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Business Directory Plugin

Build local directories, business provider listings, Yellow-Pages directories, Yelp-like review sections and much more!


  • Fixes "no listings found" bug on some setups
  • Performance improvements on search queries
  • Sorting problem fix (paid first)

Version 3.6.10

  • Fixes for recurring payments.
  • New "Login URL" setting to control registration redirects
  • Do not allow changing of validator for URL fields.
  • Fix an issue with table prefixes when using "Paid first" for sorting listings.
  • Several performance improvements on listings in the backend.
  • Improved performance for CSV exports.
  • Correct some styles in contact form.
  • Allow placement of advanced search form.
  • Show minimum file size in image upload form.
  • Add sticky/featured option to fee plans.
  • Add CSS classes for fee plans.
  • Add shortcode [businessdirectory-listing] for displaying single listings.


  • Fixed critical problem with checkbox fields used with categories
  • Fixed conflicts with other Membership plugin (PHP warnings)
  • Fixed error in German translation

Version 3.6.9

  • Add search support for date fields.
  • Fix canonical links for non-listing pages.
  • Automatically check thumbnail checkbox for listings with one image.
  • Add support for title and date as secondary sort options when sorting listings "paid first".
  • Fix possible conflict with other plugins in reCAPTCHA initialization order.
  • Allow content field to be optional.
  • Allow users to configure how prices are formatted.
  • Add shortcode to display listings with a certain tag.
  • Improve compatibility with some themes.
  • Fixes for date fields.
  • Fix PHP error due to incorrect quotes in CSV files.
  • Add image fields to Lightbox galleries.
  • Show a warning on e-mail fields when e-mail display is disabled.
  • Add a placeholder description to LinkedIn fields.
  • WPML support improvements.
  • Add missing translatable strings.

Version 3.6.8

  • Added support for Discount Codes module
  • Translation file updates (all)
  • Minor fix for mobile devices.
  • Fix reCAPTCHA conflict with Claim Listings.
  • Fix a pagination issue when pagination was disabled.
  • Fixed URL capitalization filter issue to allow mixed-case URLs with parameters

Version 3.6.7

  • Removed namespace support from new reCAPTCHA library to support PHP 5.2 and 5.3

Version 3.6.6

  • Updated full French translation
  • Added full Polish translation
  • New reCAPTCHA version and library.
  • Support use of language-specific URLs for WPML
  • Add ZIP code field to billing information page
  • Update bundled version of Auth.net SDK
  • Fix date field issue resulting in PHP warnings
  • Add French postal code database to ZIP search module
  • Fixed sidebar issues on Google Maps with unclosed tag
  • Fixed Regions bug to be consistent on selector and sidelist for hiding empty regions

Version 3.6.5

  • Added full French translation
  • Add support for NavXT breadcrumbs plugin
  • New Date form field type.
  • Update Drip code with use of API key
  • Handle expiring of listing regardless of renewal being enabled.
  • Fix some image uploading issues on the backend.
  • Improved CSV import error handling.
  • Allow Advanced Search to work when BD's main page is also the front page.
  • Minor fixes to image uploading.
  • Fix "Back to Directory" link after trying to delete a listing.
  • Work around Facebook + Twitter button issues when next to each other.
  • Fix PHP error in WPML integration.
  • Some CSS fixes.
  • Allow modules to work on secondary listing queries.

Version 3.6.4

  • Include an str_getcsv() alternative for setups running PHP < 5.2.
  • Fix PHP warning appearing when using the directory without a main page defined.
  • Minor CSS fix for image display on mobile devices.
  • Add support for WP 4.2 split terms.

Version 3.6.3

  • Fixed bug where a post in draft mode was not displaying due to BD
  • Fixed broken link in admin area for editing renewal emails


  • Added EDD updater class change to bring class up to 1.6

Version 3.6.2

  • Fixed WP thumbnail issue where "close enough" sizes were not exactly sized to requested size (thumbnail issue)

Version 3.6.1

  • Fixed issue where View/Edit/Delete showed up at the wrong times and places
  • Added workaround for known Facebook CSS bug during share popups

