Woocommerce order delivery or pickup with date and time


Woocommerce order delivery or pickup with date and time is a plugin that allow your customers to choose their desired delivery/pickup date and time for Woocommerce’s orders through a front-end widget.

Control number of days allowed to place an order

You can set allowable days for pre-order in plugin settings page and customers will be able to pickup a date from widget calendar from within your specified date range only.

Control delivery hours to choose

You can set delivery hours in plugin settings page and customers will be allowed to select delivery time from your specified time range only.

Control pickup hours to choose

You can set pickup hours in plugin settings page and customers will be allowed to select pickup time from your specified time range only.

Set minimum time to get deliver

You can set minimum delivery time in plugin settings page and this info will be visible in widget.

Allow customers to choose delivery or pickup of orders

Customer can select whether they will pickup their orders from you store or they need a delivery for their order.

Automated shipping based on order type selection

It have a automated shipping selection, ie; if customer choose pickup instead of delivery then the Store Pickup shipping is automatically applied same as if deliver option is selected from widget then it will show your available shipping methods except the Store Pickup one.

Control what texts to show on order details page with date and time

This plugin show the desired delivery/pickup date and time on order details page on front-end and you can control the texts to be shown there with their chosen date and time.

Control where to place delivery/pickup info

You can control where to show this delivery/pickup date and time on customer order page, two option is available as before item list or after item list.

Control and show delivery/pickup date time on email

Same info is shown on customers email also, while placing an order and you can control what texts to show with delivery/pickup date and time

Get delivery/pickup data on admin order details page

All info is also shown on admin order details page, ie; order type: delivery/pickup, Delivery/pickup date and delivery/pickup time.

Control all the texts/lebels

You can change text/label of each fields as per your need

Get pro version here

Get Pro version

Features in pro version

1)Set Pre-order days

2) Disable/enable delivery/pickup or keep both

3) Minimum lead time / wait time

4) Set allowable delivery hours

5) Set allowable pickup hours

6) Set delivery break time

7) Set pickup break time

8) Set allowable delivery days

9) Set allowable pickup days

10) Create delivery location list

11) Create pickup location list

12) Disable/enable location list feature for delivery

13) Disable/enable location list feature for pickup

14) Display minimum time to get delivered

15) Automated shipping based on customer’s order type selection

16) Set time format

17) Customizable text block to show on customer’s my account page

18) Customizable text block to show on customer’s email

19) Select Position of texts block on customer’s my account page

20) Select Position of texts block on customer’s email

21) Set shop closing days based on days like (every Sunday/Monday/../..)

22) Set casual holidays on each month’s calendar

23) Set National/public holiday on calendar

24) Get customized/more extended copy to suit your all needs.


If you enjoy this plugin please put a review, that will encourage me to bring some more …


  1. Control number of days allowed to place an order

  2. Control delivery hours to choose

  3. Control pickup hours to choose

  4. Set minimum time to get deliver

  5. Allow customers to choose delivery or pickup of orders

  6. Automated shipping based on order type selection

  7. Control what texts to show on order details page with date and time

  8. Control where to place delivery/pickup info

  9. Control and show delivery/pickup date time on email

  10. Get delivery/pickup data on admin order details page

  11. Language supported through .po and .mo file

  12. all texts, labels and headings are open to customize.


  • Pickup/Delivery date selection on widget

  • Pickup/Delivery time selection on widget

  • Frontend widget

  • Admin setting page

  • Delivery/pickup info with date time in admin order details page

  • Order details with delivery type, date and time on frontend customer profile

  • Customer email copy with delivery type, date and time

  • Widget produced by this plugin

  • date selection from allowable dates on checkout page

  • Time selection from allowable time range on checkout page

  • Time selection from allowable time range on checkout page with toggle button

  • Store closed notice if delivery/pickup service time is over in case of same day delivery

  • Showing minimum delivery time on widget if delivery is selected by customer


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly by uploading zip through “Upload Plugin” button in “Plugins” -> “Add New” screen of wp-admin area.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

  3. Use the Wp admin menu -> Order Delivery Time management screen to configure the plugin

  4. Use the Wp admin menu -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Order delivery time widget and place it on your desired sidebar


Search for “Woocommerce order delivery or pickup with date and time” in “Plugins” -> “Add New” screen within your WordPress wp-admin area and click install button


Which version of WooCommerce is tested with for last update?

