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Car Demon is a PlugIn designed for car dealers. Full Inventory Management, Lead Forms with ADFxml support, Dynamic Lead Routing, Staff Page and more

1.4.1 * Added filter to Car Demon query(s) - car_demon_query_filter * Added filter to Car Demon sort - car_demon_sort_filter * Added filter to search box shortcoce - car_demon_search_shortcode_filter * Added filter to large search form - car_demon_search_form_filter * Added filter to small search form - car_demon_small_search_form_filter * Added filter to "search by" - car_demon_searched_by_filter * Added additional css classes to form elements * Adjusted search form item counting to use $wpdb->get_var instead of mysql_fetch_array() * Replaced all instances of mysql_fetch_array() with $wpdb->get_var * Combined transmission and transmission_long fields * Added filter to Car Demon price - car_demon_price_filter * Used price filter to adjust price styles when using content replacement 1.4.0 * The cars-for-sale url slug can now be changed on settings page; * This means your inventory can now be http://yoursite.com/chicago-class-cars; * It also means you can do http://yoursite.com/inventory or something similar * Added car_demon_single_car_filter so developers can filter default single car pages * add_filter('car_demon_single_car_filter', 'my_car_demon_single_car',10,2); * add_filter('car_demon_display_car_list_filter', 'my_car_demon_car_list',10,2); * Then to filter add function my_car_demon_single_car($content, $post_id) etc. * Added Top mobile menu option * Added snippet to make sure form css and js don't load on Admin pages * Replace time and date code on contact form widget to match other forms * Moved Custom sales affiliate code to only run on front side of site * Updated days and years variable in finance form * Changed search form url to get_bloginfo('wpurl'); * Added css class similar_cars_box_title 1.3.9 * Improved support for handling multiple popup forms on a single page * Improved support for displaying form error messages by insuring page scrolls to top of msg * Resolved issue with transmission field vs. transmission field long 1.3.8 * Change all mail() functions to wp_mail() to keep consistent with WordPress * Modified Server hash code to prevent potential issues for IIS users 1.3.7 * Switched stock_num references to stock_number * Removed taxonomy UIs on single vehicle edit pages to reduce confusion * Modified dynamic spec options to fix issues with some legacy fields not populating * Added hidden admin option to allow usage of legacy specs code * Updated CAR_DEMON_PATH constant to use prefered method of determining plugin path * Resolved random blank thumbnail issue on single cars pages 1.3.6 * Added support for jquery ui to handle auto load on forms 1.3.5 * Added TGM-Plugin-Activation class to suggest recommended plugins like WP-Pagenavi * Many thanks to Thomas Griffin for this excellent addition 1.3.4 * Modified code to allow multiple popup form shotcodes for different form types * Ran debug and resolved misc errors 1.3.3 * Resolved utf encoding error that was causing session errors and activation errors 1.3.2 * Replaced CR styles folder 1.3.1 * Removed nag notice for dashboard * Removed references to CarDemonsPro.com * Changed timing on loading vehicle page widget areas 1.3.08 * Reworked css and js for autocomplete on trade and finance form * Revised content replacement feature to work with dynamic inventory load 1.3.07 * Added custom spec feature * Added custom label feature for default fields * Put save button in fixed div to float on top of settings page 1.3.06 * Added content replacement feature to make Car Demon compatible with as many themes as possible. 1.3.05 * Added ability to select sidebars, assign IDs and container classes. * After installing this update you will need to set your sidebars in Car Demon Settings. * Added form buttons to form css check * Removed old forms folder * Added $no_content to function car_demon_vehicle_detail_tabs($post_id, $no_content=false) 1.3.04 * Hid message stating Vin has already been decoded. 1.3.03 * Hid specs condition selection. 1.3.02 * Updated outgoing csv feed to handle new fields. 1.3.01 * Updated engine field in single car page. 1.3.0 * Added shortcode for random car. * Bug Fix - Count active items now flags only published vehicles * Credit to Guy Labbé - guylabbe.ca for beta testing and bug reporting -j * Credit to Chris Porter for taking the lead -j * Added settings hooks - car_demon_settings_hook & car_demon_settings_update_hook * Changed _images_value file type check to always return true. * Added the ability to select the # of vehicles shown on archive and search pages. * Removed last of the split functions. * Notice added to alert users who do not have dashboard installed that it is available. * Export csv feed now supports multisite.