Version 3.6

  • Added Authorize.net as the default (free) payment gateway, replacing Google Wallet which was discontinued in March 2015.
  • Dropped support for Google Wallet for Business (http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7468-google-wallet-discontinued.html)
  • Added "AJAX compatibility mode" to help with JavaScript/AJAX conflicts.
  • New sequential CSV import process that improves performance and reliability especially for large imports.
  • Added new German translation to core plugin
  • Improved display on mobile devices (full responsive support).
  • Work around some themes not firing some of the hooks for the comments form.
  • Improved quick search performance by reducing the number of JOINs required.
  • Added an optional quick search mode that increases performance by reducing search accuracy (shared hosting support).
  • Prepend 'http://' to data entered into URL fields automatically.
  • Apply strip_slashes() to multi-valued field options.
  • Add setting that allows admins to automatically remind users of abandoned payments.
  • Allow setting the post status for listings imported via CSV.
  • Allow users to upload CSV and ZIP files for CSV imports via FTP.
  • Add an option to disable e-mail notifications when importing listings via CSV.
  • Disable geocoding and expensive operations while importing listings via CSV.
  • Improve date picker usability when modifying a listing's expiration date.
  • Fixed a problem with renewal process when all available fee plans are free.
  • Fix category selections problems on jQuery 1.9+ when jquery-compat is not available.

Version 3.5.7

  • Second emergency Yoast SEO patch to fix issue with get_content_title() API change (1.7.2 and higher in Yoast)

Version 3.5.6

  • Emergency Yoast SEO patch to fix issue with metadesc() API change (1.7.2 and higher in Yoast)

Version 3.5.5

  • Fixed activation bug.
  • Claim Listings added.

Version 3.5.4

  • Improved "the_content" filter support.
  • Add pagination support to the featured levels shortcode.
  • Make category list responsive.
  • Work around a WP bug related to importing categories with ampersands.
  • Fix a JS conflict in some admin metaboxes.
  • Add new "e-mail template" setting type.
  • Added some new e-mail notifications.
  • Prevent removal of listings with active recurring payments.
  • Do not include custom fields on the CSV import page.

Version 3.5.3

  • Various changes related to EDD.
  • Allow removal of listing ID from URLs.
  • New e-mail template for expiration notices of auto-renewed listings.
  • Add "Manage Subscriptions" page to review/cancel subscriptions.
  • Fix permalink generation issues for unpublished listings.
  • Fix preview support.
  • Use the "do_shortcode" action instead of "the_content" filter for processing content fields.
  • Make listing page dates match those from the listing being displayed.
  • Add a default category on install.
  • Add support for images to all widgets.
  • Improve form fields CSS classes.
  • Fix a couple of undefined variables warnings.
  • Add ability to limit sending of contact messages.
  • Allow re-ordering of fee plans.
  • Display current version in admin panel.
  • Re-schedule expiration hook if it is somehow disabled.

Version 3.5.2

  • Fix inexact searches for text fields.
  • Strip slashes from search terms before performing the search.
  • Fix display of search terms containing apostrophes.
  • Add setting for notifying admins of listing edits.
  • Do not send expiration notices for listing fees that auto-renew.
  • Notify users via e-mail after auto-renewal of listing fees.
  • Add support for Lightbox gallery mode.
  • Add form to capture uninstall reasons.
  • Listing cost now includes fees assigned using the backend.
  • Support Yoast's OpenGraph tags.
  • Minor WordPress API changes for 3.6 compatibility.

Version 3.5.1

  • Fix loading of custom CSS styles.
  • Add random sorting to Featured Listings widget.
  • Do not allow editing/deleting listings with no author from the front end.
  • Fix a warning related to EDD.
  • Minor fixes to the upgrade procedure.

Version 3.5

  • Various upgrade routine fixes
  • Added more robust reCAPTCHA checks and anti SPAM measures for contact and comment forms.
  • Improve registration URL behavior.
  • Various minor CSV import/export fixes.
  • Fix an issue that prevented listings from being displayed when sorting paid listings first
  • Show empty categories by default.
  • Added warning when empty categories is on and categories are empty
  • Submit listing no longer ignores invalid reCAPTCHAs.
  • Fix fatal error occurring when no title could be obtained for a listing.
  • Include OpenGraph tags on listing pages for better FB sharing experiences.
  • Search single valued fields in an exact manner for improved performance.
  • Various quick search fixes.
  • Display a warning when choosing too many text quick search fields.
  • Display directory counts for users with editor permissions.
  • Add support for updating listings via CSV imports.
  • Various code quality fixes.
  • Count listings in admin more efficiently.
  • Allow listings with expired categories to be edited if they are published
  • Make backend use frontend permalinks for previews.
  • Workaround WP's bug #18857 that results in admin pages slugs being translated and resources not loading.
  • Checked compatibility with WordPress 4.0.
  • Various manual upgrade fixes.
  • Integrate Easy Digital Downloads cart support for premium modules.

