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rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress

Add albums, photo, audio/video encoding, privacy, sharing, front-end uploads & more. All this works on mobile/tablets devices.


If you are looking for more features, priority support, please consider rtMedia-PRO. rtMedia-PRO is premium & open-source (and of-course GPL too).

rtMedia is the only complete media solution for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress.

Built with a mobile-first approach, it works on mobile/tablet devices (like iPhone/iPad, Android).

Live Demos

If you're in a hurry, you can skip the long list of features in subsequent sections and just explore live demos!

Video Tour

Since rtMedia has many features video doesn't include all features:

rtMedia Features

  • Free Audio/Video conversion - rtCamp (company behind rtMedia) has setup dedicated servers to provide free audio/video encoding services for all sites running rtMedia.
  • WordPress Integration - Display media on WordPress author pages ( eg: http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/author/admin/media/ )
  • BuddyPress Integration - Find a new media tab under BuddyPress Profiles & Groups.
  • BuddyPress Activity Stream - Attach media to activity status updates just like Facebook.
  • Albums - Organise media into manageable collections. BuddyPress Group albums support collaboration.
  • Responsive - Album Slideshow (Lightbox), video player, uploads work on mobiles & tablets. Support for swipe guestures.
  • Privacy - Control who can see media files, albums and BuddyPress activities.
  • Templating system - Completely customise rtMedia by modifying the template files. Just copy over the template folder to your theme.
  • Featured Media - This can be used for facebook-style cover photo on profiles.
  • rtMedia Uploader - Use [rtmedia_uploader] shortcode or <?php rtmedia_uploader() ?> template tag, to show drag-n-drop uploader in any WordPress area (post, page, custom-post, etc).
  • rtMedia Gallery - Display media gallery anywhere on your site using [rtmedia_gallery] shortcode or <?php rtmedia_gallery ?> template tag.

rtMedia-PRO Features

  • RSS Feed/Podcasting Support - Integrates RSS Feed Support that can be used for podcasting to listen audio and video to your podcast supported player(e.g. iTunes).
  • WordPress Comment Attachment - Attach photos, videos, music, documents and other files to native WordPress comments.
  • bbPress Integration - Integrates with profiles. Also adds attachment support for topics and replies.
  • Moderation Feature - "Report Abuse" button for users. Interface to manage reported media and optionally block users from future uploads.
  • MyCRED/CubePoints Integration - You can reward users for media uploads. Out of box integration for MyCRED and CubePoints.
  • Document and other fie types support - Support for PDF, PPT, DOC, XLS and any other file type you want to allow uploading.
  • Album Privacy - Album-level privacy makes it easy to manage content.
  • Audio Playlist - Playlist support for media. Direct exporting of playlist to iTunes comptaible format supported.
  • Sidebar Widgets - Add sidebar widgets for recent, most popular media gallery and quick upload.
  • Post-editor Button - Includes tinymce button to insert gallery and uploader on any WordPress page.
  • Star-Rating Option - Classic 5-star rating option. You can choose between Facebook-style "like" or "star-rating".
  • Global Albums - Create list of predefined albums. Optionally disable new album-creation by user.
  • Premium 1-on-1 support - From backend of your WordPress, you can send raise direct support requests, feature requests, report bugs.
  • Automatic Updates - rtMedia-PRO will see releases at regular intervals. So automatic updates is a must and it's already there.

Audio/Video Conversion

rtMedia has 3 premium solutions to take care of audio/video conversion.

  • Audio/Video Encoding Service - If free plan is not enough for you, there is monthly subscription service also. Easiest to setup.
  • FFMPEG-Addon - Requires FFMPEG & Media-Node installed on a VPS/Dedicated server.
  • Kaltura-Addon - Requires a Kaltura.com account or Kaltura-CE or Kaltura-on-Prem server.

Comparison of audio/video encoding solutions can be found here.

rtMedia Premium Addons for Photos

  • Instagram-Effects - Users can apply Instagram like filters to photos.
  • Photo-Tagging - Users can tag their friends/other users in photos.
  • Photo-Watermark - rtMedia Photo Watermark add-on let you watermarked or copyright your uploaded photos.)
  • Membership - It provides membership functionality in your site.

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Requires: WordPress 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: WordPress 4.2.1 + BuddyPress
Last Updated: 2015-4-30
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.3 out of 5 stars


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