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  • Upgraded cronjob service
  • Updated compatibility with WordPress 4.x
  • Updated compatibility with BuddyPress 2.x


  • Upgraded cronjob service
  • Updated compatibility with WordPress 4.0
  • Updated compatibility with BuddyPress 2.1.1
  • Updates css of navbar in admin settings


  • API updates


  • Updated docs.
  • Fixed double imports on some installations.


  • Fixed directory separator for windows installs
  • Check compatibility for new WordPress and BuddyPress


  • Fixed error on admin settings page of Twitter
  • Added setting to disable location feature. (settings -> general settings)
  • Fixed network settings bar to width.
  • New clean buttons in user interface in front-end
  • Fixed Goolge+ importing settings


  • !IMPORTANT! replace your cronjob command by the new one, the old one is incorrect.
  • added Instagram to free version
  • fixed bootstrap loading issue


  • added images on Tweets also get imported and shown.
  • added setting in "general settings" to disable Buddybox (popup for images and video's)
  • fixed import for installs where plugin directory is other then wp-content (cronjob service)
  • fixed double remove settings button on Facebook settings
  • fixed countdown counter css issues for LinkedIn


  • fixed countdown counter css issues
  • fixed plugin support errors
  • fixed import for installs where plugin directory is other then wp-content
  • fixed other import issues


  • replaced colorbox with own version
  • added Instagram import
  • fixed Twitter imports due SSL change
  • error and notices fixed
  • updated comparability with wordpress and buddypress


  • Upgraded twitter API to new 1.1
  • Error logging for Facebook
  • Fixed malformed tokens for Facebook
  • Fixed php short tag replacements
  • Re-authetication added for expired accounts
  • Cleaned-up query's


  • Fixed Twitter import
  • Fixed import queue


  • Fixed foreach and statistics pages errors.
  • Fixed location button
  • Filter out activity plus tags


  • Fixed widget
  • Fixed foreach error on Foursquare admin page
  • Fixed foreach error on Tumblr admin page


  • Added manual link per extension
  • Added option for disabling the colorbox inclusion.
  • Added Thumblr extension.
  • Added Foursquare extension.
  • Added Location (with map) works with Foursquare and Twitter.
  • Added sync central (turn on/off importing/exporting per extension)

  • Removed user filters.

  • Removed tour (it is now easy enough tot setup)
  • Removed ShareBox
  • Removed sidewide hiding (caused a lot of issue's)

  • Updated new icons

  • Updated Twitter API request to use 1.1
  • Updated redesign admin interface adn user setting pages.
  • Updated all language files

  • Fixed imports for windows servers.

  • Fixed widget layout.
  • Fixed widget settings to not display sub-extensions.
  • Fixed Social albums
  • Fixed double imports

= 2.6.3.= * Fixed vulnerability in the ShareBox


  • Improved check for sending out to networks (now no longer conflicts with plugins like activity hashtags)
  • Small CSS fix for BuddyPress 1.6 support.
  • Fixed stylesheet loading issues
  • Removed highcharts grap script, altenative will be implemented in 3.0


  • Fixed power switches in network setting pages.
  • Fixed new cronjob url.
  • Fixed incorrect path loading for import.


  • Fixed consistent typo in extensions.
  • Fixed fatal error due class loading.
  • Fixed typo in support link.
  • Fixed correct url to support site.
  • Fixed Soundcloud imports (you users need to re-authenticate)

  • Added Facebook Wall extension.

  • Added Facebook Pages extension.
  • Added Facebook Albums extension.
  • Added new language files for new Facebook extensions.
  • Added better way for loading plugins files.

  • Improved content exist check.

  • Improved loading of core functionality in imports.

  • Removed Google+ javascript due non usage.

  • Removed all secondary_id checks and replaced with own.
  • Removed activity delete filter since we now use own table for imports


  • Improved cron command line (please update your current cron)
  • Fixed link to members page (gave 404 when different then default)
  • Fixed Youtube imports
  • Fixed network settings link showing up in widget even when network is powered off.
  • Fixed disable Facebook imports completely.
  • Fixed disable Twitter imports completely.
  • Fixed disable LinkedIn imports completely.
  • Fixed members directory showing tags ex: #facebook...
  • Fixed update always pushed to wall and page even when only page was chosen.


