Chicory Recipe Ingredients


Food bloggers can use Chicory to monetize their sites in new and innovative ways, connect their recipes to online grocers like Peapod and Amazon, get deep insights into how readers are engaging with recipes and join a growing community of food blogs and food lovers.

Engage your readers

The Chicory recipe plugin displays a button right under the list of ingredients on each of your recipes that connects the ingredients within a recipe to online grocers, letting readers cook the recipes they discover on your site without having to make a trip to the grocery store. With a few clicks readers can get everything they need to make your recipes delivered.

Monetize in innovative ways

At Chicory, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help food bloggers like you get paid for all the hard work put into creating and curating recipes. The ways we monetize your site are not competitive with traditional ad networks like BlogHer or Gourmet Ads — we want to add new ways for you to make revenue not, replace something that already works for you.

Insights that matter

We provide weekly and monthly insights to all of our food blog partners that detail how engaged people are with your recipes, how the Chicory button is performing on your site and how you can capitalize on food trends in order to create better content or understand why traffic on your site changes.


Chicory is building community of food blogs and food lovers. We love to help our partners out and constantly give them shout-outs across our social media channels. Our goal is to promote your recipes and assist in raising the profile of the food bloggers on our team. Join the hundreds of food blogs that are already part of the Chicory community.

Apply to become a Chicory recipe partner to get perks & revenue.

Checkout or visit us at to learn more.


  • Chicory Recipe Ingredients Button.


Follow these steps to install the plugin in your WordPress website:

  1. Upload chicory-recipe-ingredients folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or Unzip and upload it to your WordPress website’s wp-content/plugins folder via FTP.

  2. Go to admin panel and activate plugin from “Plugins” page.


Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to install the plugin in your WordPress website:

  1. Upload chicory-recipe-ingredients folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or Unzip and upload it to your WordPress website’s wp-content/plugins folder via FTP.

  2. Go to admin panel and activate plugin from “Plugins” page.

What other blogs or websites do you work with?

Chicory has recipe partners of all shapes and sizes. We work with Time, Inc. and can be found on But bloggers are at our core, with over 60 recipe partners currently on our team. We appear on a variety of blogs—from daily recipe sites, to niche publications, to lifestyle blogs. Check out some of our partners; Cookistry, Crock-Pot Ladies, Runaway Apricot, Kawaling Pinoy, Real Food by Dad or Hungry Couple.

How will Chicory use my content, recipes or photos?

As bloggers ourselves, we’re committed to sticking up for you and maintaining your content’s integrity. We do not believe in repurposing your content without your explicit consent, and we wouldn’t ask to do so unless we felt it was in your interest. The agreement you sign with us does grant us access to your photos, which we use for social media posts and on our blog, ALWAYS with a link back to your original post.

Can I make money with Chicory?

We offer a variety of ways our food blog partners can monetize their recipes including getting a commission on orders that your readers send to online grocers and through the insights that we gain about the modern home cook from the way readers engage with your recipes and the Chicory button.

I already have EasyRecipe or another recipe plugin. Can I also use Chicory?

Yes! Chicory does not interfere with your recipe plugin nor any other blogger tools or ad networks.

Does Chicory affect my SEO?

Chicory does not negatively affect your SEO. We do frequently promote your recipes on our social media sites, though, so that should help to positively affect your blog’s search ranking.

Is there a minimum grocery order when using Chicory?

This will depend on the grocer a reader is ordering from and whether the reader chooses pickup or delivery. Most pickup locations do not require a minimum order. Minimum delivery sizes will vary depending on the grocer.
To meet any minimum requirements, we recommend your readers order a few recipes at once.

Where do you deliver?

We currently work with grocers who deliver to 24 major US markets including NYC, Boston, Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Indianapolis. We are continuously expanding to offer delivery in new areas.

What if some of my users don’t have access to an online grocer or your grocers don’t deliver to their area?

Chicory is still a powerful shopping tool that shows readers what national brands they should purchase in store (and the quantity of those brands) when making your recipes.

Readers can still use Chicory as a powerful shopping tool. Chicory allows readers to build a shopping list that they can then print or email to themselves, but will also provide information as to which food brands are available for purchase in local stores.

What if someone already has ingredients listed in a recipe?

Easy! Our tool actually assumes you’ve got certain staples–they will appear greyed out as an optional item for readers. Otherwise, Chicory users can deselect ingredients that they already have and those items will be taken out of the shopping cart.

Contributors & Developers

“Chicory Recipe Ingredients” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Updated plugin configuration


  • Removed Chicory button location options from admin
  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.9


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.8


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.7


  • Adding async=”true” to Chicory script


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.6
  • Added new button placement option – “Lower Right Corner of Recipe”


  • Compatibility updates for WordPress 4.5


  • Bug fix for warnings during installation


  • Adding support for HTTPS


  • Updating description, FAQ, and icon image


  • Moving button placement logic to external system

  • Restricting button to singular pages only


  • Converted to PHP 5.2 compatible syntax

  • Added wordpress, php, and plugin version tracking


  • Using older PHP 4 constant definition syntax

  • Showing warning in settings page when PHP version is too old or required extensions are missing


  • Defaulting button location to bottom of post when PHP extensions libxml, dom, or mbstring are missing.


  • Added a default for the location setting.


  • Updated button location settings.


  • Resolve bugs of not displaying content and images on blog and index page.


  • Remove chicory button from front page and other pages.

  • Chicory button only display on single post.


  • Remove Top Of Recipe Setting.

  • Add Below Ziplist Setting.

  • Add Below EasyRecipe Setting.


  • First version.