Version 3.4.1

  • Various upgrade routine fixes
  • Respect default post statuses after CSV import
  • Quick search fixes
  • Better handle JWT class conflicts
  • Fix typo to support old shortcodes
  • Prefix some CSS classes to avoid theme conflicts
  • Better support for MySQL’s STRICT mode
  • Fix shortcode detection
  • Various image upload fixes
  • Added shortcode for advanced search page [businessdirectory-search]

Version 3.4

  • New [businessdirectory-featuredlistings] shortcode.
  • New Payments API that supports recurring payments.
  • New listing submit/edit process.
  • Add OpenTags metadata for better Facebook sharing support
  • New "sort bar" that allows users to sort listings on front end by various criteria configurable on back end.
  • Add support for CC'ing notifications to an e-mail address other than the admin's.
  • Do not allow change or category fees for frontend edits.
  • Allow admins to override registration URL.
  • Redirect users back to the page they were before registration.
  • Fix PHP warnings during CSV exports.
  • Workaround for static binding support in PHP < 5.3.
  • Add rel="lightbox" to listing thumbnails.
  • Add default arguments to _meta_title hook.
  • Use get_temp_dir() to locate WP's temp directory.
  • Alert admin when there is not a valid temp directory for CSV imports.
  • Do not allow TIFF images to be uploaded.
  • Check compatibility with WP 3.9.
  • Streamline listing edit process.
  • Correct typo affecting anonymous listing submits.
  • Do not send notification emails when a listing is edited.
  • Fix some CSV export file path problems.
  • Add more robust error handling to the CSV export process.
  • Prevent multiple listing submits.
  • Fix compatibility with latest Yoast version.
  • Load CSS and JS resources only on directory pages to improve site performance.
  • Minify CSS and JS resources to improve response times.
  • Support both [businessdirectory-manage_listings] and [businessdirectory-managelistings].
  • Fix admin-side renewal of listings.
  • Remove PHP session usage from BD.
  • Fix anonymous users not being able to upload images in Image fields.
  • Add new update/migration routine.
  • Add a 'Settings' link on Plugins page.
  • Contact messages template can now be changed via "Manage Options".
  • Fix support for tag fields of checkbox type.
  • Improve listings shortcode display when multiple categories are used.
  • Fix a bug where uninstall would not remove all tables and data.
  • Add password recovery link to login template.
  • Quick searches can now be performed in all fields. Other search improvements.
  • Several admin-side UI improvements.
  • Add a dedicated e-mail settings tab.
  • Improve compatibility with PHP 5.2.
  • Fix an error when saving multivalued form fields.
  • Work around for Google Analytics plugin rewriting javascript-callback links.
  • Consolidate all e-mail template settings in one place.
  • Correctly apply default post status after listing submits.
  • Form fields can now be sorted via drag and drop.
  • Integrate all gateways with 3.4 submit process.
  • Integrate all gateways with new Payments API.
  • Improve "Manage Restrictions" screen usability.
  • Integrate with the new 3.4 submit process.
  • Make character restrictions ignore new lines.
  • Fix truncation of text when character restrictions are in place.
  • Allow module to restrict "reply to" listing functionality.
  • Make sure themes or plugins don't override Google Maps JS sensor argument.
  • Replace cURL function calls with wp_remote_get calls.
  • Show admins a warning when listings have not been geocoded due to Google API limits.
  • Play nice with other themes/plugins to avoid including the Google Maps JS API multiple times.
  • Add support for subscriptions (recurring payments).
  • Fix incorrect search query being generated when ratings field was not visible.
  • Fix typo in Ratings that caused AJAX edits to fail.
  • Add email notification for ratings pending approval.
  • Allow users to choose where the rating field appears.
  • Stripe gateway initial release.
  • Add Mexico postal code database support.
  • Updated US database.
  • Fix typo in search algorithm.
  • Fix cache expiration detection code.
  • Integrate with 3.4 submit process.
  • Index some MySQL columns for improved performance.
  • Allow admins to configure how radius search works.
  • Fix detection of incompatible gateways being enabled at the same time as PayFast.