  • Removed update check so plugin wont be downgraded.
  • Extended cron with network parameter so multiple crons are possible (add network=THENETWORK) to the cronjob url.
  • Prepared core for accepting extensions with parents (to extend other extensions).
  • Added check to see if extension exists.
  • By default import also items that are rated "friend only" can be turned of in the settings.


  • Fixed php opening tags.
  • Fixed error when user does not have Facebook pages.


  • Added general option to turn off all css including of BuddyStream (for complete own css styling)
  • ColorBox javascript now only loaded if function does not exist.
  • Updated the tour, now includes general settings tab.
  • Fixed ShareBox not opening in popup.
  • Fixed javascript conflict in wp-admin.
  • Fixed javascript undefined variables.
  • Fixed RSS filter.
  • Fixed RSS stats page.
  • Fixed Facebook privacy settings now working.
  • Fixed Facebook imports.
  • Fixed buttons in interface for Internet Explorer


  • Removed dashboard widget.
  • Refactored the filters they are now stable.
  • Added css classes to widget for custom styling.
  • Fixed cron service license check.
  • Import counters calculations are now correct.
  • Colorbox integration improvement.


  • Removed usage of simpleXml load from file for several imports.
  • Fixed dashboard javascript errors.
  • Fixed Flickr not importing photos with no titles
  • Fixed issue with imports not importing all items due failure secondary_item_id check (now made unique per user).
  • Fixed post to Facebook page(s) button shown when user did revoked authorization.
  • Added configurable widget to get your users connecting there social accounts faster.


  • Fixed Facebook video imports.
  • Added core functionality to check existing content.
  • Removed since => till filter so all items get imported from Facebook.


  • Fixed imports not working due configuration error.


  • Added Facebook pages select on user settings (user can now choose which pages to sync.)
  • Added Facebook albums select on user settings (user can now choose which albums to sync.)
  • Added check so non-public items won't be imported anymore. (privacy)
  • Fixed Social albums not hiding when albums feature is turned off.


  • Fixed LinkedIn import due change LinkedIn API.
  • Fixed Google+ import.
  • Fixed general settings page nog saving
  • Added turn all on/off buttons on general settings page.
  • Added feature to move social albums under profile navigation instead of top-level.


  • Fixed loading issue with .DS_Store file.
  • Fixed version tab error.
  • Fixed Facebook imports.
  • Fixed Twitter username cut-off in items (fix, works only for new items).


  • Added general setting page to turn on/off some features.
  • Added extra check to make sure a activity item is not empty.
  • Improved ShareBox loading and showing.

  • Fixed Twitter usernames in backend.

  • Fixed Facebook importing items from friends.
  • Fixed Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook import
  • Fixed filters
  • Fixed loading of the ShareBox


  • Fixed double declared class in certain cases.
  • Fixed soundcloud set-up description


  • Added Vimeo imports.
  • Added Google+ imports.
  • Added quickstats widget for admin dashboard.
  • Added tour option for WordPress 3.3 and higher.
  • Added new share buttons and counters.
  • Added more core functionality.
  • Added Facebook pages sync.
  • Added social albums, one page to see all album (cleaner menu's)
  • Added social network settings page, one page for all network settings (cleaner menu's)
  • Added admin notices when networks are turned on but not yet configured.
  • Added buttons to turn all networks on/off with one button.
  • Added Sharebox (one pop up box for sharing activity items)

  • Fixed problems with max item imports.

  • Fixed problems with filters.
  • Fixed user album pages.
  • Fixed counters (now not counting the added hashtags of BuddyStream)

  • Removed separate share buttons (replaced by sharebox)

  • Removed Zend Framework and made it really lightweight.
  • Cleaned up activity items styling.
  • Ported all networks to new OAuth library.
  • Changed the user setting pages for better usability.
  • Improved admin css.
  • Replaced lightbox library.

  • And more we can't remember.

Requires: WP 2.9.1, BuddyPress 1.2.3 or higher
Compatible up to: WP 4.5.2 BuddyPress 2.5.3
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Active Installs: 300+


2.1 out of 5 stars


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