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Ceceppa Multilingua

Adds userfriendly multilingual content management and translation support into WordPress.

Is it possible to not have a slug for the main language?

Yes, it is :). In "Ceceppa Multilingua" -> "Settings" set the option "Detect browser language:" to "Do Nothing".

Where can I find full shortcode list

After installing the plugin you can find full shortcode list in "Ceceppa Multilingua" -> "Shortcode" page.

Can I also translate the Widget Text

Yes, you can translate text in the widget, page or post using the shortcode cml_text. The syntax is:

[cml_text lang1="text..." lang2="text..." ....]

Replace lang1 and lang2 with your languages slug, for example:

[cml_text it="Ciao" en="Hello" epo="Saluton"]

For complete shortcode list visit: [Shortcode] (http://www.alessandrosenese.eu/it/pillole/wp-guide/ceceppa-multilingua-configurare-e-utilizzare-il-plugin/4/)

How can I show flags for switch between languages

1) editing your theme file and use the function:

 <?php cml_show_flags() ?>

2) using the widget "CML Widget: Language Chooser"

3) enabling option in "Ceceppa Multilingua" -> "Settings" page

What is the function to get current language

The function is:


This function return an object and Its fields are:

*) id           - id of language
*) cml_default  - 1 if it is the default language
*) cml_flag     - name of flag
*) cml_language - name of the language
*) cml_language_slug - slug of the language
*) cml_locale        - wordpress locale

Can I show flags on my website without using widget?

Yes, you can:

1) Add float div to website and customize look via css 2) Append flag to html element 3) Add flags to menu

Can I translate the "Site Title" and/or "Tagline"

Yes, you can translate them in "Ceceppa Multilingua" -> "Site Title/Tagline" page.

Can I customize the flags?

Yes, you can but don't store your own flags in the plugin directory, or you lose them when update the plugin. Store your own flags in: *) "wp-content/upload/ceceppaml/tiny" - tiny size *) "wp-content/upload/ceceppaml/small" - small size

If the directory "ceceppaml" doesn't exists, create it

How to configure the plugin, and support page

The FAQ is available at the Plugin Homepage

For Problems visits the Support page

Requires: 3.4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.1
Last Updated: 2014-10-24
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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