Chamber Dashboard Business Directory


Chamber Dashboard Business Directory is a part of the Chamber Dashboard collection of plugins. It was initially designed to meet the needs of chambers of commerce, but can now be used by any organization to create a directory.

With Chamber Dashboard Business Directory, you can:

  • create a database of the businesses in your organization
  • display a business directory on your website
  • customize what information is displayed about the businesses
  • export a CSV of the business in your directory
  • display a featured business widget
  • add custom fields to businesses

You can learn more at

For full instructions about how to use the plugin, go to Chamber Dashboard Documentation

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  • Entering business information
  • Business Directory admin page
  • Featured Business widget
  • Business search widget


Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the \’Add New\’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for \’chamber dashboard business directory\’
  3. Click \’Install Now\’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the \’Add New\’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the \’Upload\’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click \’Install Now\’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the chamber-dashboard-business-directory directory to your computer
  3. Upload the chamber-dashboard-business-directory directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


Installation Instructions

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the \’Add New\’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for \’chamber dashboard business directory\’
  3. Click \’Install Now\’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the \’Add New\’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the \’Upload\’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click \’Install Now\’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download
  2. Extract the chamber-dashboard-business-directory directory to your computer
  3. Upload the chamber-dashboard-business-directory directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard
How do I display the business directory on my site?

Create a page, and insert the following shortcode:

There are lots of options for this shortcode. For a full description, see Chamber Dashboard Documentation

Will it work with my theme?

Probably! It is designed to work with any theme that follows basic WordPress coding practices.

Can I see other sites that are using Chamber Dashboard?

Yes! We have a list of organizations using Chamber Dashboard

I want the plugin to do _____. Can you make it do that?

Probably! We are definitely interested in making this as useful as possible for chambers of commerce, so please let us know what features you need! You can use the contact form at

Is it translation-ready?

Yes, the plugin is ready to be translated! .po and .mo files are included. If you translate the plugin, I would love to include your translation with future releases of the plugin.


Outstanding Plugin

I purchased the entire suite of Chamber Dashboard’s plugins and theme for a client. Everything worked exactly as promised with no problems at all. I did have a question regarding one issue and it was answered in a very brief period of time. Really excellent work as well as excellent service. A real pleasure to do business with professionals that take pride in their work.

Wonderful Plugin

I’ve been building websites for over 19 years. Ever since WordPress has come on the scene I build everything WordPress. There are thousands of plugin developers. I only use a dozen of plugins that is it. This Plugin by Chamber Dashboard is one of my top plugins. I use it for Chamber and Visitor Bureau sites. I love working with this company their support staff is quick at helping and making recommendations. This plugin is a must have 🙂

Great Plugin

In my experience, there is nothing comparable to Chamber Dashboard Business Directory currently available (and for free) and the few directory oriented themes we have purchased still fall short. Great Customer Service too! Very easy to implement and I have no problem customizing with CSS to suit my site’s needs.

Lots of Potential

Still having some issues figuring out why my screen options aren’t appearing as they should, but when I get this working again, it will be a great plugin.

It’s been some time coming but it’s finally here. WELL DONE!

If you want to complain about the price for the addons then call a bespoke Chamber Membership provider and see how much the annual cost is. It’s normally $1000+ and isn’t integrated with WP other than in an IFrame. So it’s great to see that someone has finally taken on the task of providing a Chamber Membership plugin that works with WordPress and doesn’t cost the earth with an annual fee. As an Ex Executive Director of a Chamber of Commerce I wish this were available when I was there. I’d have used it and saved some money in a heartbeat. Congratulations! I hope you continue to grow and add more options.

Had some issues… support moved to paid prior to me getting help

Few issues that required quick answers of yes, you can do that or no, you can not.

Mainly with the importing of Phone Numbers and whether or not they could be sorted as Office, Fax, Main during the import. I posted in the forums and before I received a response, the forums where removed and ALL support was switched to PAID service.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to expect a user to pay $7.99 per month to ask a yes or no question on whether or not a feature (that should be included in your product) is available.

I’ll find another directory plugin, thanks.

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Contributors & Developers

“Chamber Dashboard Business Directory” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



=2.9.7 =
* Fixed the display options not showing up on business listings


  • Fixed the logo issue with Featured Business Widget
  • Referral field added to Businesses


  • Fixed the business listing css and the featured business widget issue.


  • Fixed the error with business shortcode


  • Added information to the welcome page
  • Removed the weird characters from the data in export file


  • Works with WordPress 4.9.2
  • Fixed some minor styling


  • Fixed the errors with export feature


  • Business listings can be styled based on membership level or category or alternate listings can be styled differently.


  • Fixed the warnings showing up on plugin activation
  • Changed the name of export and import menus
  • HTML characters will be stripped out of the business description during export


  • Added width and height parameters to the business map shortcode
  • Search results display in alphabetical order


  • Fixed the featured image linking to post when single_link is no.


