifies your page's description metadata.

  • Even if you have an existing description or keywords metadata, it will append to it. This is great if you use another plugin that displays keywords or description.


  • Allows you to select which keywords it finds on the page, that you actually want to use.


  • Improved dependency checker.


  • Moved the monthly notice to a better position.


  • Get the user to update the keywords, across the site, every 30 days.


  • Initial Commit

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.6
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 800+


3.3 out of 5 stars


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