Version 3.3

  • Minor changes for WP 3.8 compatibility (admin CSS).
  • Show fee selection screen when offer upgrades on submit is active so listings can be upgraded even when no fees are configured.
  • Display category ID on the Directory Categories table.
  • CSV export now works in batches to avoid timeout and memory limits.
  • Fix escaping issue in settings API.
  • Fix incorrect category counts.
  • Allow multiple categories when using the category shortcode.
  • Fix reCAPTCHA conflicts with regular post comments.
  • Add a separate setting for listings per page.
  • Allow for empty selection of select fields in searches.
  • Allow changing expiration dates of listing fees in the admin.
  • Change int columns to bigint for scalability reasons.

Version 3.2.2

  • Patch for categories problem introduced by renaming in 3.2.1

Version 3.2.1

  • Migrate Google Checkout to Google Wallet, updated gateways, workflow, API

Version 3.2

  • Add option to track BD setups for testing purposes.
  • Correctly import URLs through CSV files.
  • Make the entire top button bar hidden if no button is displayed.
  • Apply a more efficient query to count expired listings in admin as not to block the site.
  • Display expired categories just one time inside the category column admin-side.
  • Make listing sort options uniform.
  • Added random sort option for listings.
  • Added option to display listing thumbnails in the Featured Listings widget.
  • Change default to not trash expired listings.
  • Added support for Terms & Conditions to be required at submit time.
  • Added CSV export tool that exports listing info including featured status & expiration info.
  • Added support for featured status & listing expiration date columns for CSV imports.
  • Fully respect listing image display settings.
  • Update bundled reCAPTCHA library to latest version.
  • Do not import reCAPTCHA library when reCAPTCHA functions are already available.
  • Add reCAPTCHA support to the listing comment form.
  • Add official spanish (es_ES) translation.
  • Fixed typos in strings
  • Allow admins to decide how listing owners are to be contacted.
  • Added ability for reminder email on renewals past due.
  • Added ability to allow HTML input in TextArea fields.
  • Make category field respect "hide empty categories" in search widget.
  • Workaround for Simple Facebook Connect conflicts.
  • Added notice on Registration tab when Registration is off on the site and listing submit requires login.
  • Added special CSS class to subcategories in main category list.
  • Fixed for category counts being incorrect in some special scenarios.
  • Fixed payment gateway availability check in Directory - Main Menu page.
  • Avoid recursion errors during wpbdp_get_page_link calls.
  • Allow HTML in field label & description.
  • Fixed expiration notification code that prevented emails from being sent in some cases.
  • Workaround a WordPress bug that causes terms with ampersands to be missed in searches.
  • Add option that allows execution of WP filters/shortcodes inside content fields.
  • Fixed a bug where the author was being reverted to admin when editing a listing.
  • Updated category walker code to match WP's 3.6.1.
  • Improved SEO capabilities and Yoast SEO integration.
  • Fixed an incorrect SQL query run when deleting form fields.

Version 3.1.1

  • Fixed add listing shortcode issue
  • Fixed featured levels field association save problem
  • Changed workflow to not display fee step when nothing is payable
  • Fixed Edit button problem (where it showed the Add Listing screen instead of edit)
  • Fixed search results to use the blog setting instead of 10 listings
  • Fixed CSV import issue