  • Fixed staff page shortcode issue with WordPress Multi-site.
  • Improved vehicle photo management. Added quick photo delete links next to thumbnails.
  • Tweaked Finance Form css so it looks nicer on the Twenty Eleven Theme
  • Changed all $car_demon_pluginpath variables to Constant CAR_DEMON_PATH
  • Tweaked vehicle css to add some responsive starting points.
  • More work on form .css
  • Added the ability to change and modify the options displayed on the vehicle tabs.
  • Added a new ability to modify the default About Us tab. Now located with other tab options.
  • Added default mobile header image.
  • Re-enabled comments for post-type cars-for-sale.
  • Localized admin area js files
  • Localized Search js
  • Localized Single Car Scripts
  • Added new function car_demon_get_car($post_id) to return vehicle details as an array.
  • Added Spanish Translation file thanks to the efforts of Julian Gomez http://www.mirazamagazine.com
  • Modified the title trim to always return a title even if no trim is set
  • Added icon to cars-for-sale post type
  • Added French Translation thanks to the efforts of Guy Labbé http://guylabbe.ca/
  • Revised settings page and grouped options.
  • Adjusted admin js and revised vin query decode button to denote a vin that has already been deecoded as one that has a

model field.


  • Added option to unload vehicle css.
  • Added option to trim title by selected amount if desired.
  • Unhid Condition and Body Style taxonomies.


  • Adjusted ADFxml attachments
  • Removed FormKey from forms and switched to using WordPress nonce
  • Fixed ribbon insert issue that prevented inserting images into the description area
  • Added a Manage Photos link to the edit Car page to help make adding multiple photos easier.


  • Added 2 new shortcodes - [search_form] and [search_box], [search_form] has one arguement 'size' set it to blank, 0, 1, or

2 * Added option to easily turn off css for Forms. * Moved files related to forms into new sub-folders and added conditional statements to prevent css and js files from

loading when not needed


  • Cleaned up css
  • Tried to resolve all known issues with Yoast SEO
  • Ran PlugIn with debug set to true, resolved two minor errors


  • Added link to user's custom landing page when using staff page shortcode.
  • Tweaked the simple wide search from to include an option to search by stock number.
  • Added custom photo to car contact array.
  • Added shortcode 'highlight_staff', can be dropped into a page to display profile for specific sales person
  • Added shortcode 'vehicle_cloud' to allow in page listing of inventory links, defaults to a list of body styles.
  • Added shortcode 'vehicle_search_box', creates a small vehicle keyword search box. Uses arguements 'button' for the button

text and 'message' to display a custom message above the search box. * Increased maximum field length in calculator. * Minor style updates.


  • Making sure all changes from 1.2.1 made it into the updates
  • Resolved issue with ADFxml not sending for all forms on IIS systems
  • Minor CSS tweaks
  • Updated Dutch Translation files from Ciprian Dracea.
  • Fixed issue with Email a Friend form causing it to fail on submission.
  • Added new shortcode [qualify] that creates a basic pre-qualification finance form. Has 3 optional arguements; location,

popup_id, popup_button. * Fixed spelling error in British Translation file. * Added popup image option for single vehicle pages. If yes is selected then hovering over vehicle thumbnails will popup

full size image. * Added Portuguese Translation files thanks to the efforts of Danilo Favero (danilofavero). * Restyled admin filter options for Cars for Sale, labels now line up properly. * Updated .po file with all the new fields to be translated.


  • SVN ate version 1.2.1, it did not digest well.


  • Added options to Car Demon Settings to manage vehicle sorting options.
  • Added British Translation file thanks to the efforts of Steven Coutts.
  • Added Italian Translation file thanks to the efforts of WordPress.org User: Qax.
  • Added option on vehicle edit page to show or hide vehicle option tabs if desired.
  • Added option in Car Demon Settings to hide vehicle option tabs on All vehicles if desired.
  • Continuing to clean up CSS.
  • Split finance form into multiple pages so segments can be reused.
  • Fixed error with calculator widget that caused prices with , to error.
  • Fixed issue with vehicle descriptions not formatting correctly.
  • Added Facebook meta fields to control Title, URL and Image sent using Facebook share button.


