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Category Posts in Custom Menu

Dynamic menus: This plugin automatically replaces selected Category / Post Tag / Custom Taxonomy links in a Custom Menu by a list of their posts/pages

How do I use it?

Here's a walkthrough:

  1. Enable the Twenty Eleven theme.
  2. Disable all plugins except Category Posts in Custom Menu.
  3. Create a post with title "My test post" and add a _new_ category "CPCMtest"
  4. Save the post
  5. Go to Appearances > Menus
  6. Click "create a new menu"
  7. Give the new menu the name "CPCM"
  8. Add the category "CPCMtest" by opening "Categories", checking that category and clicking "Add to menu"
  9. Open the menu item and check "Create submenu containing links to posts with this tag."
  10. Under "Remove original menu item" choose "Never"
  11. Do not change anything else about the menu item
  12. Scroll all the way down and check under "Theme Locations" the checkbox "Primary Menu"
  13. Save the menu

If you now look at your blog, you will have a menu with only one item: "CPCMtest". If you hover over that item with the mouse, it will open, and a post is displayed titled "My test post".

Can't see it working in any way

Problem: "I can't see what effect it has had. Nothing has changed (not that I can see) in the Appearance > Menu page. Just like before."

Possible causes:

  • You're already using another plugin that uses the wp_nav_menu_edit hook and has a higher priority than mine. This is by design: My plugin is not critical and therefore I don't claim a high priority on the hooks. Plugins/Themes that indicate to be more important will be given priority.
  • You're using a theme that somehow doesn't support editing the menu. Try using the default WordPress theme to see if your problem persists. I can't offer much support if the theme is the problem.
  • Issue 14527 (http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/14527) may be the cause. When adding a menu item but before saving it, you will indeed see none of the promised checkboxes. So be sure to save your menu after you add a Category/Tag to your menu. Then you'll see the added functionality. The reason is because the hook that is used to extend the functionality is not being applied until you've saved the item. A patch was approved for WordPress 3.4, so upgrade your WordPress installation. :)

Requires: 3.2.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-4-25
Active Installs: 5,000+


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