Version 3.1

  • New module: Featured Levels
  • New module: Category Icons
  • New module: ZIP code search
  • Allow search form to be hidden when results are displayed.
  • Fix handling of NULL/empty column values in some MySQL databases that confused the Form Fields API.
  • Do not fail when a listing's 'sticky' flag appears twice (or more) in the database .
  • Honor edit-post status after a listing edit .
  • Make WordPress generate valid permalinks for a recently submitted listing
  • Use update_post() instead of publish_post() to force WP not to trash existing permalink slugs when bulk-publishing listings
  • Do not print empty subcategory lists in the main category view.
  • If options are manually specified in a tag field use them as choices instead of the whole tag taxonomy list.
  • Add a workaround for a known PHP issue where empty and zero values are incorrectly compared.
  • Improve title handling compatibility with Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Reviewed compatibility with PHP 5.3 & WP 3.5.2.
  • Make uninstall process actually delete all settings and BD content.
  • Do not display the upgrade to featured option when submitting a listing if featured listings are disabled.
  • Fix numbering of submit process steps.
  • Make category fields respect configured category ordering when they are rendered.
  • Categories are now displayed hierarchically when using checkbox/radio category fields.
  • Fix unpaid listing count in admin.
  • Do not change the listing status back to pending if it was already published when a transaction is approved.
  • Extend Yoast SEO support to include category & tag descriptions.
  • Payment process page now displays error messages that come from the payment gateway.
  • Allow plugin to work correctly when its directory is a symlink.
  • Workaround Relevanssi plugin causing problems uploading images.
  • Correctly escape & unescape strings when saving and displaying a field's name.
  • Restore 'preview' functionality for listings admin-side.
  • Use category/tag description for category/tag pages metatags.
  • Compatibility with XML site maps reviewed.
  • Fix handling of comma/semicolon-separated tags in CSV import.
  • Make category fields work correctly when using radio buttons.
  • Add a pending expiration/renew ad email that is sent a configurable number of days before the actual listing expiration happens
  • Listings get republished after a renewal.
  • New core filters/actions to allow plugins to display and handle field settings in the admin.
  • Improve handling of expired categories in listings admin-side.
  • Allow users to opt-out of a listing renewal.
  • Add a new 'expired' filter to quickly find listings with expired categories.
  • New "Transactions" section to administrate listing transactions.
  • Use a better return/cancel URL for the PayPal module .
  • Fix SQL query that returned incorrect results when filtering listings by rating in Advance Search.
  • Allow ratings tooltips to be overridden by the user.
  • Change default start tooltips to more sane default values.
  • Geolocate listings server-side instead of using the JS API to avoid hitting Google Maps limits.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Show all relevant listings in a category or search results page instead of just the ones visible on the page.
  • Use newlines instead of commas to separate address parts when displaying a map pin.
  • Use a special hash to mark listings that need to be geolocated to avoid unnecessary hits to the Maps API.
  • Do not fail when an expected region form field was manually deleted by the admin
  • Workaround WordPress showing incorrect listing counts for the Regions taxonomy.
  • Make Regions cache regeneration work even if some region fields are not present.
  • Fix display of incorrect regions in the sidelist when no region field was visible.
  • Allow region selector to be completely hidden.
  • Show an admin warning when regions is incorrectly configured
  • Allow listings to be assigned a region admin-side even before the first save.
  • Reset current page variable when changing the current region.
  • Move all settings to "Manage Options" section.
  • Add a display flag specific for the region selector.
  • Fix region fields display so that the order in which the fields appear doesn't affect functionality.
  • New location search widget (ZIP code module).
  • Added support for US/UK and US+UK postal code databases in ZIP module.

Version 3.0.2

  • Further additions to allow for restoration of "invalid" fields for 3.0 users affected by 2.2->3.0 upgrade

Version 3.0.1

  • Added code to workaround critical WordPress dbDelta issue with PHP 5.2.x users
  • Fixed category display bug where "Hide Empty Categories" would hide all categories instread.

Version 3.0

  • New form fields API
  • Allow for label hiding in form fields
  • New URL field
  • URL Validator now supports more schemes other than http or https
  • Social fields marked as "optional" do no longer fail to validate when empty
  • Make social fields work correctly with URL Validator
  • Fix an issue with single checkbox fields
  • Now possible to specify if a URL field has rel="nofollow" or not
  • Fix a re-ordering issue with bottom most fields
  • Fix an issue with radio button fields showing labels twice
  • Restore ability to hide the search form
  • Simplify WordPress queries to improve loading speed for directory pages
  • Search results are now sorted using the directory configured setting
  • Added option to notify admins via email when new listings are posted
  • Allow listings to be upgraded to featured during the initial submit process, This option is controlled by the "Offer upgrades during submit process?" setting.
  • Include listings in children categories in search results when searching a category
  • Make tag association work correctly with checkboxes
  • All BD buttons have now class 'button' or 'submit' depending on their type for easier theming
  • Form elements in widgets, search form, etc. now use specific IDs for easier theming
  • Handle accented words and apostrophes correctly when importing listings via CSV files.
  • Allow users with edit permissions to change listing images in backend
  • Fix category posts being incorrectly counted when there were expired listings
  • CSV import now complaints when a required field column is not present
  • CSV import now complaints when a user isn't found
  • Do not change listing author when using quick edit in the admin
  • Plugin checked for WPMU compatibility
  • Preserve the language parameter in BD links when qTranslate plugin is found to be active
  • Fix image issue due to conflicts with Jetpack plugin
  • Add "Listings Tagged: [tag]" to the title & header of tag pages
  • Fix an issue where paid listings were being published even when the payment was skipped
  • Add Lightbox support
  • Admin menus minor reorganization
  • Add a "Clear" button to the search form
  • Make use of listing emails before others for delivering renewal emails
  • Detect some conflicting social plugins (AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget, Jamie Social Icons, TF Social Share, Shareaholic, Quick AdSense) and disable them on directory pages
  • Call 'handle_action' further down the action pipeline to avoid problems with other plugins
  • Rewrite rules and query vars cleanup
  • Fix canonical redirects so the BD page works even when set as home page
  • Lots of deprecated functions removed and code cleanups.
  • Better detection of the current action being performed inside BD pages
  • Do not overwrite titles of pages outside of BD. Fixes a conflict with AWPCP
  • Produce correct 'canonical' link head tags for listings, categories and tag pages
  • Make BD support Yoast SEO plugin's metadata and title tags on listing pages.
  • Include RSS feed links for listings and categories in directory pages

