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Anti-Spam by CleanTalk

Max power, no CAPTCHA, premium anti-spam. No comments & registrations spam, no contact spam, protects any forms. Just install and forget spam.

Does the plugin protects against brute force, DoS attacks as well as against spam attacks?

No, it doesn't. Anti-spam by CleanTalk is only anti-spam solution for comments, registrations and other other forms on a website. Plugin saves your time against manage spam problem, but doesn't protect against any security issues.

Does anti spam protection safe for mobile visitors?

Yes, it does. Plugin doesn't block mobile visitors as well as desktop websites visitors. Because this plugin uses several anti-spam tests to detect spam bots and lower false/positive rate. Multiple anti-spam tests helps avoid false/positive blocks for real website visitors even if one of tests failed.

How does the plugin work with spam comments?

Spam comments moves to SPAM folder or you can set option to silent ban spam comments.

How does the plugin stop spam?

Plugin uses several simple tests to stop spammers.

  1. JavaScript anti-spam test. 99% spam bots doesn't have all JavaScript functions support. So, the plugin has code which can run normal visitor and can't run the spam bot.
  2. Checks by Email, IP, domains at spam activities list. The plugin online use spam activity database at cleantalk.org, which are consist more then 1 billion records about spam activity IPs, Email, Domains and ASN. If the senders IP or Email matches with database, the sender gets some spam scores. To reduce false/positive rate the plugin doesn't use only blacklist test to ban spammers. The sender will be banned only if multiple spam test failed.
  3. Comment submit time. Spam bots usually send post immediately after page load, because spam bots not really fill the web form, they are only send $_POST data to the blog. The normal visitor sends the data within several seconds or minutes.

Will anti-spam protects my theme?

Yes, it will. The Anti-spam by CleanTalk compatible with any WordPress themes.

How can I test anti-spam protection?

Please use email stop_email@example.com for comments, contacts or signups to see how the anti-spam protection works. Also you can see logs for last 7 days at Control panel or look at folder "Spam" for banned comments.

Is the plugin effective against spam bots?

Plugin Anti-spam by CleanTalk stops up to 100% of spam comments, spam signups (registrations), spam contact emails, spam subscriptions, spam bookings or spam orders.

What about pingback, trackback spam?

Plugin by default pass pingbacks without any checks. All trackbacks will be blocked if the sender had spam activity.

Can I use CleanTalk with Akismet?

Sure, you can use CleanTalk with Akismet. In this case probably you will have bigger false/positive rate (when legitimate comments/signups denies), but you will have stronger antispam protection at website.

Should I use another anti-spam tools (Captcha)?

CleanTalk stops up to 100% of spam bots, so you can disable other anti-spam plugins (especially CAPTCHA like anti-spam plugins). In some cases several anti-spam plugins can conflict, so it will be better use just one plugin.

Is the plugin WordPress MultiUser (WPMU or WordPress network) compatible?

The plugin is WordPress MultiUser (WPMU or WordPress network) compatible. Each blog in multisite environment has individual anti-spam options for spam bots protection.

After installation I noticed in the statistics that the number of spam attacks had increased

There are a few reasons for this:

  • With the indexing of your web-site by the search systems, appearance of external links and better search results position, your web-site attracts more and more spambots.
  • Non-transparent protection systems like CAPTCHA or question/answer, that don't have spam attacks statistics, don't let you see the whole picture, or the picture is incomplete.
  • Counting methods for spam attacks and spam bots are different for different systems, which explains the diversity. We seek to provide detailed statistics.

Why my dummy "spam" comment passed to the WordPress?

The plugin has several options to detect spam bots and humans. If you just post spammy text like this,

"I want to sell something", "Buy something here.." and etc

The comments will be passed, becuase the plugin detect sender as a human. So, use special email stop_email@example.com to test anti-spam or wait a few days to see how the plugin works.

Is it free or paid?

The plugin is free. But the plugin uses CleanTalk cloud service to filter spam bots. You have to register an account and you have two weeks free trial to test anti-spam for comments, registrations, bookings, contacts or orders. When the trial (on CleanTalk account) is finished, you can renew the subscription for 1 year or deactivate anti-spam plugin.

Can I use CleanTalk with cache plugins?

Anti-spam by CleanTalk doesn't use static HTML code into templates, so all anti-spam functions works correctly with any WordPress cache plugins.

Does the plugin protects against spam bots at forms with third-party services?

Yes, it does. Plugin protects web-forms on your websites which are send data to third-party servers (like MailChimp). To enable this protection set option 'Protect external forms' in plugin settings.

What is "Connection test" message?

After activation CleanTalk sends test message with email stop_email@example.com. This request required for test our plugin and in some cases it can give us information about problems in plugin, so you can contact our support in time. Result of test query you can see in plugin's settings - green ticks or red crosses.

Compatible with Cloudflare?

CleanTalk is fully compatible with CloudFlare. Service doesn't filter CloudFlares IP's (AS13335) over blacklists database, so in this way plugin/service filters spam bots uses other anti spam tests.

Can I use Akismet and CleanTalk to protect my website against spam bots?

Sure, you can. You can use CleanTalk and any backend anti-spam tools to protect your website.

Can i use CleanTalk functionality in my plugins?

Yes, you can. Just use following snippet:

    include_once( ABSPATH . '/wp-content/plugins/cleantalk-spam-protect/cleantalk.php' );
//for registration test:
$res=ct_test_registration("nickname", "stop_email@example.com", "");
//or for some other messages (contact forms, comments etc.)
$res=ct_test_message("nickname", "stop_email@example.com", "", "test message");

$res now contents array with two parameters: * $res['allow'] - is request allowed (1) or not (0) * $res['comment'] - comment for our server's decision.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-8-4
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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