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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

CJ Revision Feedback

This plugin provides the ability to add comment blocks mid post.


Basic Tag Format:

[revision_feedback revision=# nobutton]

Each tag added should have a unique revision number, starting with 1 and incrementing from there. To disable new feedback for a revision just add nobutton to the tag. This will only disable the user from adding new comments, they can view comments and the admin users can do everything still.

Sample tags:

[revision_feedback revision=1]

This tag is the first revision tag. At this point the client makes comments. Once revision 1 is completed the tag is updated by adding the nobutton tag

[revision_feedback revision=1 nobutton]

Now the "add feedback" button will not show At this point you would want to open comments to the next revision by adding

[revision_feedback revision=2]

rinse and repeat until the final revisions are approved

If you add the same revision number to a post the admin view (not user) will see an error message on the screen. Putting duplicate revision numbers doesn't break anything, but will cause new/existing comments to show in two places.

Admin Features/Settings

If you visit the "settings" section of the admin page you will see a line item for CJ Revision Feedback. This details what each feature/setting is for.

Show feedback author and date
By checking this box the user id and comment date will be displayed next to each comment.

Allow Anonymous User Comments (disabling will require uses be logged in to comment)
Check this checkbox to allow anonymous users, people not logged in, to make revision comments

Layer Top Offset
This defines how many pixels below or above the clickable button the user and admin comment layer will appear. A positive number is below, a negative number is above. The top left of the button is 0 offset

Admin Layer Left Offset
This defines how many pixels to the left or right of the clickable button the admin layer should be positioned. A negative number is left, a positive number is right.

User Layer Left Offset
This defines how many pixels to the left or right of the clickable button the user layer should be positioned. A negative number is left, a positive number is right.

Send notification emails on new comments
By checking this box (and providing a default address) you will enable email notification for new user comments.

Default Notification Address (will be sent all new comment notifications)
This is the default notification address used for all new comments. This email address will receive an email for each new user comment.

Revision Editor Roles (Administrator is always an editor)
This setting gives you the ability to specify which user types to consider as an admin. An "admin" is a user who can make sub-comments, and mark a comment as completed or approved.

Post Specific Email Notification Addresses

It is possible to specify email notification addresses on a per post basis. This enables sending new comment notifications to non-default addresses scoped to the specific post.
To do this create a new custom field named "notification_addresses" with the value as a comma seperated list of email addresses. For example: email1@email.com,email2@email.com, email3@email.com (You can add spaces between email addresses)

Customizing the look and feel

You can customize the buttons by replacing the gif images in the cj-revision-feedback folder.

You can customize the colors of the comment layers and some of the positioning by editing the CSS file in the cj-revision-feedback folder.

Requires: 2.8.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 2.9.2
Last Updated: 7 years ago
Active Installs: Less than 10


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