WooCommerce version 3.4.4 is tested with WordPress version 4.9.8 during last update(v1.0.3.7).

Why I am getting two flat rate / store pickup shipping?

This happen when you update your woocommerce version to 2.6 or later and using shipping zone, but did not remove the old shipping methods (Legacy), so once you remove the deprecated shipping method it will show shipping methods used in zone.

Will this plugin works with Woocommerce version below 2.6

Yes this plugin will work on Woocommerce version 2.2.0 too, its tested already.

Date time and order type not working on checkout page but working on other pages where widget is present

Please make sure you do not have the order delivery time widget placed on checkout page through any sidebar or by calling dynamic widget.


Beta Software – Beware

I've been meaning to post this for a few months now. I paid $95 USD for a plugin that I thought would be the answer for my client. The demo worked well enough, however the pro was a bloated, complicated not not very user friendly interface with zero automation of time & date ranges. This resulted in many support tickets and many hours wasted and lots of frustration. Not only was the plug-in buggy and an apparent unfinished product but it was also wreaked havoc on my site's performance!! In the end I had to find a different plugin and am still shaking my head all these months later as of the dozens upon dozens of plugins I've used over the past several years this was truly the worst. I sincerely hope they've upped their game. oh. btw.. They did not refund my money.

Pro version doesn’t work, along with shocking service

This seller is not reputable and has no integrity. Their plugin is incomplete and completely broke our website, causing all sorts of other aspects to stop working. We had to employ a talented developer to see if their plugin could be made to work. One example is there is no separate time for pickup or delivery that can be programmed into the plugin out of the box! Their documentation is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors and unclear, especially for a non-technical person like me. Their support email even BOUNCES! To make matters worse, the developer was aggressive towards us when we asked for a refund and gave this response (their response to our request is in single quotes: '__' "Features that didn't work include: The English instructions were not clear or easy to follow - 'This does not point an feature that not working. ' After fixing your plugin's fatal error woo commerce's order stopped showing. - 'You did it in wrong way, why fatal error appears in well instructed in http://www.plugins.byconsole.com/knowledge-base/wooodt-extended/ but if you fix it yourself in anyway we are not responsible for your/your developer's wrong coding, we will check unmodified the original plugin only. Send us URL to check by making sure you have unmodified plugin installed.' Steps in the time slot were not working. - 'You did not configure it as instructed, we also sent you your screen-shots by marking of wrong timing input, until you correct those input we cant accept the plugin is not working as no plugin will work without correct settings. You can send us admin access to configure your service routine.' It messed up our other code which was working before. - 'This is due to your poor knowledge of the things you have modified yourself, we cant accept your wrong coding as a fault of this plugin. Either hire a good programmer or ask us to check things with access.' It's adding a next button by default which have no use at all and no option to remove it. - 'Send us FTP we will remove it, its already included in description so it a part of feature you may like or dislike it, we can modify it but cant accept refund for this.' It's not disabling dates from calendar based on Local pickup or delivery. - 'Again due to wrong settings of lack of patient of reading guide as described on support blog page, send us temporary admin access we can configure it upon your request.' Pre-order days lead in time for orders wouldn't save after being configured - 'we cant check it as we don't have admin access, but must be your wrong input.' Support emails bounce every time we asked for help via email - 'contact your server admin and check the routing issue and this cant be counted as a reason of your refund claim, reply here as you just did in case your mail server behaving in strange way.' Thanks. ByConsole Support Team" In the end I had to dispute this via PayPal, who decided in our favour.

Plugin with great features

After 4 months of using free version got the pro version, asked for modification to match my theme's looks and feels and got it so quickly. Thanks.

