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This plugin provides a quick and convenient means to access the plugin author’s Donate link for all installed plugins, by adding a ‘Donate’ link in the plugin_row_meta for each plugin on the Manage Plugins page. The link displays the Donate link from the plugin’s readme.txt header information.

This plugin is useful for WordPress users who wish to support plugin developers’ work by sending donations, but who find it inconvenient and/or tedious to browse each plugin’s Extend listing in order to find each plugin author’s Donate link. Once this plugin is installed, all plugins for which the author has defined a Donate link will have that link appear in their listing on the Manage Plugins page in the Admin UI.


  • Donate link added to the meta link list below the plugin description on the Manage Plugins page


I’m a plugin author, and I display my own Donate link.

The plugin checks to determine if a “Donate” link exists in plugin_row_meta. If such a link exists (e.g. because your plugin already filters plugin_row_meta to add your own Donate link), then this plugin doesn’t add a duplicate link.

I’m a plugin author, and I don’t want my readme.txt Donate link displayed on the Manage Plugins page.

Let me know, and I will try to filter for your plugins.



  • Made Plugin translation-ready


  • Initial Release

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