Version 2.2

  • Added support for Regions module
  • Fixed CSV import error for PHP character munging


  • Fix PHP 5.4 error during install
  • Fix error "Fee must be associated to a category" when a category was selected.

Version 2.1.6

  • Support for all currencies supported by PayPal.
  • Do not make URL fields required when marked as optional.
  • When searching a field with multiple options, the options are now ORed.
  • Twitter field type for @ handles. On display, a "Follow" button appears.
  • Facebook field type for pages. On display, a "Like" button appears.
  • LinkedIn field type for company IDs (not supported for individual profiles). On display, a "Follow" button appears.
  • Image settings in "Manage Options" are always respected (no approximate sizes are used). Thumbnails of the correct size are automatically created when an image is uploaded.
  • If image settings change, new thumbnails are created on the fly when a listing is visited. This happens only on "single view" to avoid consuming a lot of server resources.
  • When uploading images at the submit/edit listing form useful errors are now displayed. This happens when images are of a bigger size than allowed or are not really image files. Previously, it wasn't clear why an upload could fail.
  • Long description can now be set to Optional, required fields that can't be changed have disabled checkbox shown
  • Empty URL field labels are not displayed
  • CSV importer fixes for descriptions with newlines
  • Fixed PO file to include Directory button label
  • Hide payment & fee info on posts from non-administrators
  • Upgrade PayPal interface for compatibility alert due in Feb 2013 (HTTP headers)


  • Added support for PayPal currencies: BRL, TRY, MRY
  • Fixed bug where upgrade of Website address did not auto-copy the link text
  • Fixed advanced search issues with categories
  • Fixed advanced search to use OR instead of AND for multi-select listboxes
  • Fixed URL validator to not make field required when URL is empty
  • Fixed permalink rules to work with index.php-based approach


  • Fixed WP API change: Missing argument 2 for wp_kses()

Version 2.1.5

  • Added a Back to Directory button for listings
  • Added sorting order for ratings (by ratings and count)
  • Minor HTML tweaks for layout
  • Added Link Text for Business Website (to create a complete anchor tag with SEO value)
  • Changed fields to be hideable from Advanced Search Form
  • Added better error messages displayed when payment gateways are not correctly configured for use
  • Added payment skipping for admins, including a message that clearly shows the payments are being skipped because the current user is an admin
  • Comments in listings are correctly displayed now
  • CSV import now supports newlines in the import fields
  • Contributors can't manage listings now
  • Removed HTML comments from core templates that caused problems with some themes
  • Category and tag names are now displayed in the page title
  • Fixed Google Checkout Seller ID issue (removed field)
  • Fixed labels for directory so that the colon is not outside the label
  • rel attribute added to images
  • Search widget added
  • CSV import now supports multiple categories using the category separator
  • Fixed stripslashes bug with field labels


  • Fixed issue with default display of form fields (caused fields to hide in listing)

Version 2.1.4

  • Added support for Ratings module
  • Fixed problems with comments
  • Fixed problem with featured listings not displaying on the page with the correct count
  • Improved speed of queries for main listings
  • Fixed search pagination issue with lengthy result sets
  • Fixed issue where number of posts per page did not include featured listings