  • The number of business search results per page can be customized
  • Fixed the search results text

  • Fixed the text on the extensions page


  • Removed Freemius code
  • It works with Chamber Dashboard Member Updater

  • Added Hours field to Businesses
  • Added Country and Hours to export and import functions
  • Changed the minimum required version of WordPress to 4.2

  • Added ‘Country’ to the business import

  • Now compatible with WordPress 4.7

  • Fixed some theme compatibility issues


  • Fixed the map clusters link for displaying Google Map Clusters
  • Added tags to businesses


  • Added code to fix the Freemius licensing issue


  • Updated Freemius to the latest version
  • Some minor image fixes


  • display membership status in single business view
  • fixed broken links in dashboard


  • fixed bug in exporter
  • fixed broken link on welcome page
  • fixed potential problem with Google maps and SSL
  • fixed bug in widgets
  • removed sensor from maps


  • [business_search] and [business_search_results] shortcode now take the same formatting options (list, grid1, grid2, grid3, grid4) as the [business_directory] shortcode
  • Freemius integration


  • added author support to businesses
  • added social media icons for Avvo and Tumblr


  • fixed bug in search result pagination


  • updated deprecated widget function


  • fixed bug on map on single business view


  • made custom latitude and longitude more robust


  • fixed bug on map shortcode


  • fixed compatibility between wpp2p and WP 4.3


  • added the ability to preview business maps and enter custom coordinates
  • removed extraneous slash from business directory pagination
  • added “order” parameter to business_categories shortcode so that you can choose ascending or descending order
  • search results ordered in ascending order


  • fixed bug in Featured Business widget


  • changed H2s to H1s in admin to conform to new accessibility guidelines
  • added “Add-Ons” page


  • added “website” to list of social media icons
  • added Featured Business widget
  • added country field to address for better geolocation


  • In export, if you haven’t selected a phone type or email type, the parenthesis will not appear
  • moved address display to a separate function
  • added filters to all content functions to facilitate customization


  • fixed pagination on business search results shortcode
  • added ability to delete custom fields
  • added filter to map so that you can customize map colors


  • closed quotes on custom field class names


  • fixed bug that caused infinite loop on business_directory shortcode if you do not have CRM installed


  • added CSS classes to custom field labels
  • added private category to business
  • added filters to display CRM contact information


  • added CSS classes to custom fields
  • fixed bug that prevented featured image from displaying on single business
  • fixed bug that prevented javascript functions from running on new locations
  • remove title li from business categories shortcode and widget
  • fixed showcount in business categories widget


  • added business category widget


  • further updates to maps to avoid Google API quotas


  • rewrote maps to make them reliable
  • add clustering option to map shortcode, thanks to Mike Davis, jmdxsvhs15
  • add option to change ordering of taxonomy archives
  • add option to allow comments on single business view
  • add parameters to business categories shortcode
  • add button to let users copy a location’s information to the business contact
  • fixed bug that caused some custom fields to not display


  • fixed bug that caused some custom fields to not display
  • changes to language files to facilitate translations
  • fixed Google maps grey box problem


  • fixed custom field error message
  • potential fix for Google maps grey box problem


  • fixed bug in business search results shortcode
  • fixed PHP error on single business view


  • fixed ampersands in map info windows
  • made maps on single business view work on hosts that don’t support fopen


  • fixed bug that prevented membership levels from displaying on single business view
  • fixed bug that prevented some custom fields from displaying
  • added Instagram to social media options


  • more thoroughly fixed bug in [business_search] shortcode
  • made maps work on hosts that don’t support fopen


  • made featured image link to single business page in shortcode and search results
  • fixed bug in [business_search] shortcode


  • added Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon to social media options
  • on taxonomy view, featured image links to single business page


  • fixed bug on search results shortcode
  • added Yelp to social media options
  • prevented empty fields from displaying
  • minor visual improvements


  • added “membership status” parameter to business directory shortcode


  • increased compatibility with other Chamber Dashboard plugins


  • check URLs for “http://” to make sure links work
  • updated welcome page
  • add member manager information to sidebar when editing businesses
  • fixed bug that was preventing custom fields from displaying


  • minor fix to improve plugin compatibility


  • added billing contact information to work with Member Manager plugin
  • minor bug fixes


  • made sure social media icons are included in plugin


  • added social media fields
  • fixed bug that prevented custom fields from displaying
  • fixed display errors when business has empty fields
  • made ampersands display correctly on map


  • fixed minor bug when displaying email addresses in business_directory shortcode


  • added search_form and search_results shortcodes
  • added search widget
  • minor fixes and code clean-up


  • fixed map issues


  • lots of bug fixes


  • fixed issues with labels echoing in the wrong place
  • fixed typo that broke search form


  • fixed typos
  • added category shortcode thanks to Justin Ribeiro


  • made even more strings translatable


  • made more strings translatable


  • minor bug fixes
  • added welcome page


  • minor bug fixes


  • fixed JavaScript error on grid layout


  • fixed a few more URL bugs
  • added phone number to business overview page


  • fixed icon URL


  • fixed bug with map on single business view


  • made Business Directory compatible with new Chamber Dashboard CRM plugin


  • Small bug fixes


  • Cleaned up some debugging code


  • Added ability to import business from a CSV


  • Fixed a bunch of debug errors
  • Added export capability


  • Fixed bug where locations with “do not display” appeared on map anyway
  • Added business search form
  • other small fixes


  • Created filters to allow use of theme archive pages for business category and membership level
  • Other small fixes


  • Added the ability to create custom fields for businesses
  • Bug fixes


  • Added Google map to single business view
  • Added shortcode to create map of all businesses
  • Added category and membership level to body and post classes
  • Bug fixes


  • First release