Buddypress User Language


Buddypress User Language is a Buddypress extension that allows users to set the language displayed in the back-end and front-end of your Buddypress site.
The available languages are taken from the current theme and the wordpress installation.
This plugin requires ‘Buddypress’ and ‘User Language Switch’ to be installed in order to work.
The User Language Switch plugin can be downloaded from: https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-language-switch/


*English (default).


You can find the installation and configuration steps at: http://www.webilop.com/products/user-language-switch-wordpress-plugin/
Documentation in spanish is also available: http://www.webilop.com/productos/plugin-wordpress-user-language-switch/


I only see English among the user language options

If the only available option you see in the user language optons is English, it is because you don’t have any other language available in your wordpress installation nor in your theme.
Make sure you create a ‘languages’ folder in your theme folder containing the .mo and .po files that correspond to the languages you will use in your blog.



  • Update compability with WordPress 4.4, Buddypress 2.4 and User Language Switch 1.6

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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