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WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security... Effective, Reliable, Easy to use...


  • Submenu Name Change|Addition: UI|UX Submenu name has been changed to: UI|UX|Theme Skin Spinner|ScrollTop WP Toolbar|SLF

  • Feature Improvement|Enhancement: jQuery ScrollTop Animation: The jQuery ScrollTop Animation code now performs a conditional Browser User Agent|Rendering Engine check and uses customized jQuery ScrollTop Animation code for each Browser individually for best visual animation/appearance in each Browser. New jQuery ScrollTop animation code has been created that has much better/smoother animation overall.

  • New Option: Turn On|Off jQuery ScrollTop Animation: jQuery ScrollTop Animation can be turned On or Off on the UI|UX menu/page. The jQuery ScrollTop Animation is the scrolling animation that you see after submitting BPS Forms, which automatically scrolls to the top of BPS plugin pages to display success or error messages. The jQuery ScrollTop animation code is conditional based on your Browser User Agent|Rendering Engine.

  • BugFixes|Code Corrections|Enhancements|Misc|CSS|Visual|Other:

  • BugFix: jQuery ScrollTop Animation 404 image error correction. Special Thanks to: Mike Harrison for reporting this bug.

  • Dev Note: Structural Core options.php file renamed to core.php and all related URI's are now pointing to this new page.

  • Dev Note: HTML Structural and related CSS changes to Core pages: bps-container div and WP wrap class moved and combined.


  • New Feature: Login Security & Monitoring Export|Download Login Security Table Tool: The Export|Download Login Security Table tool exports (copies) the Login Security Table into the lsm-master.zip file, which you can then download to your computer. The lsm-master.zip file contains the lsm-master.csv file. The CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format can be opened with Microsoft Excel or other applications that can open/use CSV files.

  • Core Enhancement|Improvement: jQuery ScrollTop animation: jQuery ScrollTop animation has been added to all BPS plugin pages to animate scrolling pages to top 0 after Forms are submitted so that all displayed success/error messages are visible/viewable with the exception of Forms that should display data and/or messages inpage. All major Browsers tested working fine. IE Issue: IE ScrollTop animation is not fluid/smooth.

  • BugFixes|Code Corrections|Enhancements|Misc|CSS|Visual|Other:

  • BugFix: Pre-save Custom Code DB options (if they do not exist) for use in the Custom Code Export|Import Tools. New Installations: Pre-saved in Setup Wizard. Upgrades: Pre-saved in the BPS upgrade function.

  • BugFix: Login Security Search Form button unclickable due to div problem.

  • Improvement: Descriptive success/error message created for all Log File Logging Form code, My Notes Form, Custom Code Forms and other various Forms where a descriptive message is important vs using a general/standard WP "Settings Saved" message.

  • Improvement: BPS Changelog: Special Thanks to: Krzysztof Trynkiewicz - Sukces Strony for improvements to the BPS Changelog format for better readability.

  • Enhancement: System Info - Website Headers Check Tool display Headers result at top of page instead of inpage.

  • Enhancement: System Info - System checks are not performed when Website Headers Check Tool Forms are submitted.

  • Dev Note: Custom Code Forms now using standard Form processing code instead of WP options.php Form code.

  • Dev Note: New Core File: core-forms.php. New LSM Files: lsm-export.php, lsm-help-text.php.


  • Setup Wizard Automation Enhancement|Improvement: The Setup Wizard Pre-Installation Checks automatically detects php/php.ini handler htaccess code in an existing root htaccess file and creates/saves that php/php.ini handler code in BPS Custom Code and the new root htaccess file that is automatically created by the Wizard. Prior to BPS .52.2, php/php.ini handler htaccess code required additional manual steps to complete this task.

  • HUD Check Enhancement|Improvement: php/php.ini handler htaccess code check: The php/php.ini handler htaccess code HUD check now displays a link to the Setup Wizard page. Clicking the link and visiting the Setup Wizard page automatically creates/saves that php/php.ini handler code in BPS Custom Code.

  • New Feature: Custom Code Export|Import|Delete Tools:

  • Export Tool: The Custom Code Export tool exports (copies) all of your Root and wp-admin custom htaccess code into the cc-master.zip file, which you can then download to your computer.

  • Import Tool: The Custom Code Import tool imports all of your Root and wp-admin Custom Code from the cc-master.zip file on your computer into the Custom Code text boxes and saves your imported custom htaccess code to your WordPress Database. You can unzip the cc-master.zip file on your computer to extract the cc-master.txt file for editing to add/change any custom htaccess code in the cc-master.txt file.

  • Delete Tool: The Custom Code Delete tool deletes all of your Root and wp-admin Custom Code from all of the Custom Code text boxes and your WordPress Database. The Delete tool can be used for troubleshooting possible invalid/bad custom htaccess code issues/problems or simply just to delete all custom htaccess code in all of the Custom Code text boxes.

  • New Option: Setup Wizard Options: Network|Multisite Sitewide Login Security Settings: Network|Multisite Sitewide Login Security Settings: This option is for Network|Multisite sites ONLY. This is an independent option Form that creates and saves Login Security DB option settings for all Network sites when you click the Save Network LSM Options Sitewide button. If Login Security option settings have already been setup and saved for any Network site then those Login Security option settings will NOT be changed. If Login Security options settings have NOT already been setup and saved for any Network site then those Login Security option settings will be created and saved with default settings.

  • BugFixes|Code Corrections|Enhancements|Misc|CSS|Visual|Other:

  • Displayed message text correction for W3TC and WP Super Cache htaccess code error check.
  • General Help and info section added to Whats New page.
  • BPS Plugin Uninstall Options on WordPress Plugins page - Uninstaller CSS class name added for modal display problem.
  • htaccess Core tab page structure/order change.
  • Dev Core: WP Plugins page BPS plugin description changes.
  • DB Backup: Additional help info regarding Export|Import of Backup Jobs DB Table.
  • readme.txt: Requires at least: 3.0 changed to Requires at least: 3.7


  • Submenu Name Change|Addition: BPS Main Menu > UI|UX Submenu name has been changed to: UI|UX|Theme Skin Processing Spinner WP Toolbar|SLF

  • Feature Name Change: RSK naming convention changed to Script|Style Loader Filter (SLF): RSK is a bit too aggressive and is a somewhat offensive naming convention. Cool, but not cool at the same time. Script|Style Loader Filter (SLF) is a logical naming convention and is non-offensive. See the SLF Mod|Description below for additional info.

  • SLF Mod|Description: In some cases, filtering other plugin and theme scripts from loading in BPS plugin pages causes the BPS plugin pages to hang severely

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3
Last Updated: 2015-8-18
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


35 of 37 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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