Pro version is poorly designed

I upgraded to the paid version because I needed the functionality. It broke my multipage checkout functionality and Stripe payments had to be turned off to get it to work. After support logged in to resolve these issues I was advised that I would have to use their own multipage checkout functionality, which looks like a 5 year old developed it and which doesn't even look for the theme's CSS. The widget is very poorly designed, with irregular spacing and button sizes (tested with a number of different themes). Worst of all, if you don't use the multiple delivery locations (who does?) and have no need for the ASAP pickup function which shows how long the minimum wait is in minutes, you're stuck with a pointless dropdown box and a picture of a little car with a 0 next to it under the time picker. The little car was eventually removed by the developers in one of their bouts of trying to fix the widget while logged into my site, but the dropdown box had to be left there (despite there being an option to disable it in the admin page). Their fix was to insert "my delivery address" as the only option. This is ridiculous on a widget, where space is at a premium! After their fixes were put in place they had left a bunch of closing brackets in the code, showing that no testing had been done. Requests for a refund were denied, so now I have to deal with them through Paypal, which is frustrating. This is not a cheap plugin, it should just work. Beware of buying this plugin. If your site doesn't do what the developer thinks you should do, it's not going to work for you and you're not going to see your money again.

Added value features

We’ve had a momentary misunderstood about the plugin features but hope to settle the project and lead it to a satisfactory end. A very important and interesting feature that we don’t see often used when reading other reviews is the fantastic zone creator which lets you develop a comprehensive timetable address based. For example, your electronics repairment, office stationery or food company could offer diferent pickup or delivery dates/times depending on the different areas where their customers are. That way, their drivers, courier or transport company could also serve on a more flexible time schedule and, therefore, saving time and money. Hence the plugin not also does his job but also gets an useful added value. In our client’s case, we’ve installed other plugin that creates its own shipping methods avoiding WooCommerce and any other plugin to run the WC native shipping zones. With WooODT Extended, you can solve the problem by creating your own zones based on postal codes, business or industrial districts, suburbia, or whatever condition that restrict your logistics.
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Contributors & Developers

“Woocommerce order delivery or pickup with date and time” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Added calendar and time drop-down on checkout field too on checkout page.

Synchronizing the widget date time field value while changing date time field value in checkout field on checkout page

Fixed: Warning: Cannot modify header information

(Reported by @charleshahn)

Fixed: Make automated shipping selection work on checkout page without having to have the widget

Fixed: Undefined variable php notice, while wp debug is on.

Language support added

Settings provided for customization of heading, lebels and texts.

Restricted of selection past time of the day in time drop-down on widget and checkout page

Header output warning fixed

Delivery time for other than current day bug fixed (reported by @jaysim)

structure updated

Calendar issue fixed in case of pre-order days settings field leaved as empty

Possible error for new/next year date selection has been fixed

Translator options added for Take Away and Delivery string.

Translator options added for select time and select date input box place holder texts.

Order meta fetch process updated as per WooCommerce 3.0 standard.

Bug fixing – widget activated on other pages (date, time was not working on checkout page).

Edge/IE browser support increased

ODT widget moved at top of checkout page

Optimized to work with old PHP version

ODT widget customized visually

Rectification of minor bugs on previous version those were reported by users of this plugin

Same date past time issue fixed for languages other than English

Translation files added for Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Danish and French

Same day delivery/pickup time issue fixed when service time is over (notice text added under timepicker input)

Widget issue fixed (Select date first alert box was appearing in version widget)

Automated shipping selection fixed(exisiting customers issue), previously exisitng customers need to change zipcode again on checkout page to make automated shipping selection effected.

New time format added (previously there was only one variation of 24 hours format and appeared as hh:mm:ss, now new option added as 24 hours(without seconds) that will appear as hh:mm )

Deprecated hook “woocommerce_order_items_table” (applied from WooCommerce version 3.0.0) is now replaced with “woocommerce_order_details_after_order_table_items”.

Undefined index notice appear on some server – fixed it in this version.

i) Label text “(optional)” removed and marked as required for order type, delivery/pickup date and delivery/picup time input fields on checkout page. This label texts were added for latest version of WooCommerce as 3.4.x and WP 4.9.x.

ii) [deliver_date] and [deliver_time] short code like phrase has been changed to [byc_delivery_date] and [byc_delivery_time] respectively as well as [pickup_date] and [pickup_time] is now as [byc_pickup_date] and [byc_pickup_time] respectively. Please check plugin settings page and update accordingly.

i) Date and time option is removed when all products in cart are as virtual product.

i) Sameday delivery and pickup issue fixed for IE (Previously showing past times for the sameday date in IE ).

i) Past time blocking when pre order days is set in settings page(previously there was a glitch).