  • Continued refining Template pages to reduce code needed to add new styles.
  • Add several action hooks to templates; car_demon_sidebar, car_demon_vehicle_sidebar, car_demon_before_main_content,

car_demon_after_main_content * Added new arguments to several form shortcodes; popup_id and popup_button, these optional arguments allow you to add a

button to a page that opens the form in a popup lightbox. See the FAQ for usage. * Added admin option to display sold vehicles in search results if desired. * Added admin option to BCC site admin when form is filled out. * Added extra layer of data sanitization for Admin area inputs. * A big thank you goes out to Ciprian Dracea for giving assistance in adding the shortcodes to all of the forms and helping

to refine the PlugIn.


  • Fixed issue with Vehicle Edit page that was causing options to not appear.
  • Minor CSS tweaks.
  • Moved template related functions to their own file in include folder.
  • Continued refining Template pages to reduce code needed to add new styles.
  • Move person.gif file to root images folder.


  • Added admin setting to allow you to add text or HTML directly before the listings begin.
  • Continued to refine template pages and style options.
  • Added admin setting to use Post Title for Vehicle Title instead of 'Year Make Model'.
  • Continued refining Template pages to reduce code needed to add new styles.


  • Corrected issue preventing prices on vehicle edit list page from updating.
  • Corrected issue causing images to not insert in posts.
  • Cleaned up search and archive template. Moved custom queries to their own functions to make adding additional theme

styles easier. * Enhanced shotcodes for Forms to give users more power in reusing forms on different pages and controlling where each form

goes. * Shortcodes for part_request, service_request, service_quote, trade & finance_form now have the argument "location" added

to them. * Shortcode for contact_us now has the argument "send_to" added to it. * See the FAQ on how to use the shortcodes.


  • Adding updated translations for Dutch and Romanian, thanks again to the efforts of Ciprian Dracea (Drake).


  • Fixed issue with vehicle archive page that caused archive pages to load with error.
  • Minor css tweaks.
  • Added option to add dynamic ribbons to all vehicles based on condition, mileage or price.


  • Removed unused js files.
  • Continued cleaning code to meet WordPress coding standards.
  • Continued tweaking CSS.
  • Fixed profile photo upload issue, path to js file had been changed and code was not updated.
  • Added location support even if no vehicles have been added to a location.
  • Fixed issue with newly added vehicles not updating sold status causing vehicles to not show.
  • Added translations for Dutch and Romanian thanks to the efforts of Ciprian Dracea (Drake).
  • Fixed issue with localization not working, again this was thanks to the efforts of Ciprian Dracea (Drake).
  • Built new .po file.
  • Removed banners on main photos by default and added ability to select an included banner or add a custom banner to each

vehicle. * For best results custom banners should be 112x112 transparent png or gif. * Included currency symbol code into vehicle search form.


  • Built first .po file for translation.
  • Cleaned up more css.
  • Added option to put currency symbol after price.


  • Added ability to select custom currency symbol for prices.


  • Fixed issue on adding new vehicle that caused error to popup.
  • More css clean up. Trying to make code as clean and logical as possible.


  • Moved vehicle options to more logical place on vehicle edit page and did away with the popup lightbox to edit options.
  • More code cleaning and consolidation, enqueued more scripts and styles.
  • Began process of making code semantic, moving inline styles to css classes. Lots to go.


  • Minor code clean up and consolidation.
  • Cleaned up misc js and css, enqueued multiple scripts and style sheets.
  • Resolved jQuery no conflict issue on trade and finance form.


  • Changed label on VinQuery.com ID to VinQuery.com Access Code to match correct terminology.
  • Added option to manually select VinQuery Report Type.


  • Did some minor code consolidation.


  • Fixed css issue with search widget kicking field onto next row when viewing on iPad.
  • Cleaned up search forms.


  • 1.0.4 Would not update to repository. Rebuit new tag and committed.


  • Fixed issue on single vehicle page to prevent error when pulling similiar body styles when no body style has been

entered. * Updated ReadMe file for clarity on adding vehicles. * Removed unneeded jQuery references. * Changed paths for jQuery form handlers.


  • Resolved issue with mini add vehicle form on dashboard.


  • Cleaned up vehicle edit page and removed redundant items.
  • Tried to make it easier to manage the options on each vehicle.
  • Moved vehicle price fields in with other vehicle options.
  • Changed function used to retrieve main thumbnail image on single vehicle page.
  • Sanitized additional data input on admin side to prevent rogue editor from causing potential issues.


  • Fixed jQuery conflict on single cars theme page


  • Initial Public Release

Requires: 3.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.7
Last Updated: 2015-3-13
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


2 of 10 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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