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Integrates Challonge, a handy bracket generator, into WordPress.


  • Moved widget content functions to a new class for Ajax related methods.
  • Moved development features to separate class.
  • Made an option to disable the exclusion setting in each tournament from Challonge.com.
  • Added status-specific visibility options to shortcodes.
  • Added option to manage shortcode tournament listings.
  • Added user meta fields to participant name templating.
  • Bumped tested WordPress version from 4.1 to 4.5.
  • Fixed action buttons from replacing tournament link in listing.
  • All buttons for the tournament now update after an action has taken place.
  • Some general code cleanup.


  • Added version information to settings page.
  • Made plugin translation ready.
  • Added version mismatch check to development notices.
  • Added Spanish translation by Andrew Kurtis from WebHostingHub.com
  • Fixed limits from displaying oldest instead of newest.
  • Increased minimum WordPress version requirement from 3.2 to 3.3.
  • Bumped tested WordPress version from 3.9 to 4.0.
  • Fixed a issue when viewing a bracket from the widget on secondary multisite.
  • Tournament information now displays the amount of time before a tournament is scheduled to start in addition to its created date.
  • Added support for checking in during the check in period if the participant isn't already checked in.
  • Participants may now forfeit during the check in period.
  • Widget and shortcode displays an "unavailable" message instead of displaying "no tournaments" when the API request fails.
  • Added "checking in" and "checked in" to widget status filter. Additionally added "Unknown/Other" to cover new or unknown statuses.
  • Return an error if an AJAX request fails.
  • Fixed dates from API. (I was doing it wrong.)
  • Thickbox is sized to fit the screen when viewing a tournament bracket.
  • Improved regular expressions for more flexibility for input values.
  • Added flexibilty to Subdomain input in widget settings. (eg. now accepts "my-subdomain.challonge.com")
  • Added a Challonge TinyMCE editor button. (Just copy/paste the URL of the listing or tournament you want to add to the page.)
  • Made minor improvements in the code and some cleanup.


  • Increased CSS z-index for thickbox.
  • Added proper support for SSL verification.
  • The API key verification on the settings page will now catch response failures and display an error.
  • Added cURL detection to notify user if cURL is not installed.
  • Added a way to hide the donation box in case it gets in the way.
  • Changed default caching value to "0".
  • Added method to handle version update changes. (I didn't need it until now.)
  • Improved admin notice transient.
  • Added a screenshot of the settings page.
  • Increased minimum WordPress version requirement from 3.1 to 3.2.
  • Made additional minor changes.


  • Fixed a few misspellings in the settings page.
  • Removed the minor security fix I released with last update. It caused a redirection loop with some plugins.
  • Updated CSS to force thickbox on top of theme elements. This takes the place of the previous CSS fix for the twentyeleven theme.
  • Tested in WordPress 3.9.


  • Fixed API Caching from handling non-XML responses as XML and throwing a fatal error.
  • Added a way around secondary copies of jQuery from overriding the Challonge plugin.
  • Fixed score reporting when scoring is on second setting and opponent scoring is disabled and the participant is matched with a opponent that signed up via other means.
  • Fixed a minor security issue.
  • Fixed the Signup button actions for unregistered users.
  • Added some CSS to prevent twentyeleven theme header from showing over thickboxes.
  • Some general code cleanup.


  • Added participant name templating with tokens.
  • Added scoring settings.
  • Widget and short code bracket names no longer are direct links to the brackets.
  • Added tournament description inside signup window.
  • Added administrative notices to aid my development.
  • Added caching for API responses.
  • Fixed tournament list sorting.
  • Added "limit" attribute to short code.
  • The signup button can now optionally be displayed publicly.
  • If a tournament has "Quick Advance" enabled, only a win or loss can be reported.
  • Added status filter to widgets.


  • Fixed progress bars for Google Chrome v32.
  • Corrected link to get a Challonge API key. (It was moved.)


  • Fixed unregistered user permissions.


  • Fixed subdomain tournament actions in widget.


  • Fixed issue with widget tournament limit.
  • Made changes to readme.


  • The API Key setting will display unexpected errors instead of nothing.
  • Added a way to disable SSL verification in settings.
  • Signing up for a tournament with a participant with the same username will now give you an alternate username.
  • Tied games are reported correctly now.


  • Updates for WordPress.org. There were no changes to the code.


  • API key validation fix
  • Additional API key related fixes


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 900+


5 out of 5 stars


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