Version 2.1.3

  • Fixed shortcode usage problems with new codes
  • Fixed permalink issues with categories and listings
  • Added the Directory button back to most pages for simpler navigation.
  • Added the ability to hide the directory button in the admin options
  • Fixed HTML template issues for listings and single view pages (buttons showed HTML as text)
  • Added error message when the main shortcode is not present on any page
  • Fixed 2Checkout plugin for 2.1.2
  • Fixed search page pagination
  • Added back pagination API from WordPress for listings page, fixed bugs where post display was not honored
  • Added checks for tags and slugs using permalink rules
  • Fixed submit listing to only submit listing once when clicked repeatedly (or refreshed by accident)
  • Added reCAPTCHA support to comments AND listings both
  • Fixed CSV import issues with permalinks and dates
  • Fixed payment gateway deactivation issues when plugin is upgraded.
  • Improved search query speeds
  • Added ability to select whether a field should appear on the listing's single view and/or excerpt view separately.
  • Admins can edit / upgrade listings through the frontend regardless of the listing payment status.
  • A confirmation dialog is now shown when deleting a listing.
  • Comments on listings always follow the setting inside "Manage Options" (don't have to enable/disable comments individually on listings through the admin side).
  • Fixed issue with custom CSS: files can be placed inside the "wp-plugin" directory now (per the docs).

Version 2.1.2

  • Fixed critical query issue that prevented short code pages from working (Add Listing/Edit Listing)

Version 2.1.1

  • Fixed Directory button to display in listings
  • Minor CSS tweaks to show labels in bold
  • Fixed bug with category and single listing links where they would not display when clicked (404 error)

Version 2.1

  • Added support for CSV import, including images in ads
  • Added support for custom CSS extensions via CSS files outside of BD
  • Added new shortcode names (easier to remember). Old shortcodes still supported.
  • Added support for parameters on WPBUSDIRMANMVIEWLISTINGS/businessdirectory-viewlistings to allow for single category display on a page.
  • Upgraded search to have "Advanced Search" link now, all fields are searchable.
  • Streamlined the submit process for Free ads (no longer asks for payment)
  • Website URL opens in new window (new field option for URLValidated fields)
  • New widgets: Featured Listings, Latest Listings, Random Listings
  • HTML emails: Email sent in HTML format instead of text now
  • Preview Form is back.
  • Google Maps now recognized on Premium Modules panel as installed/not installed
  • MASSIVE upgrade to theming/theme integration, much easier to get BD going now. Still have override templates, but fewer than before.
  • Page based navigation--allows for tighter theme integration and easier upgrades. Requires the use of permalinks for pretty URLs
  • Fixed problem with URL validator not working right.
  • Fixed problem with IE9 and button display
  • Fixed ad pagination problem.
  • Fixed problem with ad expiration validation (where 9999 caused weird 404 errors)
  • Category list call from API now working again.
  • Subcategory display problem in admin panel fixed.
  • Users must select a category when creating a fee plan
  • Fixed bug with Manage Form Fields button on Main Menu (permission issue)

Version 2.0.5

  • Added ability to use bulk operations from admin menu (Upgrade/Downgrade, Set Paid, etc)
  • Fixed problem with PayPal module not redirecting after payment on some sites
  • Removed BD metadata from deleted posts (speeds searches)
  • Fixed wp_pagenavi() warning
  • Fixed bug where website field could not be cleared of data
  • Fixed issue where admin could not edit other listings
  • Added confirmation email to be sent after listing is complete
  • Changed Upgrade to only work for Admins
  • Updated plugin to use wpdb->query for all DB operations
  • Fixed pagination problem with "Older listings" link
  • Fixed duplicate search issue (duplicate results returned on searches)
  • Fixed sticky/featured listing sorting problem to be consistent for category, listing and page views


  • Fixed image upgrade issues (missing thumbnails, duplicate pictures in listings)
  • Fixed edit glitch with empty tags field
  • Added control over Submit a Listing button to show/hide. Added support for other listing buttons as well.
  • Fixed minor _x() calls with missing parameters
  • Fixed an issue with submitting listings for all blank fields (PHP warning)
  • Fixed issue where empty fields would display labels when no value was present

Version 2.0.4

  • Upgrade to image upload/management system
  • Fixed form for creating new listings, both admin and user side
  • Fixed listing renewal, emails now go out prior to expiration
  • Payment modules upgraded to handle renewals
  • POST variables now properly configured for Windows and Linux
  • div's properly closed on Submit Listing
  • Comments will display when option is checked now
  • Directory definition issue with wp-content fixed
  • Require registration option now properly displays in admin panel
  • Field metadata is hidden and properly namespaced
  • Sticky listings in category no longer cause No Listings Found
  • Translation issue fixed
  • Location field will not disappear on upgrade
  • Invalid argument foreach() issue fixed
  • Email now goes to site owner as expected
  • Submit Listing layout problems fixed
  • Submit listing duplicate fields display fixed
  • Manage fees upgraded for renewals
  • Image displays in list and single view properly now
  • Editing listings will not randomly change category now
  • Users can control which image is set for the thumbnail of a listing now
  • Support for multiple categories in a listing added
  • Add New Listing navigation bug fixed

Version 2.0.3

  • Autocreate required fields
  • Directory admin menu set to be visible only to administrator role
  • Content field will not show as link now
  • Reply emails go to the business listing instead of site owner
  • Listings without photos now no longer have placeholder
  • Submit Listing no longer displays raw HTML code to user
  • Plugin now uses UTF-8 functions to properly handle non-ASCII characters
  • BD now integrates in a more friendly way with themes, avoids overriding when possible
  • preg_match() warning fixed
  • Extra line breaks removed from listing display
  • Conflict with Yoast All in One SEO fixed
  • Changing the slug now checks for reserved/already used slugs to avoid conflict
  • Form fields now custom ordered
  • Module detection code fixed, now displays which modules are installed for PayPal/2Checkout

Version 2.0.2

  • A revamped form-fields system that would allow plugins to create or use their own custom fields and validation rules.
  • A new "Manage Form Fields" page which looks better and conveys information in a more friendly way.
  • Custom fields can now be ordered as the user wishes. This ordering is used when displaying both the add/edit forms and listing information.
  • Allow users to specify if a particular field should be displayed in excerpt or not at all.
  • A better add/edit form-field page including some AJAX tricks to hide unnecessary fields. For instance, when you select a "Textfield" the "Options" field is hidden because the field isn't multivalued. The form is now also a standard WP form.
  • A new "field description" field that could be used by admins to display additional information along the form fields.
  • Validation when adding/editing custom form-fields to prevent users from removing or modifying required fields (like title, content, etc.)
  • New validation framework for fields.
  • Fixed bug where Featured ads could not be downgraded.
  • Fixed delete field bug.
  • Fixed ereg() warning bug.

Version 2.0.1

  • Fixed scripting error with booleans for some WP installs
  • Fixed category 404 problems, clean up navigation
  • Fixed short description display issue
  • Fixed shortcode usage problems (content displayed below directory, no matter where shortcode was)

Version 2.0

  • Reset versioning to sensible convention
  • Fixed search CSS and searching functionality
  • Changed category management to simplify
  • Added payment status, featured status into listing screen directly
  • Google Checkout bug fix
  • Fixed various scripting errors (22 bug fixes total)
  • Button alignment fixes and admin UI cleanup

Version 1.0 (1.9.6)

Business Directory Plugin carries over from the last version of WP Business Directory Manager (1.9.5) Fixes include:

1. Sticky listings bug fix

2. Fixed broken submit form (raw html code displaying on front end)

3. Tags fixed (previously clicking on tag links did not display any tag related content)

4. New classes added for sticky listing styling

5. Addition of basic search feature

Previous changelog from WP Business Directory Manager

Version 1.9.3 - Sticky listings fix for error where upgraded listings were not being listed under "Manage Featured".

    Paid listings fix for error where paid listings were not being listed under "Manage Payments"

    Applied fix for payment calculation and handling where users are allowed to submit listing to multiple categories

    Fixed bug with images where number of images left wass sometimes greater than the total number of images allowed

    [ Thanks to Mike Bronner for his help with the below list of improvements and fixes to the plugin]

    - Fixed issue where shortcodes would always cause the Add Listing Form to display prior to content.

    - XHTML compliant.

    - More versatile arrangement of form elements.

    - Improved label handling (added proper IDs and FOR attributes).

    - Changed 'wp_dropdown_categories' function call to pass in an array of arguments, and adding arguments "echo" and "class".

    - Added functionality so that required fields receive a class name 'required'. This will allow for highlighting of required fields, etc.

    - Added "required" class to input fields in AddListing form, allowing them to be stylized.

    - Internal code optimization and cleanup.

    - Added hooks (filters) on functions that display HTML to allow user overrides of those functions in functions.php in their template. This is possible by removing the filters, then re-adding them and pointing to their own functions using the functions.php file in their theme.

    - "Add Listing" form will now submit back to itself. This will allow you to retain styling of the form separate from the directory. It is also no longer necessary for the Add Listing page to be a child of the Directory page.

    - Expanded slightly on the hookability of the add listing functionality, further allowing other developers to extend the plugin.

    - Updated text to be displayed on add listing form is user wasn't logged in.

    Bug Fixes:

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


54 of 54 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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